Why you should never feel guilty about orgasm


Are you a Christian or an ex-Christian that has ever felt guilt or shame about an orgasm? Is sex a guilty pleasure? You have been taught to feel dirty and shameful around sexuality because the Greeks and Romans perverted beautiful ancient teachings that became twisted Christian doctrines that mangle self-esteem and crush self-acceptance. An orgasm is more than an emotional and physical climax. It is the most highly charged state of being on the physical plane.

An orgasm through sexual energy is the most powerful creative force on the planet. If you don’t believe that consider the very real and scientifically proven event of the human species being able to reproduce itself. In other words, children are created and come into the world through an orgasmic state of being.

Sexual orgasm is a creative force

That alone should be evidence enough to know that as a human you are an extremely powerful creator.

Part of our Christian heritage is a very negative view towards sexuality. Where did the negativity originate?

It originated from the philosophy of the Greek Gnostics. Christianity developed many of its doctrines based on Gnostic ideas or combatting Gnostic ideas.

How did sex come to be seen as a sin?

The Gnostics were a religious sect that believed gnosis was the way to “salvation.” To know thyself allowed gnostic men and women to truly know God. The Gnostics didn’t need an intermediary like the church, a pastor, rabbi, imam or anyone to make that divine connection.

The belief of not needing an intermediary obviously made gnostics a threat to the developing Christian church. For the gnostics, gnosis was gained via a personified concept of wisdom they called Sophia. This same idea was

Wisdom teachings
Wisdom teaching of Egypt was called Sophia by the Greeks

taught to the Greeks by the ancient Egyptians and they called it Ma’at. Gnosis was one of the beliefs that Christianity fought against during its developmental phase.

Through a fundamentally negative view of the physical world, the gnostics believed the world had to much pain and suffering and therefore something must be wrong with creation.

The gnostics created a second level of creators (called Aeons) in their estimation was so far removed from the source they became flawed. Think of how a copy, of a copy, of a copy, would lose clarity. Because the world we live in and humanity was created from the Aeons the Gnostics believed humanity was flawed. Anything that causes us to remain attached to earthly things serves to keep us in enslavement to these flawed lower cosmic rulers.

Well, an orgasm would top the list in this belief system because an orgasm is so damn good it has to be bad! You enjoy sex and orgasms, therefore you would stay attached to your physical experience.

Christians fought against the belief of a different level of creators. The gnostics parted ways from their original Egyptian teachers with the dual god philosophy. The Christians didn’t agree with the dual god philosophy but kept the belief of flawed humanity as expressed in the Adam and Eve myth.

The belief of a flawed humanity, through Adam and Eve, became politically expedient when there came a need to have a savior of the world. These beliefs spawned Christian doctrines like the FallOriginal sin, and Total Depravity.

Ancient Africans had no sexual hangups

As stated earlier the gnostic philosophy originated from their Egyptian teachers. However, the gnostics slid off the path of the original teachings and because of politics Christians stayed off the path in creating their doctrines and dogma. The belief of being trapped originated with ancient Egypt but was misunderstood and misinterpreted by the Greek Gnostics and Roman Church fathers.

Ancient Egyptians believed in duality as a condition that negated oneness or unity that was unknowable directly by the human mind but was evident through creation (the Universe) that emanated from it.

They saw spirit as a “choice” to descend into matter and experience the physical. While in the physical spirit was trapped or held in by a force of N.T.R.  (NeTeR or NaTuRe) the Egyptians called S.T. (SeT). Set was the universal force of opposition in nature. The Gnostics called themselves the children of Seth(S.T.). In other words, the Gnostics believed they were spiritual beings trapped in the physical body by the force of Set.

Based on their twisting and misunderstanding of the Neter or force of Set enjoyment of physical pleasure became a deterrent for salvation. Salvation was based on a completely different set of principles in ancient Egyptian cosmology. Salvation is not part of the scope of this blog post.

But the original teachings of salvation is so empowering and uplifting. You would be absolutely shocked at who was originally considered “saved.” The Christians changed salvation to something that keeps you bathed in uncertainty and in a constant state of anxiety. Again partly based on misunderstanding and partly based on pushing an agenda of fear.

Our western puritanical views about sex developed from these ancient religious philosophies separating spirit from body. We don’t even consider how or why they came to be, we just follow the beliefs.

The ancient Africans or any indigenous people for that matter, had no such hangups about sexuality nor being physical as the Gnostics and later the Christians did.

You can transmute orgasm energy

One of the creation stories you don’t hear about of ancient Egypt is that Atum created the universe by masturbating and ejaculating at orgasm. The orgasm in the myth is symbolic of the state of being needed to create anything.

Imagine an orgasm as a vibrational frequency. Your essence is vibration.

What must vocal cords do to create sound or a Word? Vibrate!

Ancient Egypt expressed this idea using “the Word” as a metaphor for vibration. You are “the Word made flesh.”

An orgasm is literally an explosion of energy moving through your physical body and your etheric body at that instant. It is literally a vibration within you that is translated as joy and ecstasy within our physical expression.

The universe was created from within Atum through the sexual energy and vibration of joy. As a human being, you have that same ability. Remember you are the creator in human form. It’s a natural process that we don’t consider on a deep level.

What most people don’t know that the ancients did is sexual energy can be “transmuted” and used to manifest ANYTHING you want to bring into the physical world. This is deeper metaphysical knowledge. But most of us are stuck on the ground floor of this knowledge because of negative religious conditioning surrounding our sexuality.

The ancients knew the power of sexual energy. One of the casualties of our religious beliefs is that we have been taught to have so much guilt about our sexuality. We have been taught to confine it as good only in the context of marriage or a man and a woman. Quite frankly religious ideas about sexuality are a bunch of crap!

Both sexes are shamed on some level about sexuality. But women, in particular, are shamed. Women are taught that they should be virgins and save themselves for marriage. Women are judged as “wifey” material or not based on the newness (number of sexual partners) of their vagina. Women have basically been taught to gratify the male even at their own expense.

Religion says to never masturbate, it’s a sin. But the original African teachings say God (Atum) had to masturbate to produce joy within itself in order to create! Youcan find heaven without ever having to die when you truly understand what it is from the ancients paradigm.

We only see the myths as just stories. But they in fact relay very deep metaphysical knowledge.

Gnostics and Christians perverted the original teachings

The control of our sexuality by religion is a deterrent for being creators. It comes down to energy and vibration. If your beliefs about sex created guilt within you then you negate the ability to transmute that energy into positive creative power.

You can literally make sounds during sex to “channel” the energy into specific directions of your choosing. Sex is one of the most powerful manifestation tools you can use. But if you believe it is a sin it can be one of the most powerful tools to negate your own creative powers.

I want to make it clear this creative energy is not confined to heterosexual partners. When I am speaking of creating, it’s not just about creating a child. It is creating and manifesting ANYTHING into the physical world.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Explore this idea. You will have to do so unencumbered by religious conditioning. It will take a change in beliefs to be free of the puritanical constraints that we all have been taught. You should never again feel guilty about sex and orgasms.

The Greek Gnostic and Romans perverted the original teachings. Those perverted ideas have shaped our beliefs around sexuality for almost 2,000 years.

But now you know, or at least of a foundation, you can research these ideas loosen the mental grip of guilt and shame surrounding your sexuality from Christian indoctrination.