How to pray spiritually instead of religiously


When you are first coming out of Christianity you feel lost. All the ways you thought about life, God, the world you now look at in a different way. All the things you used to do in religion you naturally begin to question. It’s not that you just changed your mind, your whole way of being is simply stripped from you.


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There are a couple of questions I get asked often:

  1. How do I pray?
  2. Who do I pray too?

Today I will address how.

When we were religious we were told to pray about things. We were taught the ritual and even a few words to say at the beginning and the end of our prayers.

Only thing is, those prayers were only part of a much bigger spiritual science concept of prayer. If you don’t believe that then ask yourself why “sinners” could get prayers answered and “saints” couldn’t? Because there is more to it than religion had taught us.

What prayer is and how you pray are religious ideas you will have to unlearn. But learning the truth will be more empowering in your everyday life. It becomes more about who you are and how you think all the time. Not just when you get scared or in trouble.

What is the big deal about thoughts?

You are always praying

You will hear in many spiritual circles that monitoring your thoughts is important. you will also hear about thinking positive is important. There is a logical reason for these ideas circulating.

It’s because they are tied to the way you communicate as a being that is part of the universe. Everything in the universe is essentially sound organized in a certain formation based on frequency.

The way you draw experience into your reality is based on the vibrations that you are emitting from within yourself. Thoughts have a frequency and “travel” through the universe.

You might be asking, what do thoughts and frequency have to do with prayer? Answer: Everything!

Understand this, you are never not praying (double negative intended). That’s because you are always communicating with the Universe via your thoughts, vibration, and frequency. Everything vibrates and your frequency is analogous to tuning into radio signals. You can turn a dial (intentions) on a radio and tune it into different stations.

Your emotions are key to understanding what message you are sending to the universe. Emotions are how you can understand what frequency you are sending out.

When life feels good and positive, you are operating through the frequency of love. which puts you closer to source vibration. When you are operating in life from anger, shame, obligation etc. You are living life through your fears. You should monitor your feelings. They are equivalent to the frequency you are on in the physical body.

You should monitor your thoughts because they are oftentimes what triggers emotions. As Christians were taught rituals and certain words to say in a certain way but we were not taught the science of prayer.

After coming out of Christianity and getting over the uneasy feeling of “I don’t know what to do next” I found out that I am a whole lot more powerful than I was taught. So are you.

This is what you have to unlearn about prayer:

  1. That you have to say certain words
  2. that you have to do certain things a certain way like bowing your head, close your eyes, put your hands together

This is the new idea you will have to learn about prayer:

  1. because you are a vibrational being, you are ALWAYS praying to the universe.
  2. your thoughts carry your frequency through the universe at any given moment
  3. your emotions are triggered by your thoughts

When you learn the science of prayer you begin to “pray” spiritually rather than religiously. When you understand prayer from a science perspective it begins to affect your everyday life.

God is not “out there.” You don’t turn 0n your prayer request when you begin the ritual. You are always connected and always communicating with The All (God). Being spiritual means you recognize you are connected with the divine at all times. It’s not about how you “act” as an individual. It’s about how you are BEING.

Being includes how you think consciously and even the subconscious thoughts you are not aware of but programmed into you through experiences since childhood. Being is how you CHOOSE to move through your day to day life in a vibrational state and frequency that draws to what you based on your most prevalent thoughts.

The universe doesn’t speak languages. It “feels” frequency. YOUR frequency! It is not outside of you. You are connected to it from within. That’s praying spiritually. You literally “speak” to the universe based on who you are being as a frequency.

Here’s what I mean on a practical level. You are single. You desire to be in a relationship. But you keep running into the wrong type of people. No matter who you are with, the same things keep happening within those relationships.

Guess what? Think about how you think about the opposite sex. Do you have negative expectations? Do you assume that you will get cheated on or hurt because of the last relationship?

Those ideas are thoughts and beliefs you have. They manifest into the people and events in your life. As I stated before, it’s not just the thoughts you’re consciously aware of. It is also your subconscious programming. The people you end up in relationships with are your prayers being answered. That’s what you are attracting based on your frequency! Life is your feedback. It is always reflecting what is within at the deepest most intimate levels of your being.

You are ALWAYS “praying” but you have to become aware of what you are thinking. That means consciously and subconsciously (your programming).

The journey you’re on is scary at first because you are operating outside of religious ideas that have literally kept your mind captured. But your enlightenment will be such a source of freedom that you will wonder what took you so long. But know that your timing is perfect for YOU.

Free yourself. Fact-Check that old belief system. Developing that confidence and self-esteem will help you raise your consciousness, your vibration, and evolve into a creator god/goddess. You will have to unlearn so much religious conditioning. Unlearning what prayer means is the tip of the iceberg.

As a spiritual being, you are the seed for anything that is possible in the Universe.

We live in a wondrous Universe that is waiting for creators to explore and create! But you can’t do it if you are fearful and lack self-esteem.

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