Being spiritual does not mean act a certain way

So many people think being spiritual means you are supposed to “act” a certain way. You shouldn’t do this or that because you are “spiritual.” If you hold on to that idea, recognize that you are not being authentically you.

Being you means that you are journeying through this experience. In the above way of thinking, you should arrive at a destination of spiritual perfection. That is no more than Christian Hangover syndrome. We are all in a dance of becoming. In this dance, sometimes we lead, sometimes we follow.


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The key is to be ok with being authentically who you are in the moment. Being you may mean you are the lead in a lesson for another. That may mean to learn that lesson they may need to be cussed the F*** out!

You being authentically you may be the only person that can teach them that lesson. Following may mean you learn to value yourself and stick up for who you are when involved with an individual that is selfish and/or self-centered. or were they the lead? Hmmm

But if you are in that “turn the other cheek mode” you’re not being you and they don’t learn not to treat people a certain way.

Don’t keep suffering from CHS and “acting” spiritual, be you. Being you is a beautiful journey always unfolding. We all are at different places in our journey, some further along in some areas and not so far along in another area.

The key is to recognize and enjoy the dance within the journey, not try to reach the ultimate destination of know-it-all spiritual enlightenment.

The idea of perfection is a trap and anti-creation. It implies that you are something that can reach a static state of existence whereby it has no need to change or evolve. That state does not exist anywhere in the universe. The biblical term Genesis has been misinterpreted to mean beginning since it is the beginning book of the bible. But in reality, it means becoming.  You are in a constant state of transformation and evolution. That’s what living life is about. Transforming into the highest vision of ourselves. Funny thing is, once we reach up to another level we can see ourselves being more. Guess what? in that moment you begin again to transform into the new vision of self.

Being spiritual doesn’t mean you are trying to get to a certain place so you can rest or have no need to grow. It is a spiritual and religious fallacy.



Twisted Kemetic science and Christian Doctrines

There is much Kemetic science misunderstood that became Christian doctrine. Astrology is one. Most of us raised Christian have never heard of the Doctrine of “total depravity.” It Guides us and our thinking even when we “leave” Christianity.

Body in stars
We are the source of all in human form

If you Judge yourself in a negative way because of your human sexuality, or any aspect that makes us human, you have accepted the doctrine of total depravity.

If you find it difficult to enjoy the “carnal” life, you are still subconsciously Christian and accept the teachings of total depravity.

If you think you are spiritual on Sunday and carnal Monday through Saturday, you have accepted the doctrine of total depravity.

If you believe that enjoying being in a physical body is a detriment to being spiritual then you have accepted the doctrine of total depravity.

What is the Christian doctrine of total depravity?

Total depravity is the Christian doctrine that human nature is thoroughly corrupt and sinful as a result of the fall of mankind because of Adam and Eve.

Believe it or not, this doctrine was a direct result of Gnostic Christians knowledge of the Kemetic science of Astrology.

The ancient Africans believed that spirit “fell” into matter and was trapped until it was liberated from matter. The Kemetic idea of salvation came from spirit being liberated from its earthly “fetters.”

The ideas of being trapped in earthly fetters became a source of the doctrine of total depravity. Now this didn’t happen overnight. It was a development of Gnostic doctrines that filtered into Christianity.

The negative teachings of this idea within astrology is false teachings. Our ancient African ancestors did not believe in such negative ideas. They saw the body as a source of joy and intrigue. They didn’t separate being spiritual from being physical.

Understanding their philosophy would make it very clear that a doctrine like total depravity was absolute nonsense.

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The Difference of being religious or spiritual

Thermometer and thermostat


What is the difference between being religious and being spiritual?

Difference being religous or spiritual
Religion is like being a thermometer, Spirituality is like being a thermostat

As a Christian I was taught being spiritual and religious were the same thing. But they have very different effects on our lives. Because of how religion is oriented, feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and confusion is normalized. In other words, because so many people in religion suffer from the same afflictions people believe it is how things are supposed to be!

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In other words, because so many people in religion suffer from the same afflictions people believe it is how things are supposed to be!

Religion does have spiritual components. That’s why it can attract and hold “believers.” People stay because they believe the natural spiritual components to be unique to the religion. But the spiritual components of religion are not unique to religion.

Feelings of awe and wonder when you connect to the larger version of yourself is NORMAL. In Christianity, you are taught that this experience is because you connected to Jesus in some way. But the truth is it has nothing to do with the name you call it as you were taught in religion. A Muslim and a Jew have the same experience. Neither of them believes in Jesus as God. Its part of the human experience.

Let me make this clear spirituality does not need a group or a name. It is singularly personal and subjective.

I promote learning of African spirituality because it is the basis of the Christian religion. it is something that most African-Americans are intimately familiar with. When I connect biblical teachings to their origin in Africa it shows the African diaspora that our ancestors contributed to the world MANY great things beyond slaves and resources.

It is also a framework in which to gain deeper metaphysical knowledge and develop self-confidence. It is a change to gain a perspective that will allow you to live life authentically you.

One of the fears I see put out across social media by Christians is the fear of being judged by other Christians. Why is there such a culture of being so judgemental toward others in Christianity?

I believe it goes deep into the idea of most religions and Christianity in particular that there is a “right” way to live and exist on earth.

The idea that one religion had the ultimate truth is something that was unique to Christianity. No other religions in antiquity made this claim.

People are judgemental today because so many of them find it difficult to live the “right way” or “righteously” that they must find fault in others so that they don’t feel so negatively about themselves.

Within the original teachings, personal authenticity was a key component. It was recognized that every part of creations was a representation of the original source.

Ancient Egyptians saw everything as one with the source

The bible says this by saying we are all made in the image of God, but in practice, we were taught that we were different. We are made in “his” image but “He” could send us to hell for eternity.


The idea that you must conform to some ideal is a contradiction that most of us know does not work in real life. But, a disconnect is taught in Christianity. Anyone that has two children will know not to make one be like the other. The child that is made to feel that their authentic being is somehow seen as inferior to the other usually rebels.

But in Christianity, we are taught to be like a perfect Godman that walked the earth. It is an impossible task to live in comparison to some perceived perfect individual. You are taught that you are defective.

This takes you right back to the idea why there is so much judgment of others in Christianity. Basically, if I can’t be perfect let me point out that others are not either. My sin is not as bad as their sin.

The truth is the system of Christianity is defective. It’s not you. You are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You were born spiritual and taught religion. They are not the same.

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