Practical application of KRST in you

The Krst (Christ) in you
This meme is expressing the concept of Ausar or “The Christ” very succinctly. It is a divine principle. Divine simply means universal. In other words, this concept the ancient Africans called Ausar can apply with your life as well as the life of a plant. A flower can die in the winter and be reborn in the spring. It’s not the same flower that died in the winter but it’s the same consciousness that inhabits the new flower in the spring. Time is irrelevant in this divine cycle of birth, death, and regeneration or rebirth.


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Meme phoenix
a simple example of the Ausar principle

When you truly change an aspect of your life, the old you “dies” (metaphorically) and SIMULTANEOUSLY the new you is reborn or resurrected. In other words, “I and the father are one” (John 10:30). Heru/Jesus is the principle of regeneration. Did you ponder the change? did you pray about it? this is the context of the divine feminine (Auset). You had to go within yourself, your mind (the womb) and you were born anew (Heru).

Christianity has complicated a simple concept with all of its dogma based on ignorance of the original teachings.

Post video information

The post video information is to provide you with context and some documentation of the idea of KRST before Christianity and the early development of the idea within early Christianity. Christ is actually a multilayered concept from antiquity.

The historicization of Jesus was an error of ignorant men at the council of Nicea in 324 AD. You have to understand that Christianity was essentially backdated. In other words, no one has ever physically seen the man called Jesus in the bible. Everything Attributed to him was done so years and often times centuries after his supposed death.

No historic person jesus
Historical Jesus is an error (click cover to purchase book)

The first so-called gospel was not written until 70 years after the supposed death of Jesus. So we have an account of Jesus that was backdated. There was no eyewitness.

The other gospels were written later than 70 years after the supposed death of Jesus. Again, all this information is backdated. In other words, years and centuries after the death someone is writing a story about this person.

Christianity backdated all their knowledge
Early Christianity backdated all their knowledge

The fact is that the gospels that are in the bible are only four of the many gospels that appeared from the Gnostics in the first two centuries of Christianity.

Another fact is that there were people that called themselves Christians many centuries before the supposed birth of Jesus. This is all documented.

Christ before Jesus
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The Gnostics were using symbolism and allegory to express esoteric mystical concepts. They knew that there was no historical person named Jesus (Understand that is an English translation of the name, the letter /j/ didn’t exist before the 1600’s, this is important when tracing the name back to its origin and the getting to the concept of KRST).

Early Christian fathers were Gnostics until the 4th century. Gnosticism is the origin of Christianity. and the ancient Egyptian mystery systems is the origin of Gnosticism. Who were the Gnostics? This is the definition of

Gnostics from the book the Gnostic bible:

Gnostics were mystics
The Gnostics were mystics or seekers of truth beyond intellect (click cover to purchase book)

Like their Egyptian teachers, the Gnostics believed that one had to turn inward within the self to ascertain the truth for their life experience. Their gospel writings were personifications of mystical ideas and experiences.

The Christian Church fathers were ignorant to the point they could not decern the centuries-old allegories from historical. And by the time of the 3rd and 4th centuries because there were no Egyptian priests left that could read the hieroglyphs the ability to fact check the Christian fathers were lost until 1798 and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.

Christ is an allegory
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And any other means to bring forth the truth were systematically discredited or destroyed by early Christians.

Christian fathers rejected the means to find the truth
Christian fathers rejected the means to research the truth

Krst/Christ was never meant to be historicized. KRST is an empowering concept that is a part of us all be it male or female. The inner wisdom gained from KRST was known as Sophia by the Greek Gnostics. It was Maat from their Egyptian teachers.

KRST could be male or female.
KRST could be male or female (click cover to purchase book)

There is much documentation and proof that Jesus is a fabrication. But I understand the fear of so many that if you take away Jesus then what do you replace it with? But once you get the knowledge of the concept of KRST you will be more enlightened and empowered. You will know the difference between Jesus and KRST. 

You can also take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to throw everything about your Christian upbringing away. Early Christian fathers wanted to purposefully keep their Christian followers consciously in the dark.

Early Christian father best believers knew the least
The best believers were those that knew the least and “believed” the strongest.

Blind faith coupled with fear is what’s needed to stay in the dark for Christianity. However, with a few tweaks, it can still be a foundation for enlightenment.

Once you KNOW. Once you are enlightened, the fear will be replaced with a deep connected love for God, self, and humanity. You will gain the ability to unite with your Divine Ka which will empower you even more!

Namaste (The divine in recognizes the divine in you)


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