Twisted Kemetic science and Christian Doctrines

There is much Kemetic science misunderstood that became Christian doctrine. Astrology is one. Most of us raised Christian have never heard of the Doctrine of “total depravity.” It Guides us and our thinking even when we “leave” Christianity.

Body in stars
We are the source of all in human form

If you Judge yourself in a negative way because of your human sexuality, or any aspect that makes us human, you have accepted the doctrine of total depravity.

If you find it difficult to enjoy the “carnal” life, you are still subconsciously Christian and accept the teachings of total depravity.

If you think you are spiritual on Sunday and carnal Monday through Saturday, you have accepted the doctrine of total depravity.

If you believe that enjoying being in a physical body is a detriment to being spiritual then you have accepted the doctrine of total depravity.

What is the Christian doctrine of total depravity?

Total depravity is the Christian doctrine that human nature is thoroughly corrupt and sinful as a result of the fall of mankind because of Adam and Eve.

Believe it or not, this doctrine was a direct result of Gnostic Christians knowledge of the Kemetic science of Astrology.

The ancient Africans believed that spirit “fell” into matter and was trapped until it was liberated from matter. The Kemetic idea of salvation came from spirit being liberated from its earthly “fetters.”

The ideas of being trapped in earthly fetters became a source of the doctrine of total depravity. Now this didn’t happen overnight. It was a development of Gnostic doctrines that filtered into Christianity.

The negative teachings of this idea within astrology is false teachings. Our ancient African ancestors did not believe in such negative ideas. They saw the body as a source of joy and intrigue. They didn’t separate being spiritual from being physical.

Understanding their philosophy would make it very clear that a doctrine like total depravity was absolute nonsense.

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how fish became a savior

Ask yourself, why is the symbol for Christianity a fish? Why does the papal Mitre look like the open mouth of a fish? Why is one of the nicknames of Jesus the fisher of men?

Heru is the personified principle of perpetual renewal in ancient Khemet. Every year the Nile river floods. It is called the “inundation.” This yearly flood would bring fish for the people of ancient Egypt to eat year, after year, after year. In other words the Nile would perpetually flood and the people would not starve because of the abundance of fish.

Christian fish symbol
The Christian fish symbol

The fish became a metaphor for the universal principle of perpetual renewal. The principle of perpetual renewal was personified in Heru and the fish became a metaphor for Heru. Another nickname for Heru was “mesu” which means savior and later became the word messiah.

Heru the mesu, “saved” the people from starvation in the form of a fish!

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The flood would happen at the same time every year. As the civilization developed astrology came into play. The time of the flood became represented by the fish or the sign pieces. The supposed resurrection of Jesus is in the sign of pieces. Coincidence? I think not!

So how is Jesus connected to Heru? Heru had many nicknames as does Jesus. As stated above one of Heru’s nicknames was the “mesu” or savior.

Heru being the personified principle of perpetual renewal also was

Christian fish symbol
The Christian church and the fish symbol are connected to ancient African myth

connected to the sun. The sun perpetually rises every day. His nickname associated with the sun as an object of perpetual renewal was Iu the Sa or Iusa. Iusa means the ever coming sun. Iusa later became the Hebrew word Yeshua. The Greeks name for Heru was Iuseous. There was no /j/ in the English language until the 1600’s. The /j/ was simply an embellishment of the letter /i/.

Iuseous was translated to the English Jesus almost 1500 years after the supposed birth of the sun of God and our savior or as the Ancient Egyptians called him the Neb Krst or Christ the Lord.

So now you know a very condensed version of why the pope wears a fish on his head. It’s Astrological born from the myths of the people of the Nile river.

It’s all written down in Africa on the walls of the temples.