Black male oppression of black women must change

To my sisters that are fighting black male oppression of black women. I always find it peculiar when I see brothers talking about the need to protect black women from the abuse of racism but can’t understand his own oppressive behaviors toward black women.

It seems odd until it is understood why he feels the need to protect you. A quick analysis will expose that it is based on the misogynistic idea that women are the “weaker sex.” It is the basis of so many laws and attitudes towards women that have oppressed them. Personally, I know women don’t need protecting.

patriarchal oppression of black women
Oppression of our sisters must stop

Women have a power within that is going to change the world. Why? Because the representation of the divine feminine in human form (the woman) has the ability to teach men how to go within and explore our own emotional state. the average man would rather explore outer space than to go within and explore his own inner space.

Across any demographic men have a shorter lifespan than women. A major part of that is we men break down physically and emotionally from so much pent up negative energy that manifests as illness. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc. Science has proven a regular regimentation of meditation would go a long way to easing those diseases. Meditation is the practical application of the divine feminine.


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Right now is like no other time in human history because of what women are doing to advance their right to BE. I don’t say this to gain favor. I recognize that as men we are trapped in a system that women are a key to our liberation. My liberation as a man is bound with yours as a woman. I won’t protect you because you don’t need my protection. You are capable and strong. However, I will be there to champion you and to do all I can to remove the yoke of male-dominated oppression.

We can blame white men and white supremacy for our oppression. But, that would mean as black men we turn the focus off of our own part in suppressing black women. It starts in a staunch religious setting. Women are to be submissive and subservient. For a man suffering from low self-esteem within a society that values nothing about him the edicts of the church are a saving grace when control is needed to subdue a vibrant independent soul clothed in female form.

The “conscious brothers” are no better. They scream we must protect our women but hold the yoke of oppression just as tight around her neck as Christian and Islamic brothers. The common denominator is a need to control. A need to bottle up what you fear will challenge your manhood.

In our hyper-masculine society, manhood is defined in terms of physical strength and emotional detachment.

That definition has been a source of pain and illness for black men. We die at a younger age than any other group on the planet. This must change.

In ancient Africa, women were recognized as the other half of an equally important duality. They were not allowed to be equal, they WERE  the equal of the man.

In order for the oppression to stop we must, as men, begin to connect to our own inner wisdom. The ancients called this the divine feminine. It is the Neter Seshat. We gain much knowledge. But, in order to gain wisdom, we must cultivate the ability to contemplate that knowledge.

Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge. The Greeks taking this idea from ancient Africans personified it as Sophia. It is going within and connecting to the divine feminine. All the facts from knowledge won’t do us any good if we can’t see women in a way that allows them to be free of male dominated patriarchal ideology.

Know thyself has its place in wisdom. It is part of living in balance. It is the practice of Ma’at. Recognizing that the outside of us is produced from out inner divine feminine aspect.


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