Are you a mentor to others, an aspiring Khemetic teacher, or Ex-Christian preacher?

get over 10 hours of training on authentic Khemetic spiritual system that will help you help others get over the Christian indoctrination

This Suite of E-courses Is Just The Solution!

 Gain The Ability To Enlighten Friends And Family About African spirituality before we were colonized and christianities african origins

What's important to you about this teacher suite of e-courses

  • Get access to four courses with over 10 hours of self paced structured teaching to progress you from beginner knowledge to advanced in Khemetic Science
  • You will have access to courses and articles that will help you grow spiritually in a way that will help grow more empowered and fearless and conquer limiting beliefs from Christian indoctrination
  • You will get excellent documentation, research, and resources that will allow you to be your own investigator so you may confirm this knowledge for yourself, no more depending on others for your knowledge
  • Especially good for ex-Christian pastors and spiritual mentors of others with questions, doubts, and fears surrounding Christian religion, the bible, and its indoctrination 
  • Learn to understand the psyche of recovering Christians and teach them a  bridge from a toxic religion to African spirituality that will empower them without attacking them
  • When learning authentic African Khemetic Spiritual science you will help relieve the anxiety of recovering Christians so they know  and understand that as a spiritually grounded person you don't have to give up everything you know as a Christian
  • Show others how they can grow beyond toxic Christianity but still remain connected spiritually in way that is so much more positive, inspiring, and powerful when gaining genuine knowledge of Khemetic Spiritual science
  • Reveal what the Khemetic symbols and myths were that made it to the bible and what they mean so you can embrace spiritual tools beyond the religion to positively impact your life journey and recovering Christians
  • Expose how Khemetic wisdom developed over time into Christianity so you can rationally compare to the original teachings and why so many Christian doctrines cause self-loathing, Low self-esteem, and lack of self-acceptance which disempower  people worldwide
  • Help you to recognize why 2nd - 4th century Christian fathers despiritualized the knowledge so they could legitimize the authority of The Church and keep you and millions of others in mental bondage
  • Breakthrough accepting on blind faith so many illogical and irrational doctrines by learning the true meaning of these stories through the Khemetic numerology , mythology, and astrology 
  • Erase fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame from Christian indoctrination when you learn to practically USE the spiritual science which makes you a more enlightened soul and put you on the path to your purpose
  • Destroy Christian indoctrination by invoking your enlightenment and wisdom  from within through definitive Khemetic science and knowledge
  • Gain the ability to impart this research and documented knowledge, but what's different about these courses is you will also be able teach the practical application of the knowledge for developing an amazing spiritual journey, in other words you won't leave your friends, family, and students without any spiritual foundation after learning the truth. This is part of being a compassionate teacher and servant
  • Learn the true spiritual knowledge in a way that will help you connect authentically to your Christian friends and family rather than alienating them and feeling the pain of rejection from them

 Here at KCL it's much more than just regurgitating information. Here you will step into learning how the ancient Africans thought (their cosmology) so that you can tap into your own inner wisdom as this knowledge was meant to have you do. Connect to the tribe of the "conscious" compassionate and become the knowledgeable Khemetic teacher you know you can be to make a difference in the world.

As Mentor, Teacher, Leader

There Is Knowledge That Can Only Come  To Others Through Your Unique Experience And Gifts
Be Empowered, Be Enlightened, Be Bold, Be Authentic, Be Unapologetically You in the coming year!

Benefits of the Mentor; Leader; Teacher Package

  • Access to all meticulously researched and regularly updated library of articles, videos, Audio and screencast
  • Access to downloadable reports, and PDF's 
  • Really know and understand the Khemetic system and framework in depth you  never thought possible
  • You will have a definite and identifiable progression of knowledge as you proceed through the courses from beginner to advanced
  • Become part of a community of teachers that live the principles

Get Total Access To Every Current E-course, Video, Blog Article, And Audio


Khemetic Science For Beginners E-course is for a person that has
little to no knowledge of pre-colonial African spirituality and how connects to Christianity

Some Of The Concepts You Will Learn In This E-Course

  • Learn how ancient Egyptians used "natural" symbols to express their thinking
  • What's the difference between Atum-Ra and Amen-Ra, how do they relate to what you already know as a Christian?
  • Connect and contrast biblical origins to their original Kemetic teachings, you don't have to give up everything you learned as a Christian, just the dogma
  • Learn the origin of monotheism and what the ancients believed is the essence of creation and how it can lay a firm foundation for self-acceptance and self-love
  • Learn how the ancients thought about our reality in relation to Law of Attraction teachings today
  • Discover the erroneous reason early Egyptologist date ancient Egypt at only 6,000 years old.
  • Learn the empowering and practical ancient Egyptian concept of heaven and confirm it through familiar teachings
  • Discover that what ancient Africans knew all over the continent that laid a foundation for Khemetic Science and Spirituality
  • Understand what Africans knew about spirituality before colonialism


The First Christians Didn't Know Jesus E-course 
is for the person that has bits and pieces of the Jesus story but wants a full picture of the origin and the two major levels that cause confusion in uncovering the truth behind the story

Some Of The Concepts You Will Learn In This E-Course

  • Learn the Ingenious reason why ancient Egyptians used animal heads on bodies that give you insight into their paradigm of thinking but more importantly help you understand the knowledge on a more intimate level for your own benefit and personal development
  • Uncover why parables had to be used in the bible and expose deeper revelations 
  • Be captivated by the "virgin birth" story and how it was first based in Egyptian agricultural customs
  • Take in the principles of Egyptian Neters (gods), Horus, Osiris, and Isis and how they are hidden in the bible
  • Learn how the ancients paradigm about reality and how it connects to Law of Attraction teachings today for  understanding and  practical application in your everyday life that will cause you to live life through positive expectations that strengthen "real" faith and not mind control church faith in beliefs given to you
  • Grasp the connection to ancient astrology, the winter solstice and the vernal equinox to Jesus and the Ancient African spiritual science
  • Construct knowledge that will support you in connecting with curious Christians that have "spiritual" questions they can't answer
  • Discover documented proof biblical scholars ignore that people were called "Christians" hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus that will aid you in getting beyond the dogma to understanding concepts symbolically and help elevate you consciously
  • Uncover the ancient Egyptian customs that originally introduced the idea of resurrection and will help you understand the power of resurrection as a practical aspect of your every day life rather than a false concept to revere
  • Reveal the origins to the story of the Magi and what they really were
  • Discover the local Egyptian customs and beliefs that created a "birthday" of December 25th and connect it two your life as a symbol rather than and idea you worship
  • Reveal origins to nick names like; "The Good Shepard and the "Lord"; Son of God in relations to the NTR Osiris/Ausar 
  • Unlock hidden meanings of ancient Egyptian beliefs in the 23rd Psalms and how these scriptures are clues to deeper metaphysical concepts
  • Reveal the hidden meanings of many bible scriptures just by learning their Egyptian mythological origins
  • Uncover the documented proof biblical scholars ignore verifying "Christians" existed hundreds of years before Jesus
  • Learn how Greek ignorance of native mythology has led to western errors in understanding the depth of myths that lock you mentally out of gaining wisdom
  • Discover how the Greek thought process led to Christian Fathers continuing the idea of a human like male God that ultimately disempowers you
  • Uncover a very logical and plausible reason this knowledge was hidden for almost 2000 years
  • You wouldn't believe who is actually "saved" according to  original wisdom! Learn the amazing uplifting truth!


Thank you! I was planning to take the class so I was ecstatic...  I'm only on the second unit and I am blown away from what I am learning. This was so worth it! You really have a gift for teaching keep up the good work people need this knowledge! 




this Khemetic Centered Living teaching provides what I needed for my spiritual path...The "Who, What, When, Why , How" which overrides the "Christianity - Believer thought processes." We are not supposed to "believe", we are supposed to "Know". Thank you!



I’m gaining a deeper understanding of concepts taught in Christianity like the Trinity to give me a fresh perspective. It takes more time to truly comprehend as this course requires a deeper level of thought IMO. Great work!


Gain Advanced Knowledge

African Spirituality Before Christiantiy: The Ultimate Guide 
Is for those that need the nitty gritty details about the NTRs, how they function, and how you can connect to them in ways that are common sense, simple, and true life practical application

Some Of The Concepts You Will Learn In This E-Course

Module One

  • Learn the Seven foundational beliefs of the ancient Egyptians that include their foundational monotheistic beliefs about God and mankind, the soul and what is the "real" you, and the most important organ in our body that metaphysically connects us to the entire Universe 
  • Explore the basic framework of Khemetic science at the foundation of all the Egyptian gods like Osiris and Isis; Set and Nephthys; Neith, that will expose Bible personages like Jesus; Mary and Joseph; Lazarus and Martha 
  • Develop knowledge of the ancients more comprehensive and holistic term for law of attraction that will help you become a more positive and optimistic throughout your daily life 
  • Through the use of analogies, quickly grasp the modern science equivalent of the ancient Egyptian gods for quicker and better comprehension that will by default make the knowledge more practical and you will become a better teacher of this ancient knowledge
  • Learn the major mistake that so many Khemetic teachers and students make when they decode the hieroglyphic meanings in our modern westernized way of thinking that limits gaining wisdom and insight from ancient teachings
  • Discover the hierarchy of Egyptian gods and why naming them was so important in the African tradition
  • Reframe your way of thinking so you can capture the essence of how the ancient Egyptians believed true wisdom and truth could be gained so that you will automatically become more intuitive and in tune with the Universe
  • Learn how the ancient Africans thought differently than we do in the west with a "symbolist view" in order to deeply grasp the Khemetic concepts. This is very important to know for Khemetic teachers or you will stay stuck in religious and western thinking that will lock you out of deeper personal spiritual revelations
  • Take apart the ancient Egyptian concept of "know thyself," how it is connected to the Neters that will help build your self-esteem , truly love your own authenticity 
  • Formulate, from an ancient pre-colonized African centered paradigm the self-confidence to achieve your dreams and believe in your creator abilities  as opposed to the Christian idea of God that produces self-loathing, fear that holds you back, lack of pride in a form of negative self-talk like "I am nothing without God," "I am a wretch"
  • Understand why the erroneous why of teaching Osiris, Isis, Horus and other Neters as personalities completely locks you out of deeper connection and understanding of our universe and how you fit in it 
  • Discover the concepts the Egyptians called "The Three Worlds" That will put the Neters in a hierarchy that will teach you how infinite your power as god/goddess is 
  • Gain the deeper metaphysical meaning and reason the earth was called "Ta-Meri" by ancient Africans and how this concept is deeply connected to the law of attraction and your ability to change your circumstances
  • Reveal why understanding the origin and meaning of the root word "Meri" will give you a deeper connection to the universe through the feminine Neters Isis, Hathor, Nephtys, and others. by default will uncover how and why feminine Egyptian Neters show up as personages in the bible as the mother of Jesus, the sister of Lazarus etc which reveal deeper biblical connections that can confirm and empower you
  • Gain a more powerful spiritual science understanding of the Egyptian Dwat or "underworld", how it is connected to modern concepts you already know that will empower you with tools to manifest and create in your life. You won't get this Khemetic science anywhere else   
  • Recognize how dreams were connected to this ancient spiritual science and you will learn the grammar of dream language so that you can interpret dreams for yourself, without a dream dictionary, and use them as a tool for deeper self-analysis and development of your own wisdom
  • Realize the origin of the Trinity and what it means as a spiritual science principle of manifesting and creating within your life so that you may scientifically produce more abundance in all areas of your life, like: that love interest that you have always wanted, the dream job, make your business grow etc.
  • Discover how the Trinity shows up in many places in the bible to uncover hidden practical knowledge beyond simply worshiping an idea or personage, this is where you will then understand that the bible actually preserved some deep spiritual science principles
  • Learn how to heal toxic masculinity in men and why misunderstanding of a basic spiritual science principle is a reason "unenlightened" men pursue women for sexual gratification rather than deep meaningful relationships
  • Through an improved understanding of Khemetic Science learn a simple way to recognize potential cheaters. 
  • Explore why the same lack of understanding the basic spiritual science principle causes men, in any demographic, to die at an earlier age than women and why married men live longer. It's all CONNECTED at the level of metaphysical science principles taught by the ancient Egyptians! This is where the fallacy of Neters as superheroes will stunt your understanding as practical life application and leave you stuck in religious thinking of a God that will swoop down like superman to save you.

That's Just Module One!

Course testimonial


South Africa

I sent you an e-mail this morning. Brother this course opened my eyes and freed me from the shackles Christianity. I now know life is a gift and not a curse. I create my own destiny and not an entity outside of me. This is liberation of the highest order. I have so much to leave for and enjoy life. I'm so hungry to discover myself and what I can do. Yes A lot of people do not know their purpose on earth. This course is a first step towards that realization.

Module one is the most comprehensive and in-depth module because it will lay the foundation for not only this course but for your study of the Egyptian/Khemetic spiritual science FOR EVER!

You gain a lot of knowledge. But the emphasis of this course is practical application of this knowledge which will by default uncover Christianity and make you a better teacher through experience of the knowledge. 

Accumulating knowledge in the form of trivia and facts is great! But if you can't apply it, then that knowledge is useless for expanding and evolving you and others consciously!

Module Three

The Archetypal Neter Ra

  • This is a majorly important module for anyone that truly wants to understand the essence of the Egyptian/Khemetic spiritual Science and what we now call the law of attraction
  • This is where you learn what prayer is and how to apply it beyond Christian indoctrination, In this module learn the deeper more empowering idea of prayer beyond superstition that when applied will cause you to live life more grounded happy, and optimistic
  • Through understanding Ra, you will break the cycle of erroneous Christian Idea of Serving God that was a prescription for Christian "burn out." By default, of learning this principle you will gain a since of direction and finding your purpose in life. When you apply it you will NEVER again live conflicted and confused about how you should live your life. You will have clarity!

And much more...

Module Four

Atum and the Grand Ennead

  • Learn what Atum is in the pantheon of the Egyptian Neters, when you understand his function as a Neter and his name as a cognate you will recognize how he shows up in bible scriptures and practical life application
  • Learn how Atum as a basic element and function of the Universe is paramount to understanding how anything is created and manifested in the universe. Without this function you cannot manifest anything in your life, EVER! This is true spiritual science, in contrast to religious superstition
  • Learn the original function of the Neter that spawned what became the Erroneous Christian Ideas of the devil and Satan

And much more...

Module Five

The Terrestrial Neters Ptah, Seth and Christian Miseducation and Misinformation

  • In this module you will get and understanding of the Neter Ptah and how he and the Neter Seth became a ball of confusion for Early Christian Fathers, Misunderstanding of Ptah and Seth as Neters is the source of Christian ideas like the The Fall, The Fallen angel, Satan, Lucifer etc. 
  • Learn how the Neter Seth and misinformed, psychologically damaged Greek Gnostics and Christian Fathers outlawed sex accept for the loophole of marriage, it will set a foundation to free you from guilt and shame surrounding sex
  • To many "conscious" people spout off that the cross means death. But that's only because they regurgitate someone else's erroneous ideas. Learn a deeper Egyptian science meaning behind the cross. It was sacred before Christianity. Without it, you would not exist

And much more...

Course Testimonial



Very enlightening and empowering. Thank you for doing the hard work... I will likely need to study it again but grateful to have this content and know the Truth. I understand that I am one with God and my vibration is everything. This has changed how I view myself. I have given up my Christian guilt and the anger and self-condemnation that goes with that. I am free to love myself completely and know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I would most definitely recommend this course! For those that are ready to be awakened.

By the end of these courses you will have an authentic and irrefutable African Khemetic Science understanding of the flawed reasoning behind the religious concepts below that will positively transform your mind, renew your soul, and elevate your consciousness

  • The Trinity
  • The Christ
  • The resurrection
  • Heaven
  • The Cross
  • Salvation
  • Sin
  • Prayer
  • The Fall of mankind
  • God


These bonuses are a strategic implementation of the knowledge that you have Gotten from the Course. Understand the Egyptian/Khemetic system is systematizing many abstract concepts and putting it into mythology, Numerology, Astrology, etc.

These same abstract Ideas are what many religions and spiritual systems are attempting to express in their way.

Think of the bonuses below as a zoomed-out view of the Khemetic system that will give you practical application of the knowledge. In other words the Khemetic system gives you a way to access the metaphysical aspects in a particular way and even breaks them down to the most minute detail. But you don't always need the minute details. By analogy, when you drive a car, you don't have to know how the engine works to start the car and drive.

However, if something goes wrong then knowing the details can help you when repairing what went wrong.

The Egyptian/Khemetic system is the details. In practice, you need to know the broader view to apply the knowledge. These bonuses will give you more tools to apply the knowledge and details you have learned.

Bonus number one:

My worldwide top selling book that helps you dive deeper into ideas beyond the law of attraction and that the ancients were forbidden to write down titled:

Law of Attraction is only the tip of the Iceberg: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts for Illuminated Living

Inside you will get more details on the Transmutation Method, you will:

Become increasingly optimistic, and positive about life

Dramatically improve your self-esteem and gain unlimited confidence

Develop your intuition and Psychic abilities

Quickly and easily tap into the unlimited part of your brain that will allow you to truly unlock your unlimited potential

Awaken your intuition and use it in your everyday life to develop a heightened perception that can guide you towards your goals and dreams quicker than you ever thought possible!

Learn the simple and most effective technique on the planet to understand and KNOW what direction you should take in life

Shatter negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs forever!

Get practical real life examples that explain concepts throughout the book

Stop panic attacks in their tracks and learn to take life on in a calm balanced manner

Learn when, how and why your soul communicates with you every day to recognize guidance from within

Learn practical and effective methods to cope with stress and anxiety

Transform into a calmer and more relaxed person, get a new lease on life

You will attract more wealth... better relationships... improved health... skyrocket your career... and become happier than ever before!

In fact, by using my simple, step by step system, you will soon discover how to re-program your brain to bring everything you have always wanted into your life!

Once you complete the Transmutation Method, You will also discover that all areas of your life will begin to flow much more easily for you…

…AND, the more you connect your mind, body and soul in these simple and specific ways, the more amazing things will happen for you… and much more often… it just keeps getting better and better the more you do it!

Book Table of Contents:

Chapter One: My story

Chapter Two: Introduction

Chapter Three: Shedding the shackles of fear and the yoke of guilt

Chapter Four: The Transmutation Method 

Chapter Five: Empowering yourself by connecting the body and soul

Chapter Six: You have power beyond belief

Chapter Seven: Life is the reflection of your beliefs

Chapter Eight: You have the power to choose your culture, race, and sex

Chapter Nine: Defining yourself by the experience

Chapter Ten: So how do I change reality?

Chapter Eleven: Get into an incredible flow to create the life you desire

Chapter Twelve: Consciousness is like a television

Chapter Thirteen: Reason and logic is a tool not a crutch

Chapter Fourteen: How reason and logic work

Chapter Fifteen: Intuition the internal guidance system

Chapter Sixteen: The physical mind and the higher mind should work together not be at odds

Chapter Seventeen: Emotions (energy in motion)

Chapter Eighteen: Calming the killer within

Chapter Nineteen: Create from a place of empowerment not negativity and fear

Chapter Twenty: Do's and Don'ts

Chapter Twenty-One: Take Action

Chapter Twenty-Two: Imagination peering into the mind of God


Bonus number two:

Another worldwide top selling book that helps you dive deeper into ideas beyond the law of attraction and that the ancients were forbidden to write down titled:

The Anatomy Of Manifesting What You Want Every Time: The Forgotten Science Of Prayer Beyond Myth And Superstition

This ebook is for the person new in metaphysics and spiritual development. In science, there is an expression of presenting "elegant" theories and hypotheses. Meaning the idea may be simple to present, but the underlying meaning is complex and multi-layered. Esoteric elegance is the essence of this ebook.

We all have certain gifts and abilities. The ideas written here are simple for me to present and explain, the ability to understand the complex and communicate them in a simple to understand format is a gift I was born with and honed as school teacher over many years. The ideas are not written as the ultimate understanding and meaning metaphysical ideas for you. They are a gateway that will open new avenues into a deeper meaning and direction meant for you explore.

Do you enjoy metaphysics, quantum physics, and spiritual development?

Have you moved to a place in your development that you recognize the untapped power within but stuck without direction? 

Are you finding that much of the metaphysical a spiritual growth material is the same old thing repackaged and regurgitated?

If you are interested in gaining a higher level of knowledge and understanding of metaphysics and quantum physics ideas to help you grow and develop in your everyday life this is the book for you. Don’t get fooled by the use of the word prayer.

Many of the ideas presented are advanced beyond much of what you have probably read. It is more than a mental exercise and theoretical musings. The information is based in practical application of metaphysical principals for use in everyday life. I use a few religious ideas as a common basis from which many of us are familiar with as a starting point. It is the reason I use the word "prayer." But know the ideas are much deeper and far more powerful than religion has taught.

Why has positive thinking not worked the way you hoped?

Get a simple yet powerful understanding that will change the way you think forever! 

Learn simple but extremely powerful concepts and techniques that will change your life for the better.

Understand the essence of everything in the Universe and how recognizing this truth can help you manifest and create the life you desire.

Get a much deeper understanding of language, what it is on a deeper metaphysical level and how it has trapped you into a reality you have been unable to escape.

Learn how to recognize your vibrational level and change in an instant.

Even though I use the word "prayer" that has a religious connotation, It is much deeper and goes beyond religion. It is "metaphysical" or beyond the physical in how it operates in our lives. Here is a secret, prayer is not about what you do or even what you say. Understanding this concept will change your life and unleash power you may have never thought you had!

If you are familiar with metaphysics, "The Secret" and other new age ideas you will get a much better understanding of why the Law of Attraction may not have worked as you would like. There is nothing wrong with the Law of Attraction. You just have to go beyond the surface information and understanding most people talk about. 

This book coupled with the knowledge you gain in the course will be immensely profound and useful in your life

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you could manifest what you wanted in your life whenever you desired?

Wouldn’t it be motivating to know manifesting has a simple to follow formula?

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you no longer need to guess if you are doing things the “right” way and bring what you want into your everyday life?

Wouldn't it be great to live the 5th dimensional existence of unconditional love and self-acceptance at all times?

What if you could know the key to figuring out how all aspects of your life are integrated physically and metaphysically? In other words, how do you develop a good relationship, how do you keep a good healthy body? How do you attract wealth and abundance into your life? How do you maintain a positive mental attitude? There is one key that underlies any and all these aspects of living day to day.

Book table of contents

Chapter One; My story

Chapter Two: What is the essence of the Universe

Chapter Three: Understanding life as a subset of a larger game

Chapter Four: Drilling down to the essence of prayer

Chapter Five: Understanding the gender principle

Chapter Six: Language is a translation

Chapter Seven: Everything we do is spiritual

Chapter Eight: A new enlightened definition of prayer

Chapter Nine: The Metaphysical directions on prayer and manifesting you were never taught

Chapter Ten: The science behind prayer

Chapter Eleven: In summary


Bonus Number Three:

Another worldwide top selling book that helps you dive deeper into ideas beyond the law of attraction and that the ancients were forbidden to write down titled:

The Mechanics of Dreams and Their Magic Beyond Interpretation

Do you have an interest in dreams but frustrated with how weird and cryptic they can be? They are an immense source of information that we have discounted in modern times. As with all my books, the information in them goes beyond the basics that you would normally get.  The dream world will be a playground for the metaphysical adept. Don't miss out!

  • Learn the simple but profound reason dreams can be so confusing.
  • Just like all languages have a grammar and syntax so do dreams, learn the grammar of dreams that will allow you to interpret them without a dream dictionary
  • Discover where dreams are coming from and who is communicating with you
  • Learn a simple and effective way to tell how dreams can connect you to information that helps you in your daily lives

    It is time for you to go beyond the dream dictionary culture

Chapter One: Dreamers in history and the present

Chapter Two: The vantage point from up High

Chapter Three: What is a dream?

Chapter Four: Why are dreams so cryptic and confusing?

Chapter Five: Emotions in dreams are the key to understanding them

Chapter Six: The organizing principle of dreams and the grander reality

Chapter Seven: Basic rules for interpreting dreams

Bonus Number Four:

Private Facebook group

A private group where you can get with others that are learning this Khemetic Knowledge. I will be involved in the group to answer questions you may have about this course and its content. It will be a valuable resourse for you to bounce ideas of each other and grow together.

The value in these courses beyond the free stuff you collect on the internet is that it is structured self-paced learning. You learn a coherent system of thought that enables you to retain the knowledge beyond just interesting dates and facts.

$200 dollars in courses and bonuses can be had for a lifetime  
$129.97 one-time payment!
Corporate and Church accounts available as well