Course Login Instructions

Here are your steps to get to the e-course after purchase

1. If you are on a PC or Mac go to the sidebar on the right side of the webpage.

2. Log in on the sidebar under the section that says "Energy Exchange Fund" of click "Account" on the top menu.

3. hover over the account tab at the top of the page and click my courses.

4. Then click the title of your course

5. the outline will drop down, click the first unit link to your purchased course.

6. it will take you to the first page of your course. Proceed with listening or watching the video.

7. once you get to the end of that page, at the bottom will be a green button. Click it to mark as complete.

8. A blue button will appear "next unit" click it to navigate to the next unit. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to navigate through the course.

9. If you are on a mobile phone you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get to the login box, then go through steps 1 through 8.

Each time you log in, start at step number 1.

When you are a member and/or have registered for any course you must be logged into your account to sign up for any new courses. Or you will get an error message that the email address is already in use which will prevent you from signing up for any new course.

If you have questions about login and accessing your course please send your requests to

Reginald Martin