Ancient Egyptian origin of the son of man and son of God


The idea of Jesus being the son of man and the son of God originated in ancient Khemet/Egypt. It is universal principles personified and misrepresented by Christian fathers.

The letter /j/ did not exist in ancient languages. It is the last letter officially added to the English language only about 200 years ago. Because of this many ancient biblical connections can be hidden from your knowledge.

The name or sound of John did exist in ancient times. Etymologically John became An. Anpu (pronounced Un-poo) was the baptizer of Heru/Horus. Why is this important to know? It’s important to know the deeper universal meaning of being baptized. As a Christian, I learned one aspect of baptism wrapped in the story of Jesus.

The universal principle of perpetual renewal

Why was Jesus called the Son of man in one scripture and the son of God in another? It’s all based in understanding the significance of the baptism of Heru by Anpu “the baptizer” a.k.a. John the Baptist the baptizer of Jesus. Anpu was also the embalmer of Ausar. But that is another level of the mythology saved for another time.

The only way you are going to logically and intuitively connect this connect his like the ancestors did is to think like them symbolically and mythologically.

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Heru is not a god

First Heru/Horus is NOT a God. If you are being taught and told this anywhere it is flat out wrong! Heru is a NeTeR (NTR) or principle of NaTuRe). The now English word, NaTuRe was originated from the ancient African word NTR.

Heru/Horus IS the principle of perpetual renewal, NOT a god. The principle was simply personified in myth. Why is this important to know? It is critical in understanding the ancient Egyptian origin of the concepts of “son of man”, “son of God” and baptism.

John (An) preceded Jesus in birth right? John(An) was said to be the greatest born of a woman by Jesus, right? (Matthew 11:11) Why is this important? It is connected to astrology.

There is this weird verse in the book of John 3:30 where John says, “He (Jesus) must increase, but I must decrease.” If you look on a zodiac wheel you will see Virgo on one side and Pisces directly opposite.

As the constellation Virgo sinks below the horizon in the west (six months later) Pisces rises in the East. Hence he (Jesus) must increase and I must decrease. But, what the hell does that have to do with “son of man” and “son of God?”

Symbolic representations

This is why, “Son of man” is a symbolical representation of man being immersed in and born from water in the womb of a woman. It is the idea of being natural man. But, when transformed through or birthed through fire Jesus become a spiritualized representation of man or the Christ.

The baptism is the symbolical representation of being transform spiritually. In both instances, the principle of perpetual renewal was in place. Heru/Horus is the new born baby for the water and again the new born spirit from fire.

This was first mythological. As the Egyptian system developed it became eschatological. In the Eschatology Anpu (John) was born of a virgin (the earthly Virgo) and Jesus was born of the spirit (Pieces). Son of man and son of God.

Virgo represents the Earth birth and Pisces the Spiritual birth the begotten son of God. This will give you a deeper understanding of the Scripture Mathew 17:2, “There he was transfigured before them. His face shone like the sun, and his clothes became as white as the light.”

The bible scripture is a metaphor explaining a deeper spiritual concept and at the same time speaking of the S-U-N. It is how our African ancestors thought. They thought is metaphor and allegory, ALWAYS!

There is no way to understand the deeper levels of the bible unless you find out about its origins.

Practical application of son of man

As a Christian, we were taught that Jesus was an extra special case. He was unique. But that is the travesty of religious doctrines. It strips the universal aspects of the idea from humanity.

We are all born of a woman. It is universal! But we all go through our own personal fires that transform us. That is the essence of the concept of the son of man and the son of God.

When you go through a difficulty in life it is your fire that will transform you consciously in some way. Once you come through the difficulty and you learn something that changes your thinking and from it a behavior changes.

That is your baptism and transformation through fire. You were born from your mother in the womb. Life is the womb of spirit. You are born again or have a transformation of consciousness over and over. It doesn’t have to be a major change or transformation.

As you grow from childhood to a teenager, your thinking is transformed. As you grew from a teenager to an adult your thinking was transformed.

When you are heartbroken from a relationship break up and it causes you to make different choices that fire (the heartbreak) transforms you. It is the principle of Heru in action. You are a renewed consciousness.

The son of man and the son of God is universal and not from one special being. The bible has the framework preserved, but as in many cases, the literal and historical interpretation renders it useless in life.