How accepting the bible as the ultimate authority destroys your inner voice

How do you make sure that people are following the right rules for your organization? More specifically, how did the Christian fathers make sure that any Christian believed the “right” thing?

The Christian fathers made sure that all Christians then and now would follow and believe the same thing by authoring a book that you could check. Theoretically, this book would have all the answers you needed to stay on track with what you were to accept as a believer. If anyone said anything different from what was written in the book they were to be at least ignored and at the worst a heretic. That book became what we know as the bible today.

A by-product of accepting this book as the ultimate word of God was to shut you off from trusting and connecting to your own inner voice from your higher self. It produced a person that does not hold their own voice, thoughts, and experience in high esteem.

Why was a bible needed in the first place?

The bible was needed because of the claims that early Christian fathers made. No other religion or spiritual system at that time relied on books as their source of truth.

there are many translations today that differ and change the context and meaning of many biblical ideas. If it was the word of this all-powerful and all-knowing God, why couldn’t he keep the translations consistent?

These ideas would be in direct opposition to Khemetic teachings that the essence of who you are is the source of all creation.

There was no authority one had to look too for the ultimate answer, and there was no objective truth. Those ideas were unique to Christianity and essentially despiritualized the religion. If you followed your own voice you became a threat to the power structure of the Catholic Church. the bishops became the link to your salvation in Christianity.

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You could not come up with ideas that worked specifically for you. Your experience had to fit into the prescribed truth or you were a heretic (anyone that does not agree with their ideas).

If you grew up Christian how many times have you been told every answer you need is in the bible?

How many times were you told that if it’s not in the bible you don’t need to know it?

What is the effect of abiding by these erroneous ideas?

One major effect is that you become intellectually limited. I grew up with people that bragged about only reading the bible. Their world view was skewed and limited in ways that no one could explain to them.

Another major effect was that you don’t make a decision without checking with some authority outside yourself, be it the pastor and/or the bible. You questioned and second-guessed everything until someone told you how to proceed, or you gleened something from the bible that directed you.

Making your own decisions become an act in futility. You feel guilty about your decision because maybe you didn’t ask God the right way or ask the right person.  You constantly second-guess yourself.

What you need to recognize from this day forward is that you are the word of God made flesh! It is you and in you and you NEVER have to check with someone else or a book to know if you are “living right.” Let your vibration or harmony be your guide. Your truth has a vibration. You feel it.

The word is the effect of law a priori. Another way to say this is through common sense and reasoning we can know that everything in the universe is an effect of SOMETHING that cannot be known or observed. Everything is an aspect of that unobservable and unknowable phenomenon. We and IT are the same.

Say to yourself everyday you wake up this affirmation, I am god/Goddess, Nuk-puk-nuk, I Am that, I Am.

Below is an excerpt from the book “Forged” by Bible Scholar Bart D Ehrman. He writes about the attitudes of the day and the reasoning as to why a book was needed to confer the ultimate truth and be the ultimate authority for anyone that followed the Christian religion.

This is important for you to understand because it shows you that regular people came up with these ideas and others chose to follow for many reasons. But they were no more connected to then than you are today.

Forged by Bart D. Ehrman book cover

Christianity was unlike other ancient religions. It was exclusivistic, certain beliefs could make you wrong and certain beliefs could make you right. it insisted that it held the truth and that every other religion was in error

Christianity was rooted in “truth” claims and because of this, from the very beginning Christians needed to appeal to authorities. If you believe this is true over this idea, then what is your authority for saying so? the ultimate authority was God of course.

Early Christian fathers did not believe that God spoke truth to individuals or else there would be enormous problems because someone could claim divine authority for what they taught and others could claim divine authority for the opposite teachings.

Thus, most Christians did not stress personal revelation to living individuals. instead, they insisted that God had revealed his truth in earlier times through Christ through his apostles.

The apostles at the beginning of the church were authorities who could be trusted. but when the apostles died out, where was one to go for an authority? one could claim, and many did, that the leaders of the church appointed by the apostles could pass along their teachings so that these leaders in authority were equal to God himself!

God sent Jesus, who chose his apostles who instructed those successors who passed along the sacred teachings to ordinary Christians. this created a problem because as churches multiplied each of them could no longer claim that they had a leader that had known an apostle or even someone who knew someone that once new an apostle.

even different leaders of different churches could claim they taught the apostolic truth. but these truths stood at odds with other leaders said were the teachings of the apostles. How is one to get around these problems? the easiest fix would be to know what the apostles said through the writings they left behind. these authoritative authors produced authoritative teachings.

The authoritative truth could be found in the apostolic writings. even though it might sound like a perfect solution to the problem it raised problems of its own. the main problem that earlier Christians were not aware of then but are aware of now is that most of the apostles were illiterate and could not write. they could not have left an authoritative writing if their souls depended on it.

another problem was that writings started to appear that were claimed to be writings of apostles but contained all kinds of bizarre and contradictory views.

the views found in these writings were deemed “heretical” or false teachings.” From the book “Forged” Author Bart D. Ehrman.

So basically, early Christian professed they had the entire truth passed down to them and they needed to preserve this ultimate truth for everyone. They needed to preserve the WORD OF GOD. Problem is, no one has ever seen the original writing of these books that are now a part of the bible.

The idea that one book can contain all knowledge and the possibility of all knowledge is absurd. But most Christians believe that any aspect of their life they are not sure of will be answered if only they go to the bible.

The truth is that no other spiritual system was based on the idea that all you needed was inside one book.

The idea that spiritual wisdom came from within yourself was a part of most ancient spiritual systems and Christianity changed it to the detriment of spirituality.

In order to grow up spiritually, you will have to let go of the dogma. It’s not always an easy thing to do psychologically. You are literally unlearning these ideas that are wrapped around so many aspects of your life.

Trusting your own inner voice is the first step to liberation. It will be the ultimate step to expanding consciously. Regain your inner voice by connecting to that higher source within you and TRUST it. When you do, your spiritual esteem will grow and you will become more confident and intuitive.


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