The greatest wealth transfer in the history of mankind is an evolution of consciousness

the evolution will not be televised!

Cryptocurrency is about to revolutionize the whole economic game! Will you be a player or be played?

This is your opportunity to stand up!

do you regret missing the train on investing early in companies like Amazon, Google, and Facebook?

You have a second chance that is even better! invest in bitcoin!

There is a new "internet" of money being created!


Only because of technology is this new financial revolution possible!


It will turn the banking industry upside down all around the world!


It will disrupt businesses in ways that will improve efficiency and cut costs!

Wealth is about to be redistributed around the world!

You have been trapped in a financial system that benefits the rich. This new system is the start of a new consciousness spreading all over the world. Bankers and governments are afraid of the shift! Those who were last will be first, IF they act now!

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You now have a chance to gain the knowledge to participate in the coming financial boom!

What Kept you from investing in the dotcom boom?

  • 1
    Lack of Money? 
  • 2
    Lack of knowledge and what was unfolding?
  • 3
    Technical language hard to understand?
  • 4
    No real understanding of financial knowledge?
  • 5
    All of the above?

this is cryptocurrency educationf for the non-Geek, non-technical background or investment experience person!

They say

What you are being presented with is a new revolutionary way of thinking about money! It will change our society in five to ten years in ways that we can't even imagine yet! Cryptocurrency is in its infancy stage like the internet 1994. Basically email was the only application being used at that time. At that time no one could have imagined, Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. If you had a time machine and could go back with the knowledge you have today, would you invest in Amazon? Of course you would? Today, you don't need a time machine, you simply have to have vision. you are in the same position with the new "internet" of money!

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What I am sharing with you now is like giving you a secret that very few people (4%) in the western world are aware of the magnitude of bitcoin and cryptocurrency only because they have yet to be affected like Asia, Africa, and South America. Many countries on these continents have been economically abused and exploited by their governments. That's why right now countries on these continents are the biggest investors in cryptocurrency and drivers of the industry.

In the African country of Zimbabwe they had to use will barrels fill with worthless money to buy necessities. A 100 trillion dollar bill could not buy a loaf of bread. Bitcoin saved those who knew.

The failure of a central banking system has been part of their life experience. In the west we have been shielded. But we are on borrowed time. The bankers know this and are desperately trying to come up with solutions that keep them and the rich in economic control. They will spread negative news about cryptocurrency because they know it's a threat to their dominance and exploitation of you and the masses. They have bad mouthed Facebook and Libra coin because they are afraid of it.

You are about to participate 

You will be a part of this evolution of consciousness whether you actively dictate your moves or passively go along with the flow. You will be swallowed by a Tsunami of change or you can get in the boat and rise with the coming tide of an economic revolution!

Here's what I mean by get in the boat. The cryptocurrency economy is relatively small today. But in five years it predicted to be a massive 5 trillion dollar industry! If you get into the boat (start investing in cryptocurrency) you can ride the tide up!

As of early 2019 the cryptocurrency revolution is at about a 3.4 billion dollar market cap! Above he is talking about it growing over 1500 times it's present day value in about five and half years. Currently a small fraction of the world economy participating! IT WILL GROW!

Don't be this guy in five years wishing you could have invested way before Bitcoin reached $1,000,000 a coin!‚Äč

There is an early obstacle for many that becomes your opportunity!

The Problem

the biggest barrier to beginning investing in cryptocurrency is all the technical jargon and not being familiar with investing. It scares people off because they don't think they can learn. I have a unique way to teach difficult concepts that I learned as a school teacher.

The Solution:

Learn new and difficult to understand information by connecting it to information and knowledge you are already familiar with through analogies. About four years ago I got so excited about the potential of cryptocurrency that I spent months learning about it and eventually becoming a certified cryptocurrency specialist.

 Because I am closet techno geek I loved learning about how cryptocurrency works. I was also motivated by the potential. But I am also a teacher at heart and saw that many were frustrated with trying to learn and would give up or get sucked into the illegal pyramid schemes of USI Tech and Bitconnect because it seemed easy to just give someone their money and not have to think about it. So while learning it I saw where the techno geeks teaching couldn't really relate the cryptocurrency ideas to people that were not technically inclined. 

But I can. So I created a course for non-technically inclined individuals that also have no financial knowledge background. Just like computers and the internet were for geeks at first, people came later that made it easier for non-geeks to use the technology. But those that were early to the game reaped the most financial benefit. You are early to this revolution. 

Timing is everything when it comes to investing in business and finances. You can learn cryptocurrency before the masses wake up to what's going on reap massive gains!

Introducing the quick start guide to bitcoin and cryptocurrency investing for the non-technical beginner!

 Delivered digitally only

 You have no experience investing but want to learn? No problem! If you have a non-technical, non-financial background this course is built to teach you! by the end of the course you will be able to invest and participate in explosive income growth! 

How will I help you do this?

It's not that you don't have the intelligence to learn this information. It's the teaching that has sucked!

  • As a school teacher I know how to help students learn concepts that are unfamiliar and potentially confusing to them. 
  • All good classroom teachers know the quickest way to get a student to grasp an unfamiliar idea like cryptocurrency is to connect that idea via metaphor or analogy to something in their everyday life experience.
  • That's what I will do for you! I help you learn cryptocurrency by using simple metaphors and analogies that I KNOW YOU are familiar with.  
  • The geeks are so engrossed in how smart they are with technical jargon they don't know HOW to teach you. That's a bad teacher and not your fault!

Get knowledge on two levels 

1)You will quickly master the foundational knowledge of the industry (in two hours self-paced)

2)and will swiftly but efficiently be walked through leaning to invest by getting answers to basic questions beginners have about cryptocurrency. 

I will teach you through answering the following questions:


Why should I get so excited about bitcoin?

  • Most in the west are unaware of why bitcoin is so important, In this unit you will learn why the Asian, African, and South American world is on fire for bitcoin as a tool for economic liberation
  • Learn why anyone that has been shut out of "top down" economic model of capitalism can take as little as $10 and quickly get on board of an opportunity that will never come again in your lifetime 
  • Learn why our current monetary system is running on borrowed time by understanding a basic economic principle tied to the real life reason that prices keep going up year after year while our paychecks stay the same

Can you give me a basic analogy to explain what the cryptocurrency "network effect" is and how it can make me wealthy?

  • I will use a very common real life experience that happened daily in many underprivileged neighborhoods, like mine, as I was growing up to teach you how the cryptocurrency system works overall. In other words I give you the big picture view of cryptocurrency and where it is going
  • Liberate you mind through this real world, real life economics simplified with life experience that the rich make confusing to keep you from figuring it all out so they can keep you and the world trapped in their "money" game

Why is cryptocurrency the future of the world economy?

  • In this unit you will be taught some basic financial and technical knowledge through simple analogies so you can grasp the enormity of the wealth potential in this new system and lay a foundation for understanding the entire cryptocurrency setup

Can you help me understand how bitcoin became so popular?

  • In this unit you will gain some basic history about bitcoin and how it and other cryptocurrencies work
  • What problems was solved by bitcoin that even made cryptocurrency possible
  • You will learn how bitcoins are accounted for so you can begin to learn and understand the basic financial language and technical language
  • You will learn how cryptocurrencies are very similar to how you use dollars or euros today

Why would I  be crazy enough to give someone dollars or euros in exchange for cryptocurrency?

  • Through another analogy in this unit you will gain basic financial literacy by learning the difference between "money" and "currency" that will enlighten you about the "money" game bankers and the rich have played that is about to change
  • You will also be taught the mindset of an investor rather than a consumer in order to be successful at cryptocurrency investing

I don't have $10,000 dollars for a bitcoin but you're telling me I can still buy it? How?

  • In the world of stock investing you need to have good credit and usually a minimum of $25,000 to begin stock investing with a brokerage firm, not so with cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency is a chance for the little guys and gals, and the disenfranchised of the world to participate in a new economy, but you have to start now!

Can you help me understand the confusing technical jargon like "blockchain" and how it relates to a cryptocurrency?

  • In this unit I will simplify and explain some of the most confusing technical jargon with analogies that are familiar and common in everyday experiences
  • When you finish this unit you will wonder why  it was so difficult to understand in the first place and recognize the long term potential for your economic gain

How can I be sure that transactions on a cryptocurrency network are accurate, secure, and I can't be cheated out of my currency?

  • In this unit I will use a story as an analogy to explain to you how individual cryptocurrency systems operate, how transactions are secured, and how they cannot be changed by ANYONE!
  • I will help you quickly grasp the difficult technical language through connecting how the technology you already use works in a similar way so you can know how to keep others from stealing your investment
  • You will gain an understanding about one of the most exciting components of cryptocurrency and why it is more than just about buying stuff (consumerism). This unit will help you understand why this new system will change the world in ways we can not yet imagine because you are so early in the game

How is ethereum and other cryptocurrencies  different from bitcoin?

  • By using Ethereum as an example, I explain how these two platforms are different and to help you understand different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Gain the ability to assess what you are investing in between thousands of cryptocurrencies once you learn this knowledge

Can I trust that people are not simply making up transactions on the system and do I need good credit to start?

  • In this unit I will teach you some basic "geek speak" that is connected to your non-technical world so that  you can understand how transactions on a cryptocurrency system work.
  • Learn why there are no credit checks, no applications, no application fees, or any approvals needed to begin trading cryptocurrency like you do in the traditional banking system. YOU CAN AND WILL BYPASS ALL OF THOSE HEADACHES AND MAKE MONEY!
  • Learn how fraud was proven as an impossibility and why you can implicitly trust the transactions on the blockchain

Hackers are all over the internet, how do I keep them from stealing my information?

  • In this unit I will breakdown more confusing "geek speak," help you understand how "wallets" work, and how you can keep your investments safe
  • You will gain a really good understanding of how to secure yourself in the cryptoworld based on an analogy to technology you are currently using  everyday

I'm ready to invest, what's the  next steps?

  • In this unit I will tell you the easiest to use websites and crypto wallets for beginners
  • You will learn, the do's a don't of keeping your cryptocurrency safe and secure

What are the critical factors I should use to assess cryptocurrency investments?

  •  in this unit you will be taught a basic investment process  called the "three F's"when evaluating long term "good" cryptocurrency investments 
  • With this strategy you will gain the ability to find the hidden gems before everyone else or simply know a good investment and currency you should be on board with long term and pass on to your children
  • 14.

    What are the are the critical mistakes beginning investors should avoid?

    • In this unit I will teach you the "five second eyeball evaluation" technique that will help you quickly evaluate and avoid trash coins that are no good for long term investing
    • You will learn the best website to go to as a foundation to begin your research

    What is that "quick start" investment strategy you have used?

    • In this unit I will teach you a quick "get in the boat" strategy that will spread your risk and historically have brought a massive return on investment (ROI) (over 1000 % or more). Your investment will rise with the tide

    By getting all these questions answered you will be able to invest by the end of this course!

    get in the boat and ride the tide to wealth for only $99!

    digitally delivered only

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