The faith of our ancestors was not “church” faith

Ptah and faith
Ptah and faith
The power of faith is like magic
Faith is powerful when you learn the paradigm of our ancient ancestors.
You ever wonder why we have 24 hours in a day broken into 12 hour days and 12 hour nights. Why 12 months? Isn’t it highly coincidental that the zodiac has 12 signs?
It all stems from Ancient Africa. It is based on the idea that every hour of the day has a specific power or energy that is heightened at that time. It cycles. Same for a month.
The ancient Africans knew that it was important to know the nature or Neter of the hour to dispense certain medicines so they would be the most effective.

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This energy connected all things and moved in cycles. They tested these ideas over thousands of years. What we have left in knowledge is only the surface knowledge that often times amount to superstition. Don’t make the mistake or accept the bias that our African ancestors were primitive and ignorant. the Khemetic Science was highly advanced.
Our ancestors had a faith that far exceeded our ideas of faith today. I don’t mean the Christian idea of faith that forces you to accept someone else’s spiritual experience. I mean the faith that can move mountains. We call it magic or miracles today because we can’t connect cause and effect due to our limited way we think of nature in only a material sense.
Faith for our ancestors was having a knowing, an expectation, and certainty about their lives. They knew they were creators. They didn’t pray to one hoping “He” would answer the call. It was beyond the idea of positive thinking as we are taught by the law of attraction philosophy.
It was an inner fourth-dimensional state of being knowing that you are safe and all works for the greater good. They trusted that. The connected their state of being to the rhythm of nature and summoned that power. It was part of them, not outside of them.
So each time you look at a clock or a calendar consider the power within that hour or month and know that you can move mountains. Our ancestors knew it. It’s time for you to learn what they knew.