How to communicate as Neter (NTR)

Modern science is still looking for a “theory of everything.” in other words, they keep looking for an idea that connects every single thing in the universe. Science does tell you that everything vibrates, but somehow, they disconnect the idea that you are vibration.

The ancient Africans connected the idea of vibration. Science will “discover” this idea sometime in the future. But if you are to ascend to your god/goddess self you need to understand vibration and frequency is EVERYTHING. You will connect to your higher self as NTR (NaTuRe) from within. You are never not connected too, and a part of everything in the universe.


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Your body is vibrating at a certain frequency. Each healthy organ is “tuned” to a certain frequency.

Illness is a certain frequency

Joy is a frequency

Fear is a frequency

Your emotions are frequencies

The things that happen in your life are because of the frequency you choose to operate from, be it consciously or unconsciously through your life programming.

An optimist operates at a certain frequency

A pessimistic person lives life within a certain frequency.

Vibration is everything and the ancient Africans knew this. Our experience is the Frequencies we tune into like channels on a TV or stations on a radio. We have the ability to communicate across dimensions via Frequency. For example, dreams are many different bands of frequency.

Change frequency
A metaphor for what setting intention does for you

Your intentions are like the remote control or tuner you use to connect with the multidimensional universe.

The only difference between you and THE ALL is frequency. Remember the ocean analogy in the screencast “is stating we are gods prideful and arrogant?” It is an ocean of vibration and as a drop in that ocean, you are a certain frequency within. In the physical body what you feel emotionally is how you speak to the universe. You will tune in to experiences that will confirm your feelings and emotions.

When you feel good you are vibing or in resonance with your soul. When you feel negative you are in dissonance with your soul. It’s really that simple. Do you want to know how to find your purpose in life?

Let your joy be your guide. Do the things that make you feel joyous and it will lead you to your purpose. Paradoxically even if don’t find your purpose you will enjoy the journey. As Christians, we were taught on some level that if you enjoyed something too much it was probably sinful. The reason for that idea is based on the Gnostic philosophical inheritance of Christianity. It’s a complete misapplication of Khemetic wisdom.

You have the power to connect to or better create the life you want. You have to CHOOSE the frequency you operate from. That’s a superpower. The ability to choose to find the silver lining in the cloud so to speak.

It’s time to stop connecting to your experience in a negative way that disempowers you. It’s time to Choose to find the positive within the negative and transmute (change) that energy to create a positive outcome for you. That’s what the creator does in creating all things. It does so from a frequency that we would experience as the emotion of joy. Joy is a frequency.

Proof that the Africans thought this way is in the myth of Atum.

Atum “created Joy within himself” through masturbating then spit out and expectorated the foundational elements of the universe, Shu and Tefnut.

Where id the idea of Jesus originate? In this myth of Atum? Iw-saw became the word Iu-sa (click cover to purchase book)

The ancient Africans would tell you to let joy be your guide through life. They had a ceremony of the weighing of the heart against a feather. Symbolically one meaning was asking is your heart as light as a feather, in other words, did you live life light-hearted? That is a powerful concept!

Did you live life light-hearted?

Unlike our science today, the ancient Africans had a theory of everything, they understand that the universe doesn’t speak a language, it speaks frequency. All things vibrate. They taught that all of the universe is a frequency. All NeTeRs are a frequency. You are NeTeR.


As NTR, what frequency are you “speaking” to the universe on a daily basis?

Are you optimistic or pessimistic?

Feel me?

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