Misapplication of the Neter Set and White Supremacy’s Endurance


By the end of this screen cast you will understand the Neter Set and the misapplication of this Neter by people of color that helps keep racism and white supremacy in place

You will learn the difference between being a librarian and a scientist in respect to ancient Khemetic knowledge

Why praying and spreading knowledge are not enough to end white supremacy and racism

Let’s talk khemetic science rather than finger pointing and attacks

So let’s get to it!

Ever wonder where the idea of SaTan originated and why he has horns?

Have you have wondered why praying and spreading knowledge have yet to have an widespread impact in removing the systems of racism and white supremacy?

Have you ever wondered why whites that have practiced racism and white supremacy have gained so much power over the centuries?

The answer and solution to all three questions are tied to ancient khemetic science in a way th

The ancient Africans didn’t have a concept like satan, the devil, or evil in its cosmology because those ideas are from minds that are uncomprehending of an intricate science.

The origin of the idea of Satan and the devil comes from the Neter SeT as a function of nature.  The Egyptian hieroglyphic words S.T. in the Khemet language functions in nature as negation, duality, fixation, and opposition. The Africans called these functions of nature NeTeRs.

The Neter S/e/T as a function is at the beginning of creation.

The functions (NTRs) have different names for different levels of creation

Satan is a Hebrew cognate of the Neter  S/e/T that simply meant adversary which is closer to the ancient African intention of the original idea

This next statement is the key to understanding how the Neter S/e/T, as a function of nature works in the Universe, your life, and our lives as a connected collective within humanity. Please pay attention here.

If you miss it’s you will go on repeating the same mantras like the Christian idea that we must pray and its conscious community equivalent of spread knowledge. Both of which have not produced any lasting economic change in the African diaspora worldwide.

I’m not saying knowledge is not needed, just that it’s not enough

Even worse we beat up on each other looking at ourselves as some sort of defects. Never realizing the reason is that we’re applying natural law of the Neter S/e/T to our detriment.


So why is praying and spreading knowledge not working? This will begin to give you a level of enlightenment of how the function of SeT applies in your life.

The Neter Set
Negated oneness

The function the ancient Egyptians called the Neter S/e/T “Negated Oneness or Unity.”  In the ancient African language, the letters are more like a recipe than a name as we know it in modern times.

By definition negation, as a function, is destructive. It’s erroneous to think of the Neter S/e/T or any Neter in terms of any type of entity with a personality or superpowers. That’s what you will erroneously hear or read all over the internet.

This is huge in understanding what I’ll state later for practical application. This is deeper level khemetic knowledge that I am giving you. So understand, the Neter S/e/T as a function, in a purely philosophical sense is Negation.

So Why does the devil have horns?

When unity was negated; In ancient African terms the universe separated and split. This meant that opposition and duality became an automatic function of the universe.

Ancient Africans ALWAYS used natural symbols to express metaphysical concepts. Using natural symbols to express functions of nature is why early Egyptologist ignorantly thought the ancient Africans were worshiping animals.

Early Egyptologist didn’t understand how genius the ancient Africans were at leaving us clues on how to decipher their science.

Set as a function symbolicThe natural symbol used to express separation were the horns of the cattle many native Africans tended. Whenever you see horns in ancient Egyptian symbolism it is representing the idea of negation or duality.

Negation and opposition are much better terms to understand the function of The Neter S/e/T so I can show you practical application later in the screencast.

The Neter SeT as a functionWhen you access your life through Negative or the negAtive energy and function of the Neter S/e/T you will never be able to achieve unity. Why? because again, by definition, the function of the Neter S/e/T is Negation; Negative or separative. It’s natural law!

That’s why bashing each other will never bring us together. It’s a use of energy in a negAtive or negative way. You will not overcome natural law even while physical.

Let’s take this philosophical idea to real life

Many of the African diaspora keep attempting to rally around fighting white supremacy and racism and then complain about the fact that we cannot seem to achieve any type of unity in the matter. Why?

It is a function of the Neter S/e/T. As long as we choose the energy of anger and/or fear to fight racism through, by natural law there will not be unity.  Again, By definition and natural law that energy is not and cannot be unifying. That’s the science of it!


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The focus should not be on ending racism, it should be on developing new systems and structures that unify through love and appreciation for all of humanity. We don’t need everyone on board, we just need enough.

While negative energy divides, positive energy unites and multiplies exponentially. That means we need fewer positively oriented people to make a change than those that are negative.

Why has simply praying and/or spreading knowledge had little to no effect to change the tide of racism and white supremacy?

Because there is a common attitude that underlies prayer and spreading knowledge. I’m not saying knowledge isn’t needed, it’s just not enough. The common attitude is was I call being a librarian as opposed to a scientist.

Here’s what I mean

The knowledge of Jesus has allowed us as Christian librarians to witness the death and destruction of African culture and civilizations. That’s because, as Christian and conscious librarians, you gather knowledge and store it in the form of books, videos, Facebook memes, etc. But you never learn how to use and apply it.


As a Christian, you pray to reach the impossible standard of being like white Jesus which undermines your self-esteem. As a conscious librarian, you understand Jesus and KRST as the same person and your adversary.  In both scenarios, it means you unwittingly continue as an agent of your own destruction because you lack the wisdom to know the difference between Jesus and KRST.

So what is a scientist?

Science is defined as a systematically organized body of knowledge. That’s what the ancient African knowledge is. It’s a systematically organized body of knowledge or Science.

Scientist use the scientific method, which, in short, is the collection of data through observation, experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

There’s a huge difference between a librarian that simply collects books, memes, and videos to accumulate knowledge and a scientist that practices to get to the next level beyond knowledge which is wisdom. Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge.

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The wisdom to truly know the function of the Neter SeT and apply it will transform your life and our communities. To continue to pray without understanding the science of prayer and to hoard and dispense knowledge and information becomes a practice of insanity where you keep doing the same things you did before expecting different results.

As librarians, we learn and regurgitate what we read. As scientist’s, we learn, observe, experiment, and apply.

How do you recognize Librarians? Simple, librarians will only be able to regurgitate the pages of books without the ability to teach you practical application in your life. They will attack the same people they claim to want to help. They attack because they don’t know how to apply what they read.

What the difference between a librarian and a scientist?

Why are the African diaspora not coming together? Simple, using energy through the function of negative Set will never unify any collective. EVER!

So, if you are comprehending the science, I’m teaching here you should have a question in your mind after that last statement, that using negative energy can’t unify.

Why is it that such a negative thing such as white supremacy and racism been able to spread?

Because those who have participated in the system of white supremacy and racism have always been focused on the benefit and positive outcome for THEMSELVES, even though it’s at the expense of the planet and other human beings. In their mind, the benefit to themselves was the focus and all that mattered.

They focused on a POSITIVE goal. The energy was filtered through being positively oriented. I want it to be understood, I am not condoning what was done. I simply gave you higher level knowledge, what our existence is built on, how it works, and how you must begin to use it.

Even white supremacy’s main tactic of divide and conquer is benefit driven for them but introduces negative energy into those that are the recipient of the policies and tactics. That’s the science behind why racism and white supremacy has worked. It’s about natural law, not any superiority of one race over another.

One group focuses on the beneficial outcome while the other groups focus on relieving themselves of the negative experience being reactionary, angry, and fearful.

Now, of course, no right-minded human being wants to be subjected to racism. My point is that fighting racism will not work. Fighting anything is using negative or divisive energy. Focus on the positive benefits and outcomes of new systems that unite people rather than divide. We must reorient our thinking.

Everything in the universe is here because of natural laws functioning as expressions of life experience. Librarians will tell you that this knowledge was stolen. That’s very true. But, think about this, would you steal someone’s trash or their valuables? Of course, it would be that which is valuable. It’s time you go beyond who stole this knowledge and begin to find out why it is so valuable?

This knowledge has been fought over in wars for centuries. That’s because it is powerful and empowering.

How can I say that? Because just as an example this knowledge was used to build the pyramids that cannot be duplicated today and a culture that did not experience major wars for centuries.

The knowledge gained with you becoming a scientist will have a major positive impact on your life. You already know what being a librarian has done for the African diaspora worldwide. Not much of anything except allow poverty, death, and destruction.

This is my question to you, are you going to remain a librarian who keeps collecting knowledge and praying to God to change the oppressor? Or will you become a scientist and take your place as a god/goddess and become a creator?

Beyond the video

Understanding the Neter S/e/T in relation to you love life also has implications. If you want a mate but you are constantly thinking and speaking about their are no good men or women left, then you are speaking negAtively.

That thought process puts you at odds with what you desire.

If you are wanting to make more money but your thoughts and ideas are constantly on what you don’t have then you are speaking and thinking negAtively. You cannot connect with a positive outcome when you are speaking its opposition.

You want another Job, but you really don’t believe you have any skills that can translate into a better paying job. Your beliefs about yourself is negAtive thinking.  Remember the Neter S/e/T is negation and opposition. When you put more thought to what you don’t want or what you don’t desire you will cancel the desire out by negating it with the opposite thoughts.

To change your life you must begin to really understand how the universal law or NTRs work and then apply that knowledge.


Namaste (The divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru



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