Khemetic spiritual resurrection [video]

What you will learn in this presentation:

  • What the resurrection meant as spiritual science before Christianity
  • The actual meaning of the word’s death, dying, and to die in the bible
  • The vibrationally positive ancient African spiritual science idea of gaining your salvation
  • You will move from elementary school belief in Jesus to how to apply the advance spiritual science meaning of Christ in your everyday life

If you were ever a “believer” this screencast will elevate your spirit and help you evolve to a higher level of consciousness.

It will help you understand the idea of Christ and the resurrection at a more elevated level than Christianity. It will also make the idea something practical in everyday life that can bring peace and healing to your mind body and spirit.

If you are questioning your Christian beliefs this will be a major help to you. I recognize the fear that I felt when I first began to question Christianity is something that may be a part of your psyche as well. It’s normal.

I want you to know that I will not ever shatter your belief system and leave you wondering what to do next. I believe people who do that are self-centered, lack compassion, and do not understand what it does to the human mind when it cannot reconcile conflicts.

This video may challenge you on a lot of levels, but I promise you will be empowered and uplifted. It is only the beginning. But it is an amazing foundation for you to begging your journey from the dogma to more uplifting and mentally freeing spiritual beliefs.


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