African Spirituality Before Christianity: The Ultimate Guide




This course is an amazing resource for anyone that is interested in the Ancient Egyptian spiritual system and the African origins of Christianity and the Bible. You will get answers to questions the clergy were unable or unwilling to answer. It is 6 modules, self-paced.

You will move through a path of success that is a process of taking you through stages of learning the Kemetic wisdom. You will progress through a number of stages of learning.

1. You will uncover the ancient African system and recognize the influence that African people have had on world religions, political systems, medicine, etc. You will be educated beyond the biases that are so pervasive about Egypt and African spiritual systems. You will build a foundation of appreciation for how advanced these ancient Africans were and elevate them to their rightful place on the world stage of advanced and influential civilizations.

2. You will be shown through compare and contrast the systems of Khemet and Christianity the negative psychological impact that many Christian doctrines have that undermine basic self-esteem which is vitally important to growing and elevating spiritually and to achieve good healthy relationships, belief that you can advance in your career and business, and achieve financial stability and abundance.

3. You will also be introduced to metaphysical concepts Christianity only touched on from a superstitious perspective. Learning the metaphysical science surrounding prayer, the Trinity, and the Cross, for example, will raise your level of consciousness. It will positively impact your everyday life when you unlearn the religious doctrines that effectively block you from connecting to your higher-self because of rules that promote a vibration of fear and staying stuck in 3D reality. You will be taught the original ancient Kemetic foundation of those religious concepts that build a foundation of trust and well-being that will elevate you to 4D and 5D reality.

4. You will learn to understand Egyptian mythology from the Ancient African perspective that will effectively unlock the biblical allegories and shower you with knowledge and gain access to wisdom. You will find the deeper truths more powerful and psychologically uplifting than how you were taught the bible as a literal historical document in church.

By the end of the course, you will have an appreciation for the culture and importance of African contributions to the world and a more profound and evolved understanding of repackaged confusing and contradictive religious doctrines. You will choose to live life from a place of an empowered god/goddess.

You will achieve a level of liberation mentally and psychologically.

You will recognize a more encompassing and liberating way of life that will free you from the Europeanized religious idea that spirituality happened on Sunday morning but life was different (secular) the rest of the week.