Breaking the cycle of broke by overcoming thoughts of being black and unworthy

There is an epidemic of poverty and lack worldwide amongst the African diaspora. In order to change this state we will have to change our thinking about how you value yourself and others that look like or reflect you.

One of the major ideas we can change as a collective is how we do business with each other. There is oftentimes an undercurrent of thought that if a black person has a business that provides any type of service or skill then it is cheap. should be free, and needs to have a price break by giving the customer a discount (the hook up).

When a black person has this mentality it is a reflection of how they value themselves. In this black person’s mind, nothing a black person produces can be of value.

They are most likely not an entrepreneur (risk taker) because any failure is not a lesson, it is confirmation of an already low opinion of themselves. Since they have a low opinion of self, anyone that looks like them is viewed lowly as well and their service is devalued, no matter the quality of work.

I submit to you that it is a form of self-loathing and holding on to religious ideas like being broken and needing to be fixed exacerbates this self-loathing. Add on top of that accepting the idea of worthlessness passed down through generations of being told your skin color makes you less is a cocktail of self-hate.

It is the state of consciousness many views the world through that we don’t oftentimes even consider.

To often so many can get into a mindset that anything produced by a black person should be free to consume. Oftentimes there is an attitude of entitlement that goes along with this mindset.

What needs to change is the understanding that no one can give from an empty vessel. At some point, the person that gives and does not receive anything in return simply burns out. At the essence of this “giving” attitude is really a lesson in valuing self. When we are givers but have a hard time receiving it sets an energetic imbalance.

Those that take and don’t give is also an energetic imbalance. both states operate through the most basic universal law; what you put out is what you get back. They both end up in a state of lack because they are essentially operating from the same energetic vibration.

The giver who is unable to determine their worth or feel worthy to receive operates from a place of lack. What they are putting out to the universe is their unworthiness and/or perceived lack of value by giving away what they do and ask for nothing in return. This is different than giving from a place of gratitude and being fulfilled. This person does not charge when they need the money.  They give it away because they ultimately don’t believe that what they do is worthy or worth anything.  The universe returns or reflects that belief in a person’s life by giving them lack.

The taker who takes without giving is operating from the belief they have nothing to give. They operate from a place of lack. Therefore, they try and gain whatever they can for free. The universe will return or reflect the belief they put out.

Make no mistake that on the world stage black people have been made to feel worthless and unworthy even in the face of the truth that what we have given the world is the foundation that modern civilizations are built on. Whether it be politics, economics, religion, government, etc. All these foundations of the western world will be traced back to the Greeks. But guess who taught the Greeks? Africans!

My point being is that if you want to build anything of value it can’t be done from a belief in lack on any level. If you want to receive wealth you have to operate from an abundant mindset. If you want to have your talent make a way for you then you must know that what you have to offer is of value. Oftentimes we operate from a place of ego and receiving adulation from others is all that is wanted. Even when our funds are low and we need to pay the bills.

But, if you are an entrepreneur you must be able to evaluate what you offer and determine a reasonable value that you will be satisfied with in return. If you don’t the universe can only return your belief in worthlessness or unworthiness.

If you are “broke” and horde every penny, then the way to change that is to change your mind first. You must begin to operate from recognizing the abundance in the universe. Then from that place give KNOWING that it will be returned to you. You can’t HOPE that it will be returned. You must KNOW that it will because that is universal law; what you put out is what you get back. In other words, your life is a reflection of your inner beliefs.

As a people, we have operated from a mentality that has trapped so many of us in poverty or just a paycheck to paycheck existence. However, you can change that. If you have a talent, figure out what the value is and expect that it should be returned to you. There is no shame for believing you are of worth and worthy. If you lack funds then understand that feeling the need to hold on tight to every penny is being communicated to the universe.

Change that, know that you are worthy to be abundant. Know that you are worthy and those that look like you are worthy, worthwhile and valuable. Give to those that give to you. When you act on the belief that because a person is black then you should receive their gift free or at a deep discount then lack will be your return. It is a universal law.

That does not mean be irresponsible with your finances. But, in order to change the energy flow of lack, you must give when you can where normally you would want to be “cheap.” Treat yourself and pay 30 cents more for something you would have skimped on before. Be grateful that you were able to help that business owner. That’s a giving mindset for yourself and the business owner! That small change will jumpstart an energetic process that works for you behind the scenes. It will put you at a vibration of abundance that will attract abundance back to you.

This is really what the religious idea of tithing is about. It works when the attitude is in a proper perspective. Many church people KNOW this. But if the tithing is done from a place of fear that you might get punished if you don’t do it then the mindset is off. That is a different mentality than giving with gratitude. Of course, many churches play on the guilt and fear of their parishioners. Hense many of those in the pews remain in poverty.

You are worthy to live abundantly. KNOW that!



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  1. I heard you on YouTube and found your teaching style clear concise and detailed enough to want to listen and read more from you. I give thanks for you. This entire article kept me thinking….the carrot just in front,the use your gifts to make a reliable way forward. Giving,taking,….looking down on self,then priming the pump……thank you for giving voice to this….thank you

    1. You are most welcome. Thank you for coming by. This knowledge is meant to aid you in creating the life you want. Now that you are learning, it is imperative that you apply the knowledge. Don’t just gather it like a librarian.

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