As successful person of color you are extraordinary

As a person of color that is successful in a career, in business, a relationship and living life in the face of white supremacy and racism, do you ever consider how EXTRAORDINARY that you are? We create our reality from our belief systems.

From a metaphysical perspective consider that what we see in our minds first ends up in our reality. Imagination is like life’s coming previews.

Black power fist
Successful POC have to overcome great odds

But consider that so many of the images we see in the media are anti-POC. You are constantly bombarded with videos, movies, news, magazines, and any number of media outlets that continually show ideas that are negative when in comes to the life and lifestyle of POC.

To put it into context the media images in a lot of ways are hypnotic suggestions. They can have the effect of programming you subconsciously.  As a successful POC you literally have to sift through all the negative images and consciously decided that you are going to be successful.


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If you are white it is the opposite. You get all kinds of images that show you being successful in all kinds of endeavors. You get images of people with successful relationships, large homes, fancy cars, and a lifestyle that anyone would envy.

If you don’t have that lifestyle its not a stretch of the imagination to believe that you can achieve the ideal that is in the videos, pictures, and movies. The people all look like you and probably people that are in your family.

With people of color often times materially successful people are an exception. In order to achieve that type of success one oftentimes have to go against a familial trend of poverty.

How do you do it? To understand the answer to that question is realizing the intricate steps it takes to bring from the mind something to manifest in reality. You had to have overcome a hurdle that many white people do not to be successful.

If you study the deepest aspects of khemetic knowledge you will better understand ideas like prayer and faith. You will get a more scientific understanding rather than the religious idea of those concepts.

It will enable you to move to even greater levels of success. Understand that materials is not the measure of your success. It is great to have nice things. But the true measure of success is from your own inner compass.

That’s what learning the original spiritual teachings of our ancient African ancestors will do for you. You will gain confidence, that will raise your level of self-esteem and self-efficacy. That is the power of knowing and gaining wisdom over belief and having knowledge.

The system of white supremacy is designed to make you believe you are not the norm, that relative to a white person you are less than them, and carry some defect like skin color, hair type etc! You have had to overcome those seeds of mental destruction to gain every good thing you have in your life! DAMN! That’s some deep shit! You are extraordinary!

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


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