Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way

So many people think being spiritual means you are supposed to “act” a certain way. You shouldn’t do this or that because you are “spiritual.” If you hold on to that idea, recognize that you are not being authentically you.

Being you means that you are journeying through this experience. In the above way of thinking, you should arrive at a destination of spiritual perfection. That is no more than Christian Hangover syndrome. We are all in a dance of becoming. In this dance, sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow.


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The key is to be ok with being authentically who you are in the moment. Being you may mean you are the lead in a lesson for another. That may mean to learn that lesson they may need to be cussed the F*** out!

You being authentically you may be the only person that can teach them that lesson. Following may mean you learn to value yourself and stick up for who you are when involved with an individual that is selfish and/or self-centered. or were they the lead? Hmmm

But if you are in that “turn the other cheek mode” you’re not being you and they don’t learn not to treat people a certain way.

Don’t keep suffering from CHS and “acting” spiritual, be you. Being you is a beautiful journey always unfolding. We all are at different places in our journey, some further along in some areas and not so far along in another area.

The key is to recognize and enjoy the dance within the journey, not try to reach the ultimate destination of know-it-all spiritual enlightenment.

The idea of perfection is a trap and anti-creation. It implies that you are something that can reach a static state of existence whereby it has no need to change or evolve. That state does not exist anywhere in the universe. The biblical term Genesis has been misinterpreted to mean beginning since it is the beginning book of the bible. But in reality, it means becoming.  You are in a constant state of transformation and evolution. That’s what living life is about. Transforming into the highest vision of ourselves. Funny thing is, once we reach up to another level we can see ourselves being more. Guess what? in that moment you begin again to transform into the new vision of self.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are trying to get to a certain place so you can rest or have no need to grow. It is a spiritual and religious fallacy.



4 Replies to “Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way”

  1. Love this!!!!

    “But if you are in that “turn the other cheek mode” you’re not being you and they don’t learn not to treat people a certain way.” I always thought turn the cheek approach was a bunch of crap!

    1. Hi Natalie! I agree with you that the “turn the other cheek” mode is a bunch of crap. One of the biggest problems we have with religious teaching is the inability to adjust for different types of personalities. Everyone is prescribed one certain mold to fit. If it doesn’t work that particular person they are seen as defective and not “right” with God in some way. Because of its basic principles Khemetic science ALWAYS puts you in the position to be uniquely and authentically you and never at odds with yourself.

      Anger is one of those emotions that we are taught to “turn the other check on,” it is looked down upon with many religious context. the problem is they are given rules without the knowledge of the context or Kemetic principles it was based on. Anger is not the issue. It is a natural and needed emotion. The energetic principle of anger is represented in nature in many ways.

      The energy we call anger is the same energy that causes a flower to burst from it from its bud to show us how beautiful it is.

      The same energy is what a mother uses to push a baby through the birth canal and introduce that child to the world.

      If you don’t know the principle you would think both those beautiful scenarios was different and different from anger.

      The problem is when anger is continually bottled up. It has to escape! It is understanding the Hermetic/Kemetic principle of rhythm that puts anger in perspective. You shouldn’t “turn the other cheek.” When you get angry, if possible, immediately let other person know it and discuss the issue. That’s how it should work. The anger can clear the air. But if you turn the other cheek it builds up like pressure in a container with a tight lid. At some point the pressure will destructively explode from its container. The rule of turn the other cheek wants to prevent this. But it is precisely what causes the dysfunction. When you let anger flow, its not destructive. That’s just one common example.

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