Kemetic spiritual science basics for beginners

Table of contents

Kemetic spiritual system basics
Where does it all start for the Khemetians?
The big misunderstanding about Khemet and many gods
The profound reason you should consider yourself a god/goddess
There is power in the name of…
Why did the Bible have parables?
The Three worlds of ancient Egyptians
The “underworld” or Dwat
Terrestrial or natural NTCHRU
Fallacies we were taught about ancient Egypt
The Grand Ennead and bible personages
How does African spirituality differ from Christianity?
Benefits of Kemetic Centered Living

kemetic spiritual system basics

The reason you should delve deep into this article is that it will be good for Kemetic spiritual science basics for beginners that have little to no knowledge of ancient African spirituality. It will also be good for those wanting to gain more knowledge about the Khemetic spiritual system. There are many misconceptions about  Ancient African spirituality and this article will help you to gain a better understanding of it. You also may not be aware that EVERYTHING that is Christian originated with the ancient Khemetic Spiritual system. This article will help uncover and connect some basics that may shock you.

But know this coming from someone that was raised in the tradition of Christianity. There is a difference between religion and spirituality. Religion keeps us from growing spiritually. I know that statement may seem odd because as Christians we were taught that being religious is being spiritual. But as you grow and elevate your knowledge you will experience an amazing and positive difference. You will hear me say this a few times, Christianity is like being stuck in spiritual elementary school. But once you grasp the “spiritual” significance of the original teachings you will find a freedom and excitement about life than you ever thought possible. YOu will become more knowledgable and thirst for more and more. I mean that in the most positive of ways.

I promise, if you stick with me here I WILL NOT drop you off a psychological cliff with nothing but shattered beliefs and nowhere to go. You were taught religion, but born spiritual. Spirituality is your natural state that no one can give you or take away. EVERYTHING is spiritual. There is no separation of secular and spiritual as we were taught. Once you grasp this ancient African way of thinking life becomes infinitely more positive and bearable.

Christianity has held so many of us in fear that we could be outcasts for not believing what they prescribe. It is an outright lie that I hope more and more will investigate. If this is your start, welcome and please study and learn. I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.  If you are one that wants deeper knowledge of this spiritual system for your own development or to satisfy your curiosity and desire for knowledge, welcome and enjoy this amazing journey.

One thing that has been hidden for over 2000 years is the fact that Khemetic spiritual science is the basis of the Christian religion.

Another reason for so many misconceptions was the arrogance of dismissive western and European Egyptologists and their prejudices. Their assumptions about African spiritual practices have been accepted by most people around the world consciously and subconsciously.

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The belief that Africans were primitive and incapable of sophisticated ideologies and theologies have been pervasive worldwide. But the depth of this knowledge will prove otherwise.

kemetic spiritual system
Many recognized that Egypt and its science was not primitive

Even today, with much information available at the touch of a fingertip, the belief among people of the African diaspora is that the ancient Egyptians and Khemites believed in many gods is still a major hold on the consciousness of the African diaspora.

Those of us that are part of the African diaspora, have been taught to fear our own spiritual heritage even though it is the foundation for almost every spiritual system in the world.

African spirituality vs Christianity
Ancient Africans believed there was one source that created EVERYTHING; Monotheism

Please hear me on this, The Kemetian/Egyptian cosmology is a philosophy based on organized, systematic, consistent, and coherent principles. Don’t believe the hype that Africans were incapable of sophisticated thought. The Abrahamic religions owe their foundations to Africans.

African spiritual science for beginners
A system based on consistent principles

In this article, I want to give you some basic ideas on the Khemetian spiritual system that will break down the misinformation that has been passed along by the ignorant and the arrogant. And to also touch on the connection to Christianity.  It is only a primer and not meant to be exhaustive.

Make no mistake that the Khemetian spiritual system is one of the most sophisticated and elegant cosmologies the world has known.

Kemetic Spiritual Science Basics

One of the biggest myths about ancient Kemet is that they believed in many gods. That’s just not true.

African spirituality vs Christianity
Egyptians believed in one God that manifested in many ways

The belief In ancient Kemet was everything in the universe came from one source. The only way to know the source is by the effects it produces. In other words, the source is unknowable but the product from the source is visible. That’s just common sense. In other words, we are here on this earth, in our solar system, in the universe. Therefore SOMETHING created ALL of it.

This Kemetic belief is also the source of the Christian belief in one God or monotheism. However, Christianity made some changes to the idea I will touch on later.

Everything in the universe is an effect from the original source. Since everything is an effect from the source then it is symbolic of some aspect of the source.

Another way to say the same idea is that since there is only one creator. Everything is from that one creator. That means everything IS the creator but a DIFFERENT FORM of the creator. This is Kemetic spiritual science basics.

One Source, therefore the effects (earth, mankind, the stars, the universe) is the source in a different form. Does that make sense to you?

Where does it all start for the Kemetians?

Nun = according to the Kemetians is an ocean of chaos from which all things emanated and represented ultimate unity. It does not experience or know itself.

Kemetic Spiritual Science Basics

Within Nun are ALL the “ingredients” and ALL aspects that can potentially create anything in the Universe.

Whatever is created out of Nun has those “ingredients” within it but in a different form. Therefore, creation is representative (or symbolic) of those elements in which it originated from. By analogy, for example, flour is a basic ingredient common to cakes and cookies. with flour, there is the potential to create many different things. Within Nun are the “ingredients” to create anything in existence.

Another analogy you can consider here is that Nun is an “ocean” of Chaos. However, everything in existence comes out of Nun. Therefore every drop in the ocean makes up the ocean, and the ocean is a multitude of drops. A drop is the same thing as the ocean, but not the same magnitude. That’s Kemetic spiritual science basics.

Out of Nun comes NaTuRe (NTCHR ) and all creation. They believed that ultimately everything in creation cycled its way back to the Nun and resurrected or was reborn again in its oneness. This idea should sound familiar to Christians. As a soul in human form, this is done through becoming enlightened and expanding as consciousness through your life experience.

The ancient Egyptians taught there were two paths to the liberation of the Ka (soul) or resurrection back into Oneness (the NUN). The key here is understanding their idea is about the journey of the eternal soul, not the physical body. According to the ancient Egyptians, the physical body and physical experience is a transitory tool for the learning and enlightenment of the Ka (or soul).

Two paths of liberation of the Ka (soul)

They taught that as the individual consciousness of the Ka (soul) was enlightened it symbiotically enlightened universal consciousness as well. It was a continuous process of becoming (evolving) or “Genesis.”

The Egyptians taught two paths a Ka (soul) could travel on its journey of enlightenment that originated in the Nun.

  1. The first path is the direct path of Iusa (Pronounced yay-oo-sah) or Christic path in which enlightenment could happen all at once.
  2. The second path is the indirect path called Ausar/Osiris in which one has to go through many cycles of life incarnations to gain enlightenment and the ability to resurrect or be reborn into the oneness of Nun. If you are reading this with your physical eyes, guess which path you are on? You got it! The Osirian path.

What the Christian fathers attempted to indoctrinate us with was BASIC knowledge of the two paths. I stress basic because there is deeper spiritual knowledge that they did not touch on. As the Christian Fathers struggled theologically with their Gnostic teachers they began to make slight changes to many of the ideas from the original teachings that lead to larger ramifications.  Because of politics and cementing their hierarchy the Catholic Church effectively despiritualized the ancient teachings.

African spiritual science

The Nun was unity that is negated by the natural function of opening, parting, or splitting. The Egyptian word for that function was S.T.

The Egyptian words S.T. is where the Hebrew word SaTan originated. However, in African spirituality, there were no devils or evil. There were only functions and “ingredients” of nature that manifested in certain ways within our physical reality. S/e/T as a function of nature was later mythologized. From the mythology came a personified entity with horns. The devil; evil idea persisted because people could not grasp the science behind the mythology.

So, Nun was undifferentiated and without experience. At the moment of creation, a duality (polarization of opposites) was the effect or negation of unity. Unity was no more or negated. This negation created “All that is”  or the I AM. This is Kemetic spiritual science basics.

The big misunderstanding about Kemet and many gods

NTCHR (NeTCHeR) = principles of NaTuRe. The word nature is a cognate of Ntchr. Don’t they both sound the same?

Originally Egyptologist erroneously interpreted the symbolic representations of the NeTCHeRu (plural) as gods being worshipped by the Kemetians. This ideology was through the prism of a paradigm that believed the ancient Africans were too ignorant to have a science elevated beyond our science in modern times.

kemetic spiritual system beginners
The ancient African cosmology was based on an elevated understanding of NaTuRe (NTchR)

The NTCHRu (plural) were not gods but universal principles or Laws.

NTCHRu do not think or act consciously, they are not big people in the sky as the Greeks and Romans ignorantly believed. In our updated language, they are “Universal laws”  or mathematical formulas. They permeate nature and we can consciously act on them.

kemetic spiritual system beginners
Too many ignorantly and erroneously think the Ntchru are like big powerful humans

This is a much deeper knowledge of understanding the idea of what we call God.

God is not a bigger more powerful version of a human. It IS Universal law.

The Neters were the substance of the universe with sound or harmony as it’s organizing principle. It is scientifically known that sound creates form.

kemetic spiritual system beginners
The Greek mind could not grasp the African genius and spiritual connection with Ntchr

They are “Universal laws” that do not have the ability of themselves to modify the orientation of their behavior. in Other words, they can’t think and act.

This concept of laws without the ability to think really knocks out the idea of a God that you need to worship and make him feel needed and appreciated so “He” doesn’t get jealous or angry. That idea came from men that could not comprehend the nuance of African spiritual science.

On the other hand, The neters permeate nature and WE can consciously act on THEM. By “saying” their “name” we invoke their power. Please don’t take saying the name literally. If you do you will be locked out of the deeper spiritual knowledge through your own ignorance. There are sounds; names; Words of the Universe that we CANNOT hear with our ears OR SAY with our mouths. Because we can’t experience an aspect of Ntchr with our five senses does not mean it doesn’t exist!

This is a much deeper spiritual knowledge and understanding the idea of what we call “God.” The African paradigm explored “Netcher” beyond our five senses. That’s the potential of learning this science. That’s when you, as an evolved Ka(soul), become a “seed” of the Universe. In you is the potential of the Universe to express itself in ways that are incomprehensible. But so many are locked in religious thinking trying to please some omnipotent being.

God is not a bigger more powerful version of a human that plays favorites and has chosen people. That’s unenlightened Greek and Roman religious thinking.

It is a universe that simply exists. The ancient Egyptians would say God IS. Or the “I AM.” You have heard this idea in the bible. Exodus 3:14 God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: ‘I AM has sent me to you.'” The concept existed in ancient Khemet thousands of years before the bible. One the walls of the temples was the phrase “nuk puk nuk” which means I AM THAT I AM.

kemetic spiritual system beginners

The profound reason you should consider yourself a god/goddess

The foundation of Kemetic beliefs is that everything in existence is nature or as they wrote it Ntchr. They believed that the seed in which the universe sprang from (the NuN) contained all of the possibilities that could ever exist. Therefore that seed is the macrocosm (the potential of all) of what could be possible as far as being and non-being.

For them, the Ka (soul) of mankind is the “seed” of the universe. For the ancient Egyptian, being in physical form means you are the beginning of the journey of the return or resurrection back into Oneness. Everything that is possible in the universe is in mankind. That’s really profound when you get deeper into Kemetic ideas. But again, this is Kemetic Spiritual science basics.

Khemetic spiritual science basics
Mankind is the seed of the Universe

You are the universe. You sprang from Ntchr. Therefore you are Ntchr in its highest form with the potential to evolve into something greater. You are a seed! You contain within you all the power and possibilities of creation! Do you get that? Does thinking about it send chills through your body?

No wonder these Africans could build pyramids and temples that cannot be duplicated with our modern technology! that’s what gods/goddesses can do. It’s in your DNA, you just have to access it. But you must awaken from your slumber.

You should never again feel ashamed or guilty for considering yourself god/goddess. You are the natural progression of spirit into flesh with the potential to be more!

You are not separate from God as you were taught in religion. You are the original “ingredients” in human form. REMEMBER? I hope you will. It’s Kemetic spiritual science for beginners.

There is power in the name of…

All of the Netchers that Egyptologist thought were gods the Egyptians worshiped is actually universal substance with sound as the organizing principle of that substance.

The ancient Africans did not just arbitrarily name something. For them, the name and even the way it sounded was as important as the way it was written. As Christians, we would say there is power in the name of Jesus. That idea is a remnant of our African heritage and recognizing that sound or vibrations form our world.

The hieroglyphic names and spellings of the NTCHRU were more like a recipe explaining their function.  Each letter written in the mdw-ntchr expressed a concept.  The mdw-ntchr means “Words” of nature or as we might say today, the sounds or vibrations of NaTuRe.  These sounds are the “divine” words of God. They are the original word of God. For example, the letter /n/ in the mdw-ntchr, would usually express a feminine aspect of nature.

kemetic spiritual system beginnersWhich means that in some way it was a “container” for the seed of the masculine. You will see the letter /n/ represented with a wave glyph. NuN was “watery” chaos that the universe was “birthed” from.

We lose meaning when we translate these ideas into English or any language today. The glyph is more than a letter, it is an entire concept that has many layers of meaning. One meaning conceptually is water or a wave. Scientifically it could mean potential like a “wave” of potential in modern string theory.

The rebus puzzle is analogous to one way the African mdw-ntchr worked. The letters make a word and the words form a symbol. Together they form an idea or ideograph.

Khemetic spiritual science basics for beginners
Rebus puzzles are a loose analogy for how the mdw-Nthcr work

If you are not familiar with the culture it is difficult to figure out or understand the meaning.

Why did the bible have parables?

The bible is still a good source for confirming many ancient African spiritual concepts when you truly understand it beyond it being a literal and historical Document.

Because of the many levels that the mdw-ntchr expresses it was difficult to translate it into fixed languages like Hebrew and Greek back then and most of our modern languages today. The only way to express these African concepts in a fixed language was to write in parabolic form or parables.

kemetic spiritual system beginners
Why does the bible have parables?

The ancient Africans and their writing were used in a way analogous to a rebus puzzle. In order for you to not be confined in your thinking, you must consider the ideas presented by the ancient Egyptians in a multi-layered multidimensional way.

You have to be confident enough to consider your OWN meanings that may be different from others. But that’s how this information was DESIGNED. This is Kemetic spiritual science basics.

This political cartoon above is analogous to how the ancient Africans used symbols to communicate ideas. You would have to know something about the political climate of that day to truly understand what the cartoon is expressing because very few words are being said in the cartoon. But how many other ideas can you connect with the cartoon that are not stated? Depending on your level of knowledge and experience you could extract multiple ideas and multiple interpretations from this one cartoon. And every idea filtered through your unique perspective.

With that knowledge, you get insight into what was being expressed and you could extract from it based on your level of understanding. Not just answers interpreted with one static meaning. That’s why parables do what they do. The mdw-ntchr did it more efficiently and tapped into the left and right side of the brain. The creative and the logical.

The insight you would get is deeper than an interpretation because it springs from your own well of knowledge.

This is like a political cartoon

African spirituality
This is analogous to a political cartoon

The picture of the mummy being raised to its feet would be the equivalent of expressing an idea like a political cartoon to an Egyptian initiate. Everything that is happening in that scene has some deeper meaning. But to grasp it you must know something about the culture and their cosmology.

So much of the Kemetic Knowledge was written into the bible. However, how would you write all of the ideas attached to the picture? It would be very difficult to do so. The mdw-ntchr couldn’t be translated into fixed languages like we have today, so they created parables for the bible.

The Three worlds of ancient Egyptians

Celestial Neters are outside of the physical and non-physical world. They permeate all of creation. They are principles of creation often represented symbolically with no navels and not engendered.

These NTCHRU and their functions are the foundation of creation. There is nothing in creation that does not contain some aspect of the celestial NTCHRU. NATuRe would not exist without the components (NTCHRU) that it was created from.

examples Amen, Ra and Ptah

African spiritual science

Amen = acknowledgment of the hidden or “mysterious” aspect of creation. (this is the Christian “Amen” at the end of prayers)

Ra = the animating spirit of all things physical and non-physical (today we might call it Holy spirit from a religious perspective, it is NOT a sun god, the sun is simply a representation or symbol of this “building block” of creation, as are all things in the universe)

Ptah = is the principal of “the fall” or spark of consciousness descending into and “trapped” in matter (ANYTHING that is physical matter animate {mankind} or non-animate {a rock}).

The “underworld” or Dwat

NTCHRU of the Dwat are the metaphysical laws that form our physical world. These laws are what permeate physical and metaphysical creation. As functions, they are not necessarily a part of the earth. Yet, according to the ancient Egyptian, because of them, the earth and physicality exist.

Out of these metaphysical NTCHRU of the Dwat comes our physical world. Our physical world would not be possible without these metaphysical functions of nature. They are the spirit world but not separate or apart from us. We are it in human form.

The Neters are:

Ausar (Osiris), Auset (Isis), Set, Neb-het (Nephthys), Heru (Horus)

kemetic spiritual system basics for beginners

These are the NTCHRU of the ancient Egyptian book of “Coming Forth By Day” or better known as “The Book of The Dead” because the Egyptologist found the writings in Egyptian tombs.

This same book is the foundation of the New Testament gospels. All of the New Testament characters are found in the ancient “Book Of Coming Forth By Day” with their original African names. The Virgin Mary, Joseph, Lazarus, his sisters Mary and Martha, and Jesus. But, it is impossible to connect them to the bible until you have the ability to understand the function of these personages as Ntchru. 

African spirituality

Based on the concept that the Dwat is the “middle world” between the Celestial and the Terrestrial worlds it is fascinating to note that none of the events in “The Book Of Coming Forth By Day” happened in the physical world. By default, neither were any of the events in the New Testament actually physical historical occurrences.  Making them physical and historical was a grave error on the part of the Romans. But they really didn’t care about the African spiritual science. It was about legitimizing the power and hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Terrestrial or natural NTCHRU

Natural Netchru are those that are about nature and the physical world. Understand that everything was natural for the ancient Africans. There was no separation at all.  For the Africans the world we see outside of us an extension from within us.

Fallacies we were taught about ancient Egypt

The fallacy that has been taught is that these were three competing theologies.

Kemetic spiritual system for beginners
Egyptologist had to make up a reason for what the couldn’t grasp

That is false! It is a misunderstanding of how the Kemetians viewed the Godhead or divine nature of The All.

A good analogy to explain how the ancient Egyptians thought of the Godhead would be to think of water that can exist in three different states, steam, water, and ice. They are all the same essence, just in different states. Not different Gods or beings. Three states of expressing the source.

African spiritual science for beginners

They are three functions of the same thing acknowledged in their different states within creation. This is the Kemetic Spiritual Science basics.

This would be analogous to a person that is a father, doctor, and a little league football coach. They are not competing aspects of the individual. They are all the same person but serving in three different functions. So goes the trinity of Amen/Ra/Ptah.

They are not competing theologies but a clarification of the Godhead and its “functions” by the Kemetians.

The Grand Ennead and biblical personages

The Grand Ennead of Heliopolis is the principles of the metaphysical and of the natural world.

kemetic spiritual system basics for beginners

Mythologically they express how nature came into being FROM the spiritual world and HOW it works.

Symbolically they express principles that are the essence of creation. They express principles of the mind, the body, and soul on deeper levels.

Within this group of neters is the foundation of the teachings that became the Christian religion. The Grand Ennead is the One (Atum) that became nine. You can think of the myth of Atum as the analysis of what presented itself from the NUN and the universal laws that created the universe. They are all interconnected throughout creation.

Unlike our natural science today, the ancient Egyptians taught that our physical world originated from a metaphysical world. Our physical reality is an expression of the spiritual world that preceded it.

kemetic spiritual science basics for beginners

Atum is where the name Adam was derived from.  Adam is a cognate of Atum. Christian teachings changed how Atum created from himself. Atum is actually not a man, it is androgynous conceptually. It’s based in how the myths explained Egyptian (mathematical formulas) numerology. Atum as an androgynous personification of Ntchr or nature became Adam and Eve in the bible.

The Grand Ennead is explaining different functions of creation, not replacing the Trinity of Amen, Ra, and Ptah in any way. They are what Amen, Ra, and Ptah become as those functions divide, cross, and combine in different and more complex ways on their way to becoming physicalized.

You can think of the mythological figures of the Grand Ennead as the analysis of how the created universe came into being and how it functions.

You will hear of the Ntchr Shu mainly meaning the god of air or the void. The double meaning you hear today is because they can’t express all that Shu means as a personification of a mathematical formula in a fixed language.

Tefnut is Humidity or moisture, she is the consort and balancing feminine energy of the masculine Shu. Geb represents earth and Nut represents the sky (non of them are meant literally).

These four Ntchru are the foundational elements of everything created in our physical corporeal world.


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Again this is NOT a competing theology. It is the ancient Africans expressing the progression of the Godhead into creation. The lack of understanding this Khemetic spiritual science for beginners is the reason that the Greeks and later the Romans taught about God being separate from “His” creation.

The spiritual science of the ancient Africans taught that everything is an aspect of Ntchr in another form. In other words, all that you see and experience becomes a symbol of a force (God) that is incomprehensible to the human mind. We can only know of IT by what IT produced AS Netcher or nature. Everything in Ntchr is a symbol of its creator, not separate or different from it as the uncomprehending minds of the Greeks and Romans taught.

African spirituality vs Christianity
Through the African paradigm, EVERYTHING becomes a symbol of that which created it

This is why the ancient Africans would inscribe on the temples, “know thyself and you will know Ntchr.” In today’s terminology, we state the idea as “you are god/goddess.”  It is not arrogance, it’s simple logic on one level because mankind is an aspect of Ntchr.

African spirituality for beginnersBut the ancient Africans had the ability to feel its truth on an intuitive level. This is Khemetic spiritual science for beginners. It is African spiritual science as Khemet has become a mouthpiece for what “bubbled” up from interior Africa through the ancient Twa people.

How much confidence would you have in yourself when you truly grasp what you are in Nature (Ntchr)? As a seed of the potential of the Universe, what could you do with your life?

How does African spirituality differ from Christianity?

If you are to contrast the difference between African spirituality and Christianity it would be this:

In Christianity, one has to cultivate a relationship with God in the hopes that “He” will grant you favor and let you into heaven.

In Khemetic and African spirituality it is about you recognizing your OWN divinity. You are never not divine (double negative intended). Remember this is not being arrogant and prideful. It is simply a logical progression from the source of creation and that you are the same stuff as the source just a different form.

The only difference between you and the source is vibration/frequency. You ARE divine. You are the universe.

African spirituality for beginners
Man is the Universe in human form

The potential you have to gain from learning these ideas and concepts then practicing them in your life can bring so much peace and joy.

Benefits of Kemetic Centered Living

  • You will become more connected to your higher self
  • You will be more intuitive which will make you more confident
  • You will use both sides of the brain which will cause you to think and act in a more balanced way
  • Because you are more intuitive, more confident, and more balanced you will not experience stress and anxiety at levels you did before learning and then applying this knowledge
  • It will also empower you and anyone that you could teach this knowledge.

We need more than just librarians that simply accumulate and store knowledge. Knowledge only has power when you can apply it.


The NTCHRU are not Gods but principles of nature originally misunderstood by Egyptologist

The Khemetians were monotheistic, they believed in one ultimate Ntchr (God) that was unknowable by the human mind and unnamed.

In order to truly understand Kemetian society, you must view it through analogy, symbolism, and metaphor.

The Kemetian/Egyptian cosmology is a real philosophy based on organized, systematic, consistent, and coherent principles.

Ancient Khemet/Egypt is the mouthpiece for all of African spirituality. They learned knowledge that was transferred to them from interior Africa. These ideas were all over Africa. They had different names for different languages.

As nature’s most evolved manifestation, you are god/goddess in human form.

This ends the primer on the Kemetic spiritual system basics.

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