Why self-hating slave inspired prayer keeps you trapped in mental bondage

Religion has failed in uplifting the African diaspora in America. Slave programming is still part of our worshiping in America. In many ways, African-Americans pray as our slave ancestors did within the oppressive system of slavery.

Please don’t take this as a personal attack if you are Christian or an attack on Christianity. It’s not meant that way. It’s a statement of analysis. Understand that it’s not all your fault. Why? Because our ancestors in slavery were taught religion in a way that would keep them subservient to the slave masters and the system of slavery.


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How can I say that? Think about it this way, did the slave masters ever give the slaves anything that would empower slaves or improve their condition within slavery? The question is essentially rhetorical because any sane African in America knows that slave holders never gave our slave ancestors anything that would free them mind, body, or soul?

White Jesus
The bible says we are all made in the image of God?

Ask yourself this question? Did the average slave in America read the bible? I won’t insult your intelligence by presuming to teach you what you already know. Again, the question is essentially rhetorical to us as Africans in America. Reading was forbidden for a slave and punishable by death or at the least be sold off a plantation so they wouldn’t “contaminate” the minds of other slaves.

Did you grow up with the picture of a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus hanging on the wall? How many of us went to churches that had that same Jesus painted on the walls of the Church? Do you go to a church that still has a blonde haired blue eyed Jesus on the wall?

How about the last supper painting with all the white disciples and white Jesus in the center of them all?Last_Supper

These images were given to our slave ancestors for the sole reason to keep them subservient to a white slave master and system that would keep them in mental bondage. Plain and simple.

Even if you don’t have the pictures anymore the subconscious control mechanisms are still there. As a Christian, our slave ancestors prayed to a God that looked like the oppressor. Think about the conflict that must have caused within them every day!

Does praying to this Jesus cause you conflict? If it doesn’t then the program is working in the manner it was intended.

Slaves didn’t come out of Africa

You must remember that slaves were not taken out of Africa. Kings, queens, and magnificent people were taken out of Africa and made slaves. In order to keep a person in slavery, physical chains cannot be the tool of choice because a person with free will is always in search of ways to free the chained body.

But when the mind is enslaved you don’t even need chains. That’s what the tool of Christianity did. Anywhere Christianity has gone you will see the same symptoms African-Americans exhibit in America.

Self-hate in the form of trying to change our looks to fit the ideal that doesn’t look like us, or claiming good hair because it’s straight or curly. Self-loathing in the form of exclaiming ideas like, “I am nothing without God”, or “God saved a wretch like me.”

Or what about this one? “I love God, do you love God?”As a Christian, I made that statement often. Our brand of Christianity allows us to love God (blonde haired blue eyed God), but hate, mistrust, and have disdain, of our own reflection and those that look like us! It’s a vestige of slavery but as a Christian, I didn’t even consider the hypocrisy in that statement.

Any indigenous people that accepted Christianity suffer an identity crisis

Research India, China, Australia, Japan and any group of people indigenous to those countries that have accepted Christianity and they will spout the same self-loathing rhetoric and have issues with being dark in skin color. Why? Because their Christian ancestors accepted the programming. They taught it lovingly to their children and Grandchildren. Many of them even think just like many Africans in America that they were done a huge favor by being saved through Jesus.

You had your whole culture and identity destroyed and you were done a favor? No, physical chain needed! There is no successful nation or group of people that does not fully and authentically embrace who they are and their culture.

Gain a deeper understanding of your roots

You can’t pray like a slave and expect to live like kings and queens. You may unknowingly hold on to programs that keep you in mental bondage. But, what’s the alternative? The alternative is to become knowledgeable about your African roots. Particularly the spirituality that they had.

Our African ancestors taught the world about spirituality. The Christian religion is a misunderstanding and repackaging of ancient African spirituality taught to the Greeks and then passed on to the Romans who understood it less than the Greeks.

If you are of the African Diaspora and have spirituality as a foundation of your life you must start to question, why the condition of Africans in America has changed so little with all the praying that’s been done for over 400 years.

Do you know that worldwide 400 million Christian people of African descent live in poverty?

I’m not blaming prayer. However, I am calling into question and analyzing the mentality behind the prayer.

Yes, the chains have been taken off physically, but mentally we still pray to the Savior that looks like the slave master. How many black people post on facebook hoping to change the hearts of whites that seek to disregard the system of racism and white supremacy? Why do they feel the need to post to those that are blind to a system of privilege born out of racism and the broken backs and spirits of African people?

The implication to that behavior is that if a white person disregards the black experience of racism then I must convince them that it is a REAL experience or I must be crazy! In others words, please validate my experience for me so I can feel ok. That’s some crazy shit!

Why the fuck do I need someone who is sick to tell me I’m ok?

Ancient Africans were able to build one of the greatest civilizations this planet has ever known. How? Because they had a view of God and prayer that empowered them.

The Greeks and Romans sought out the ancient Egyptians because they were extraordinary. The Greeks, in particular, went from a barbaric existence to building a country unrivaled by no one other than Egypt for hundreds of years. Why?

Because of what the Africans taught them. And the ancient Greeks have no problem stating that fact.

Egypt was not an anomaly in Africa

Egypt was the culmination of African spirituality. The knowledge they had traveled up the Nile river, from interior Africa, over thousands of years.

Egypt honed it to a science. Most will assume that Egypt was an anomaly, but what they believed and taught was distinctly a part of all of Africa and its cultures. What we have as Christianity is no more than superstition based on very limited knowledge of the spiritual system of ancient Africa.

  • Ancient Africans didn’t beg God to help them. They invoked the power of God, they knew they had, from within them!
  • They didn’t personify God to look like any human, yet ideas like “made in the image of God” originated with them.
  • The idea of one God and monotheism originated in ancient Africa.

When they prayed they didn’t pray to a person or being outside of themselves. They knew the power of the Neter of Neters (God) was a part of them. Consider that they were able to build pyramids that can’t even be duplicated by modern technology.

If you accept the idea that aliens built the pyramids with no proof of it then you have accepted the programming and biases built on a foundation of racism.

Through ancient Africa you will learn why Jesus said, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

If this be true, then why hasn’t the desire for freedom and equality in America not occurred for the African diaspora in America? Either black people haven’t been praying like they say they have, or Jesus just ain’t answering. Or maybe you believe it’s part of a punishment by God and deserving because of a curse on Africans.

You cannot know the depth of the bible and the Scripture without researching the spiritual system of ancient Egypt. EVERYTHING in the Bible originated in ancient Egypt. E-VE-RY-THING!

Get in touch with your ancient African spiritual roots and you will be amazed! If not, you will keep praying to Jesus and expecting different results.

You can’t continue to pray like a slave and hope to live like a king and queen. I don’t mean that to be insulting. It’s based on the fact that the foundation of our Christian beliefs in America was born from slavery and oppression.

You can’t continue to pray to the same God given to us by the oppressor and expect to change the system that oppresses.  It’s time to start questioning what our slave ancestors were taught and why. It’s time to learn the legacy that was left in the stones for humanity to rediscover.

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


4 Replies to “Why self-hating slave inspired prayer keeps you trapped in mental bondage”

  1. What a great and inspiring post!🌞 You have definitely addressed a lot of questions and issues I have had over the years. The points made are valid and each person should do a little soul searching in their quest to completely grasp the information you are sharing.

    I look forward to more posts of the same😆

    Oh and on another note, you should come to Memphis Tn for Africa in April and share your knowledge by setting up a booth.

    1. Thank you Bernetta! I think it’s important that as people of the African diaspora we begin to establish a phase of self-healing. But, in order to do that we have to know what the problems are. There is a wealth of knowledge in ancient Africa that we are just not aware of that can be a source of great pride and healing of a broken self-image that so many of us suffer from. It’s so deeply ingrained that we don’t even think about the affects. Ancient Egypt is the source of Judiasm, Christianity, and Islam. Each of them put their own spin on acient knowledge. The fact that so many wars are apart of these three religions shows that they just didn’t get the unifying aspect of what our ancestors taught.

      I will definitely look into Africa in April.

  2. Ancient Africans didn’t beg God to help them. They invoked the power of God, they knew they had, from within them! Extremely powerful!!!! Great info.

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