Khemetic science: original meaning of Christian Easter and resurrection

The original meaning of the cross and what became the Christian Easter and resurrection is actually a very empowering spiritual concept. It was never meant to be an exercise in turning off your rational mind in favor of believing something that has no basis in fact or anywhere else in human history.


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I didn’t learn that the Cross had a number of meanings and was sacred to the Ancient Africans until I studied its origins in Ancient Khemet. I had all kinds of Aha moments. One meaning of the cross is the story of the Sun/son of God explained via symbolism.

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On one level the cross is nothing but a symbol of astrological time. The different positions of the Cross are symbolic of the positions of the sun at different solstices and equinoxes.

The sun of God
The Cross is a symbol of the sun at solstice and Equinox

A Solstice happens twice a year, the summer and winter

The summer solstice is when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky at noon. There are more hours of daylight after the summer solstice. The winter solstice is when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky at noon. Days begin to be shorter after the winter solstice. The “old sun” and dies on December 22. The new S-U-N is born on December 25th.

In Christianity, part of the story was changed to make Jesus work as a historical narrative. This becomes evident when you understand the natural phenomenon that the myths are explaining, but goes unnoticed when you simply accept the history on faith.

The Kiss of death

If you remember Judas identified the Son/Sun with a kiss on the cheek. It was the kiss of death that started the Son/sun of God on his Journey to Crucifixion. The Sun eventually dies on the Cross on December 22nd. According to the ancient Egyptian death of the body on earth and rebirth in the Dwat was a simultaneous occurrence.

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So the actual resurrection into the Dwat was to occur on the 25th of December. But the soul with its resurrection into the Dwat has to go through a “purification” process that is analogous to an obstacle course in order to become “glorified” and attain the ability to resurrect into oneness within the Nun (pronounced noon).

Symbol of the summer and fall equinoxes, the Greek cross

An equinox is when days and nights are Equal in length (12 hours of day and 12 hours of night). This happens twice a year. Once in the spring and once in the fall. The Fall equinox is represented by the zodiac sign of Libra and the scales. You will see this represented symbolically by the “Greek Cross” that has two equal lines perpendicular to the other. In other words, it looks like a plus sign (See the above graphic).

During the winter solstice and the months after, nights are longer than days. This process of nights becoming longer is symbolized by Judas “kiss of death” to the Sun/son of god. In October is the sign of the Scorpion that “stings” the Sun and starts it on the slow journey to death in December. All of the disciples represent an astrological sign. Judas is Scorpio in October.

The “light of the world” triumphs over darkness

In the spring the sun is said to be reborn or resurrected in the sign of Pieces. This story was first told in ancient Egypt as Heru and the evil Set battling each other on one level in the ancient “lesser” mysteries. Heru as the Son/sun of god was the light and Set was opposition or darkness.

The son/Sun “wins” over darkness as now the days will be longer than night. “I am the light of the world.” Isn’t the sun, the light of the world?

Later in the Eschatology, “I am the light of the world” becomes about enlightening those that are asleep and ignorant.  At this level of symbolism the son/sun is about the Khemetic principle of Heru and spiritual ascension that enlightens the death, dumb, and blind souls. As with all the ancient Symbolism and myth, they have many layers of meaning all dependent on the knowledge of the receiver and the aspect it is teaching.

But of if you are counting births and resurrections you will note that there are two birthdays or resurrections. December 25th and then the other in the Springtime at Easter. Why two births and two resurrections for the same supposed person?

It’s because it tracks right along with the ancient Khemetic Spiritual teachings. The simple explanation is this. On December 25th, “the first birth,” is the birth of a young untested soul into the physical body or underworld (earth). The Christic birth at Easter is, of course, the resurrection of the tested and “glorified” soul into an enlightened state of awareness. It is now connected to its higher KA or godself.

The Two paths of the liberation of the soul

In ancient Khemet it was all about the souls journey from creation, through physical existence, and spiritual resurrection back into Oneness. Because Christianity made Jesus a historical person it became a physical resurrection in the same body. This was an error of ignorance by the Christian fathers.

This idea of a person coming back to life after being dead for three days is absurd now and as it was absurd to those back in ancient times. The Christian fathers were trying to teach one of what the ancient Egyptians called the “two paths of the liberation” of the soul. It was supposed to be a symbolic lesson for initiates into the Egyptian mystery systems.

The “Christic path” was a direct path where you assimilated all the tragedies of life in one lifetime and resurrected back into Oneness. This is the path that Christianity is trying to teach. However, it incorporates aspects of the second path that confuses the whole damn thing.

The second path is the indirect path the Ancient Egyptian named the Ausarian/Osarian path of the soul and its numerous reincarnations in the physical and other realms that may be quasi-physical and a higher level of learning so to speak. They taught that through the reincarnations you worked through all of your issues to gain the ability to resurrect into oneness.

The story of the biblical Jesus and his resurrection was never about a physical and historical place and events. All the events were metaphors and symbolic of occurrences of our journeys as a soul through life.

As Christians, we never thought of ourselves AS A SOUL. We were taught that we HAVE a soul. In reality, the soul has us. Our physical body is a part of it. The soul is what gives you life (animates) as a physical form.

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But for many reasons, Christianity has believers locked into the Ausarian path. Because Jesus was a special “miracle” or great exception, Christianity does not acknowledge reincarnation for the rest of us. They have also used the idea of burning in hell for eternity as a control mechanism for believers. How much sense does an eternal hell make if you believe you will be reincarnated?

All the world believed in reincarnation until the Catholic Church and the advent of Christianity.

What is Easter supposed to mean?

Easter is supposed to be symbolic of the spiritual resurrection of our soul on its return to Oneness. Not an exception that only one godman could achieve and just your belief in him would cause your soul to be saved from eternal damnation.

The Jesus story is an allegory of the travels of the sun through the heavens on one level. On another level it the story of the soul’s journey of continuous expansion of consciousness and evolution as it traveled through incarnations. Believing in Jesus does not bring you salvation from an imaginary hell. It keeps you in hell on earth (the underworld).

The Cross as a symbol of time represents:

  1. a measure of time; days longer than nights
  2. symbolic of the fundamental elements that nature emanates from; it is symbolic of the soul of all of creation
  3. A pyramid in two dimensions
  4. and more

The Cross as a symbol of the soul represents:

  1. The function (crossing) of elements needed to produce a soul
  2. The soul “dying” on the cross when it enters a physical body
  3. The soul being “entombed” within the physical body now blind, unaware, and disconnected from its higher KA
  4. when the physical body dies, the soul escapes and is reborn or resurrected

Depending on the element being taught the cross can have different meanings but all connected.

These symbols are all from ancient Khemetic Science. Easter, as with many Christian stories and symbols, has a much more powerful and deeper meaning than what we were taught as Christians.


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