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  • Many of the articles teach you processes like how to pray if you are no longer Christian and many others
  • An Article that teaches you the Khemetic wisdom of how to get to heaven without dying that will cause you to live a life full of joy and optimism rather than the Christian idea that produces fear, guilt, and shame
  • As a Christian, you were taught to serve God in a way that produced depression and burn out in so many. Learn through the contrast and original Khemetic wisdom how to serve god in a way that will make you want to jump out of bed every morning to take on the world!
  • Are you still trying to find your purpose in life? Learn the process of how to do it the Khemetic way. This article and every article above are all connected in a way that will give you clarity, joy, and peace along your journey like you never had. Whereas Christianity, by contrast, will put you into internal conflict.
  • And many more (A library of over 70 articles and growing)

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