Understand the real urgency is exposing religion and beating low self-esteem


So many of us don’t realize that exposing religious doctrines that negatively target self-esteem is what the battle is. We want to argue the facts and the historical accuracy of the bible. It is a losing battle. Most Christians believe faith is equal to facts and will never check whether they are or not.

Because to believe in complete faith that what they have been told is true is truth without checking is a sign of their unwavering faith, which is a sign of their strong belief.

What is or is not true about the historically true and factually accurate about the bible is really secondary for me. When you uncover the origins of the bible and the true meaning it can still be useful.

It’s the psychological impairment that is the real issue for me. In order to accept the doctrines of the faith as Christians, we were taught these ideas in the meme. How many of you would state these ideas as affirmations every day?

Christian doctrines psychologically destroy self-esteem. Lack of self-esteem impacts not only you but your relationships, career choices, financially, whether or not you can start a business and many areas of your life you don’t think about.

400 million people of the African diaspora living in poverty worldwide, in some of the richest nations and on a continent with any natural resource you can imagine. Yet we can’t lift ourselves out of poverty. One major reason is low self-esteem. Accepting beliefs like these keep us locked into a reality that is our own hell.

Let’s quit fighting over whether Jesus is real or not. There is something larger at stake. It is the self-esteem lowering doctrines that attack us from the inside out and cause us to doubt our own minds.

We are taught to look to others for confirmation of the negation of ideas that come to us.  This is the true travesty of accepting doctrines of faith simply on faith.

ideas that like original sin which is the doctrine which holds that human nature has been morally and ethically corrupted due to the disobedience of mankind’s first parents to the revealed will of God, is really an attack on humanity.

book quote on self-esteem

Original sin says by nature humans are morally corrupt.  That means you are morally corrupt at birth because of what Adam and Eve did. Think about the implication here! It means that you, me, and everybody are born corrupted and no good.

Now how does that affect your beliefs about people you are in relationships with? If you have a negative experience with a man or woman, do you assume that all men and when are the same nature as them? I know in many cases that is true, but the underlying reason for that mistrust in the opposite sex may never be tied to an underlying religious belief about human nature.

How many relationships are sabotaged because deep down a person feels that they are unlovable? If your basic beliefs about humanity are that they are corrupt, does that not include you? A person that feels unlovable within will question the person that professes to love them and not really trust what they have to say.

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I am expressing possible layers here, not absolutes. The ideas weave in and through our life experience in different ways. But if the foundation the beliefs are built on is negative then the structure of self-esteem is shakey. I know from experience of trying to love someone who deep down didn’t feel lovable. It is exhausting.

How does it affect those that may begin to feel low about themselves? Does that belief help them to rise from the depression?

What if you have started a business and having a difficult time getting things going, do you start thinking your sinful nature may be being punished? You can’t beat God, so do you give up trying?

What about a person whose self-esteem is already low? Already beat down from years of indoctrination, oppression, racism etc. Can you even think that you are smart enough or skilled enough to start a business? The truth may be that the person is an absolute genius, with skills out of this world. But if they don’t believe it, they will stay right where they are and never try.

That’s what accepting negative beliefs about self will do.

Historical facts are good to have, but they will not build your self-esteem. Only strong esteem for self will do that.

We have to reimagine a new world, and that starts with a mind that can believe it is possible and a spirit that will stick with it until the job is done!


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