Is your first thought to assume the worst in people?

Low self-esteem fear
Low self-esteem fear
Have you considered low self-esteem as a catalyst for being fearful of other people? Deep down, how do you really feel about you? Can you look in the mirror and say to yourself, I love you and truly feel good about it. I don’t mean your public social media persona. I mean really honestly assess how you feel about you.
When I say fearful, I mean expressing yourself on the spectrum of opposites or duality. There are truly only two emotions within the human experience. Love is on one end and fear is on the other. We simply have different names for the emotions that fall along the spectrum from one extreme to the other.
It’s really simple to determine which end of the spectrum you are choosing to operate from. Love feels good, fear feels bad. Emotions of love are happiness, ecstasy, joy, etc.  On the spectrum of fear would be anger, jealousy, depression, etc.
As a culture, many of us of the African diaspora cannot truly look in the mirror and honestly feel love towards our own reflection. There are some many different components that play into this issue. But low self-esteem is at its roots.
We can immediately call out racism as a culprit, and rightfully so. But, we rarely examine how religion has taught us to hate ourselves and assume the worst of others.
Consider this Scripture:
Genesis 6:5 Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great on the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
That is an absolute that when taken to heart colors your view of humanity. When you add on top of that low group esteem (looking at your culture and people as somehow defective) it becomes a prescription for looking at the world through our own negative belief about people. Which ultimately reflects what we believe about ourselves. These ideas are a source of low vibrational expression of fear. If you assume the worst, about your world it means your main filter of your reality is through fear.
Consider your thoughts, they are who you are being. What rules your life on a day to day basis? Are you a being of love, or fear?
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As successful person of color you are extraordinary

Black power fist

As a person of color that is successful in a career, in business, a relationship and living life in the face of white supremacy and racism, do you ever consider how EXTRAORDINARY that you are? We create our reality from our belief systems.

From a metaphysical perspective consider that what we see in our minds first ends up in our reality. Imagination is like life’s coming previews.

Black power fist
Successful POC have to overcome great odds

But consider that so many of the images we see in the media are anti-POC. You are constantly bombarded with videos, movies, news, magazines, and any number of media outlets that continually show ideas that are negative when in comes to the life and lifestyle of POC.

To put it into context the media images in a lot of ways are hypnotic suggestions. They can have the effect of programming you subconsciously.  As a successful POC you literally have to sift through all the negative images and consciously decided that you are going to be successful.


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If you are white it is the opposite. You get all kinds of images that show you being successful in all kinds of endeavors. You get images of people with successful relationships, large homes, fancy cars, and a lifestyle that anyone would envy.

If you don’t have that lifestyle its not a stretch of the imagination to believe that you can achieve the ideal that is in the videos, pictures, and movies. The people all look like you and probably people that are in your family.

With people of color often times materially successful people are an exception. In order to achieve that type of success one oftentimes have to go against a familial trend of poverty.

How do you do it? To understand the answer to that question is realizing the intricate steps it takes to bring from the mind something to manifest in reality. You had to have overcome a hurdle that many white people do not to be successful.

If you study the deepest aspects of khemetic knowledge you will better understand ideas like prayer and faith. You will get a more scientific understanding rather than the religious idea of those concepts.

It will enable you to move to even greater levels of success. Understand that materials is not the measure of your success. It is great to have nice things. But the true measure of success is from your own inner compass.

That’s what learning the original spiritual teachings of our ancient African ancestors will do for you. You will gain confidence, that will raise your level of self-esteem and self-efficacy. That is the power of knowing and gaining wisdom over belief and having knowledge.

The system of white supremacy is designed to make you believe you are not the norm, that relative to a white person you are less than them, and carry some defect like skin color, hair type etc! You have had to overcome those seeds of mental destruction to gain every good thing you have in your life! DAMN! That’s some deep shit! You are extraordinary!

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru


5 major religious beliefs that mentally destroys black communities

Black business people

Religious beliefs and doctrines that promote low self-esteem like “being unworthy in the sight of God” have borne fruit in African-American communities all across America. They are harming the people in our communities and cause black to people struggle.

What is not recognized is we are participants in our own demise and willingly but unconsciously use psychological tools designed to limit self-esteem and individual self-expression.

The ideas expressed in the quote above are the very essence of what has been taught to us as adults and what we lovingly teach our children on a daily basis.

religious beliefs destroy black communities
Nation builders must believe they are worthy to be successful and happy

According to Branden healthy self-esteem has two components. Self-efficacy; which is a basic sense of confidence in the face of life’s challenges. and Self-respect; which is the sense of being worthy of happiness.

book quote six pillars of self-esteem

Doctrines of brokenness

Both of these components are preached against every Sunday in Christian Churches across America. Church for the most part within the African diaspora worldwide have been anti-self-esteem.

High-tech Lynching
Worldwide we have been feed the same messages as Christians. The results astounding!

Those of us that grew up in the Christian Church were routinely taught doctrines like:

  • You are unworthy in the sight of God
  • You are born in sin and are sinful by nature (doctrine of original sin)
  • As a sinner, you are broken and need to be fixed
  • If you have ANY value it’s not because of anything you have done, or could ever do, it’s only because of God’s loving grace
  • you are weak and in need of the strength that can only come from a savior

All of these doctrines have been taught as a foundation of what it means to be humble and righteous in the African American community and the African diaspora worldwide.

But, in the black Church, the fruits of the message coupled with the historical images of worship given to our ancestors have had a devastating effect. These doctrines are never discussed in the churches and how they affect the very essence of an individual and the community at large.

There is a realization that Africans in America need to build a community, an economy with viable businesses, and rebuild families within our communities. Everybody agrees on these points.


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Exceptions don’t build a nation

But how can a person start a business when the basic beliefs you are taught are in conflict with the attitude needed to develop a business?

How can you mentally survive the ups and downs of a startup when you believe that you are unworthy to even be happy and successful?

How can you even start a business when you believe that you are born defective in some way and can’t even fix the defect without an outside savior to intervene? What happens mentally when things go wrong and the savior and the perceived oppressor look the same?

How can an adolescent that makes a mistake in their life recover when they believe they have a sinful nature? In other words, their defect is the essence and nature of who they are.

Do they develop a mindset that will empower them to make life changes or do they gravitate towards solutions that will mask their pain? You already know the answer. Look in black communities around the nation and you see drug use is rampant and hopelessness the order of the day.

It’s the legacy of religious doctrines passed on to slaves to keep us in bondage. We don’t even question the effects of what we have been taught and what we lovingly teach our children.

Overcoming these toxic Christian doctrines becomes the heroic exception, not the rule. Exceptions don’t build a nation.

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Arguing for your defect

People that believe they are lacking or broken do not become high achievers. The Black community has these beliefs reinforced in most churches every Sunday.

A whole nation of people that believe they are broken and need someone to fix them.

A nation of people that believe they are unworthy.

A nation of people that believe they are sinful and have a broken nature.

A nation of people that are taught they are NOTHING and of NO VALUE but God loves them in spite of themselves. You’re not special, just blessed to have him extend his grace and mercy to you.

A nation of people waiting on a savior to swoop down and smite their enemies.

These beliefs lower self-esteem and cause self-loathing. People of low self-esteem fear failure. In their mind failure becomes proof OF their defects rather than an opportunity to learn and grow. Fear of failure alone will stop most people from ever stepping out of their comfort zone to start a business simply because a failure confirms all feelings of inadequacy from low-self-esteem.

This is why so many of the African diaspora, not just in America, but worldwide do not have self-sustaining communities.

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Many black people will argue for their defects believing that it makes them more spiritual. “God saved a wretch like me”, “I’m nothing without God.”

How do you build yourself, a business, or a community arguing for your defects?

If you can’t believe in and accept yourself how can you accept that you can fail but not be a failure?

It’s not just about business building in the community either.

Unworthy Men and Women

How do you build healthy relationships when you see yourself as broken and in need of a savior. Black women have this idea constantly pounded into them every Sunday. You NEED a man. You NEED a covering. If you don’t have a man marry Jesus.

So many women have been taught that their crowning achievement in life is to become “Mrs.” somebody. As if without a man she is less than a human being.

Depression is a major issue for black women in the church. These doctrines are a major factor. To top it off getting professional help is shunned, viewed as a weakness and separation from God who is “the great physician.”

Men who are taught as being sinners, broken and unworthy are unable to relate to a woman that is self-assured, conscious of her own right to be a sovereign individual, and self-assertive because she is a threat to his diminished self-esteem and “manhood.”

There is a direct link to the abuse of women in this country and church doctrines that teach men, women should be subservient to him. To a man with low self-esteem that is regularly affirmed in the name of being humble and Godly any women with high self-esteem is a threat to his already fragile psyche.

But, the connection of female abuse, in this country, and church doctrines is pretty much ignored in the black community. Women are abused every day and the church turns their head.

Toxic doctrines

People of the African diaspora hear me! As long as toxic religious church doctrines given to our slave ancestors and passed on to us are at the foundation of building ourselves and our communities, our businesses, and our relationships we will be ill-equipped to change the tide of destruction in our communities.

You cannot be at odds with the basic components of self-acceptance and build anything. You must FIRST build yourself and then the world around you will reflect that which is within.

You went through years of indoctrination and religious programming that lowered your self-esteem, so that means you will need to unlearn that programming to gain spiritual self-esteem.

Self-esteem is not a psychological issue, it is a spiritual process of empowerment. It is the goal of a spiritual life. You cannot afford to open the gateways of the higher realms of knowledge and wisdom if you don’t have the guts to listen. You cannot open up your intuitive skills if you have to run to others for permission.

And quiet as it is kept, you cannot read a book on courage and gain courage. You cannot read a book on self-esteem and gain self-esteem. You can only develop these things within yourself by going through the experiences and gaining the wisdom of their lessons.

We must get in touch with the spiritual system of our ancestors. What you now worship is a repackaged version of the knowledge and wisdom of ancient Africans. It was misunderstood. Believing in someone else’s understanding of this beautiful and empowering spiritual system is killing us from the inside out.

Stop teaching our children that they are broken, weak and in need of someone else’s strength.

Stop teaching them that they are unworthy in the eyes of God to be happy and healthy. It’s destroying them before they have had a chance to move through life!

We see the fruits of that message in the condition of our communities nationwide and worldwide.

Many great nations were built in Africa before colonialism. High Self-esteem, self-respect, and Self-efficacy was a major key to that success.

To continue holding on to toxic doctrines means that as a people we will succeed in spite of our beliefs not because of them. Those few that overcome this toxic mentality will be the heroic exceptions.

We cannot afford to leave our brand of religion unexamined any longer. Our survival depends on us being self-assertive, conscious, having high self-esteem, and believing that we are worthy of and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in this country and around the world.

These beliefs are killing us. But we have the power to insert a new set of beliefs. Trying to destroy Christianity should not be the goal. That is based on negative energy and by universal law, it cannot be unifying.

The goal should be the upliftment of humanity. It should be lifting the self-esteem of everyone you come in contact with whether in person and online. Too many of our Khemetic brothers and sisters do the opposite. They want to tear down Christianity and will tear down the Christian. That is a contradiction in the belief that they are trying to bring others to the light.

Insulting others must stop.

The only reason they do the insulting is that they don’t have enough information to truly educate themselves and others. Don’t let this be you. You can gain knowledge here. You can raise your spiritual esteem here at Khemetic Centered Living.

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