The Kemetic philosophy: Youniverse

God IS = I AM THAT I AM = NuK PuK Nuk = biblical Exodus 3:14

E = MC^2

Ancient Africans taught that the Universe originated from one source. It is omnipotent (all-powerful), omnipresent(Everywhere), and omniscient (all knowing). The Khemetic term for what we call God is the Neter of Neters. It is incomprehensible to the human mind.

You are the YOUniverse

EVERYTHING is that source only in a different form. God IS is simply stating this idea in its most simple linguistic form. I AM THAT I AM (Exodus 3:14) is biblical and linguistically stating the same concept in a different way. It is an African concept given to Christianity through the Greeks and then Romans.

NUK PuK NuK is I AM THAT I AM in the khemetic language. According to Dr. Suzar Epps in the book Blacked out Through White Wash Nuk Puk Nuk is inscribed on many temple walls in ancient Egypt.


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E=MC^2 is Einstein’s equations that states everything in the universe is made of Energy. It is the base component of all things. We are Matter. M or matter is equal to energy. “C” is simply light as the constant. Light is not the constant. But science holds on to this idea.

Signals can travel across the universe instantaneously. Science calls it entanglement. But, it is only the recognition that all things are connected. Mystics knew this in ancient times.


The point is ALL is from the one source. ALL is the same source in a different form. Our African ancestors never waivered from this position. Everything is the original source, only in a different form. You are the YOUniverse!

They paid homage to all of nature realzing that it was God. Not from God, but God in another form. They had no concept of worship. They did not worship animals or anything else. They knew God was within. Not seperate or different as we are taught in Christianity.

Why is it important for us to again recognize that we are God in another form?

High self-esteem will be critical to community building

Because we were taught an ideology that has a self-destruct button. The Gnostics and then the Christian fathers misunderstood and twisted the idea of God into something different from the soul of humankind.

As Christians we were taugh self-loathing. Idea like being a “wretch,” and that we are broken and in need of a savior. We can be saved but barely worth saving.

As a people we must change these ideas to a more positive framework. Knowing what our ancestors originally taught is a step in the direction of correcting erroneous teachings.

How can we build businesses or a community from the perspective that we are defective and broken? Any business is a plan with a personal development journey attached to it.  WIth all the ups and downs of a developing business a person with low self-esteem will be a casualty of self-doubt.

Know that you are the creator with the power to create your world. That idea is confirmed by science. You are a drop in an ocean of consciousness. You are god/goddess clothed in human form You are the YOUniverse. Know thyself.


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