Spiritual esteem is a must to explore within


The universe is waiting for you to have the courage to explore it from within. You must develop spiritual esteem or you will look for confirmation and validation from outside yourself when your subjective inner experiences are like no others.

Those who don’t trust and value themselves will dismiss that unique experience as crazy. Therefore the universe is robbed of wisdom that its only avenue will come through you. Religious doctrines and dogma rob you of your individuality by insisting that every inner experience has something to do with Jesus or can only happen because you are connected to the religion of Christianity.

But this is not true. It could be ancestors speaking to you, your higher self, or other consciousness. Subjective experience is just that, subjective. That means that it can be unique to only you. For a person, without high spiritual esteem, an experience that does not fit in with everyone else’s negates their experience. They don’t want to seem out of place or weird. 

I think this is especially true for a person with low self-esteem. A person with low self-esteem needs the validation of other people. They look for ways to belong, to fit in. Now I understand that we are all social creatures. But when you are willing to give up something unique about yourself to fit in then that is a travesty.

If fear of other possibilities is part of your consciousness you block all other ideas that may only come through you. You have to learn to trust yourself. Trust that you are unique and okay if something within you is different from others. 

You may be the only conduit for knowledge and wisdom that the world needs. Don’t deprive us of your unique self by living in a cage of conformity and sameness.

Bring that spiritual esteem out and in the open. Trust it and live your authentic self.


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