The Khemetic origin of what it means to be in this world but not of this world

Who is the real you?

This question may seem simple to answer on the surface from our modern perspective. Today we believe the real you is who you see looking back at you in a mirror. However, from the ancient African spiritual science perspective, the real you is the Ka (soul) and the physical body is the Kas projection into the physical world.

Were you taught the idea of not being of this world as a Christian? Because of the Christian conception of this idea, were you “so heavenly bound that you were no earthly good?” It usually is stated by some as a badge of honor but bound in the misery of their life. No worries, not your fault that you were constantly taught flawed and incorrect religious crap!

Through their flawed doctrines, Christianity has always pitted the soul and physical body against one another. Life becomes a struggle against being human and being spiritual. This is one of the main reasons that so many Christians are always “backsliding.” The doctrines make it impossible for a Christian to be human and live with integrity through religious ideals.

As I have stated in other writings on this site, Christians did take Khemetic concepts and adapt them to their belief system.

This Christian idea of “not being of this world” (John 17:14) is ancient Egyptian in origin.┬áThe ancient African paradigm of thought was that the spirit or metaphysical world preceded the material world that we live in. In other words, you are a Ka (soul) that inhabits the metaphysical world. Your body is manifested BY the soul into the material world.

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As a Ka (soul), which is the “real” you according to all authentic ancient Egyptian philosophy, you are not OF this MATERIAL world, but your manifestation (the physical body) is IN the material world.

So much of Christianity was built on denying the physical body of earthly human experience. The early Christian fathers accepted flawed teachings that to enjoy physical life would keep you (the Ka) trapped in the reincarnation cycle.


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This is one of the reasons Christians taught misguided concepts like sin and mankind was born in sin. Christians taught the opposite of living a physical life than what the ancient Egyptians taught. For Christians, Just about anything that is joyful in life is a sin because it could keep you mentally and therefore vibrationally attached to physical life.

But this also is the case with anything that can produce strong emotions. For example, hate and anger can be very powerful human emotions. If unresolved through life, the emotions can keep a soul tied to repeated lives of trying to work through dealing with those emotions.

Being not of the world, the ancient Egyptians simply meant, for you, to think of yourself from the perspective of your eternal Ka. As a Ka you created a physical body to experience and ENJOY life!

For the ancient Khemites/Egyptians, it was a privilege to live life in the flesh.

Sin is an imaginary disease created by religion in order to sell you an imaginary cure.

YOU (the Ka) are not of this world and you as a physical body was created to live, love, and learn in THIS world. Whatever you don’t learn in this life you get another chance to learn in another life. Of course, Christianity has taught that you die and go to heaven or hell and that’s the end of it. As you investigate and learn more you will find that those teachings are in error.

The Egyptian idea of salvation was much different from Christianity. Salvation for them was the ability of the Ka to incarnate for another physical life! This concept is an extremely elevated idea beyond what most of us can even consider. Our religious views keep us thinking in terms of punishment for wrongs done to others. But existence is as a soul is NEVER about being punished.

That means as a living breathing physical body you have already enjoyed salvation. You are saved! But so is the racist that reincarnated into the race they hated. If you think in simple religious ideas of right and wrong you cannot grasp the depth of Kemetic teachings on living life as a soul in human form.

Being saved means you can enjoy life to the fullest. That means you will make mistakes. But you (the Ka) are to learn from them. One of the deeper concepts that are hard for Christians and ex-Christians alike is the idea that morality is not part of the soul’s journey. Morality is a religious construct.

That means as a Ka you are to learn and experience the struggle of learning self-love, gaining self-worth and learn these ideas through ALL your physical life experiences. When, as a Christian, you denied yourself of sex on a one night stand, for example, you may have blocked a path to a lesson you as Ka CHOSE to learn. As a soul, it is about the experience, not morality.

Your physical body is in this world, but who you are as a Ka(soul) is not of this world. That’s what the idea means.

Having a one night stand would not have been a sin. It would have been an opportunity to experience and learn as an eternal Ka. YOU (the soul) are not of this world. But you do get to enjoy it through your physical life. That doesn’t mean you are free of consequences. You don’t get punished.

YOU (the Ka) simply get the chance to learn it again or experience, in another life, the hell you put someone else through. For example, someone that is hateful and racist will most likely get reincarnated within the race they hated in the last life.

Not as punishment, but as an opportunity for YOU (the Ka) to learn and reconcile the experience of compassion into your consciousness. This is the idea of karma. Karma is about reconciling vibrational frequencies and not punishment.

The idea of karma reconciling vibration and frequency is a higher level of knowledge. It ties into resurrection and oneness beyond Christianities flawed historical teachings.

For ancient Egyptians, life was an absolute privilege to live. They knew that no matter what happened life was only a transitory expression of the soul. In other words, your body will die but your soul is eternal. Live life! Enjoy it! Whatever you don’t get right, you will get another chance to do it all over again! There is no sin, or hell to go to because of sin. It’s part of learning through opposites or duality.

You next logical step would be to unlearn Christian teachings and learn what they were originally meant so that you may live life in a way that is joyus and lights your soul! Unlearn the superstitions and learn the science.

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