What was African spirituality like before colonization by Europeans? How is Christianity connected?

Discover how Christianity changed and distorted teachings designed to empower you into fear based programming


The Kemetic Science for Beginners E-Course

Break biases and erroneous perceptions about ancient indigenous people

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  • Gain the perspective of a paradigm that will expand and empower you
  • Expose how Christian indoctrination undermines self-esteem and self-respect
  • Learn and mirror how the ancient’s built their world from a foundation of confidence
  • Expose six biases modern academia has towards the ancient world that locks us out of powerful knowledge
  • Unmask the erroneous isolationist view on the development of Egypt and connection to African culture
  • Connect the knowledge of other African civilizations to get a bigger picture of ancient knowledge on the whole continent of Africa that’s not in history books



Master The Spiritual Science

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  • Learn how ancient Egyptians used “natural” symbols to express their thinking
  • What’s the difference between Atum-Ra and Amen-Ra, how do they relate to what you already know as a Christian?
  • Connect and contrast biblical origins to their original Kemetic teachings, you don’t have to give up everything you learned as a Christian, just the dogma
  • Learn the origin of monotheism and what the ancients believed is the essence of creation and how it can lay a firm foundation for self-acceptance and self-love
  • Learn how the ancients thought about our reality in relation to Law of Attraction teachings today
  • Discover the erroneous reason early Egyptologist date ancient Egypt at only 6,000 years old.
  • Learn the empowering and practical ancient Egyptian concept of heaven and confirm it through familiar teachings



Documented and referenced proof you can share with anyone that is searching for answers

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]The Kemetic system can be very confusing when you don’t understand the basic paradigm. When you learn that paradigm it is one of the most consistent and coherent systems.

  • Learn how the ancient Africans cosmology of monotheism that is empowering
  • Thought provoking but compassionate and non-attacking
  • Many references provided for further research and study
  • Connect bible scriptures to their African Spiritual Science origins to better understand the deeper meaning beyond Christian indoctrination
  • Compare the authentic African spiritual science and contrast where it became toxic as Christianity and infused fear, guilt, and shame into the Christian teachings
  • Learn to recognize and translate ancient concepts into our modern terminology to help you connect and gain a deeper understanding because they are already familiar to you



Learn Practical life application of the spiritual science

[op_liveeditor_element data-style=””][text_block style=”undefined” align=”left”]Ask yourself, If you know this to be a spiritual science, what aspects of it are you systematically studying, observing, and experimenting with in your life? That’s what science is. If you can’t answer those questions you’re not practicing spiritual science because you can’t apply what you don’t know or understand. Learn the science for practical application in your life. Improve your quality of life!

  • Uncover how holding on to the religious value system stifles personal development and progress
  • Discover why complete reliance on scientific method becomes a limitation to connecting all aspects of mind, body, and soul
  • Pick up on the ingenious reason Egyptians used animals symbolically to express ideas
  • Master why the ancient Egyptian cosmology promotes respect for all of creation
  • Reveal why Christian doctrines are toxic to self-esteem and promote self-loathing



  • Power in a name

    Learn why ancient Egyptians were so adamant about the sound of names and words

  • Expose toxic Christian programing

    Learn about the two Christian doctrines that spawn lack of self-accetance

  • Is reality what you think it is?

    Learn a way to view life that will empower you and make you bold

  • Scientific Proof!

    That you are the most powerful being in the YOUniverse!

  • Gain Confidence

    Discover why Christianity undermines confidence in all areas of life

  • Value authenticity

    Learn why being unique and authentic is your superpower

  • Foundation of self-love

    Reveal the basic Kemetic paradigm that is be a foundation of self-love

  • Be Bold!

    Uncover why this paradigm produced one of the boldest civilizations ever!




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