Kemetic Science: The difference between practicing maa vs maat

If you have been taught that masculine and feminine equate to male and female then you miss the wisdom our ancestors were imparting to you. Knowledge is good, interpretation is ok, but when you gain wisdom your life changes in a big way. According to ancient tradition, the highest form of learning is wisdom which can only be gained through personal revelation.

That revelation only comes through life experiences. Not from the pages of any book.

This knowledge is so much more beautiful and powerful than simply gaining facts and trivia. You are a creator.


Maat implies questions that move beyond knowledge if you have a bunch of books, facts, dates, and trivia that you have been religiously accumulating to better yourself then you have you been unknowingly practicing Maa rather than Maat?

Hi, my name is Reginald Khu-akaru, founder of khemetic centered

Why should you pay attention to this screencast? [Below] Because you will get a deeper understanding of Maat that will help you learn the difference between gathering knowledge and integrating into your life the practice that our African ancestors called Maat.

In the Kemetic language adding a /t/ at the end of a word made it a feminine expression. Maa is the root word for maat. Maa is masculine and means to examine or physically perceive. You examine with your physical eyes.

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Maat is feminine, one meaning is truth. If maa means to physically examine, to perceive outwardly, then what does maa/t/ imply if you have been taught a basic meaning is truth?

I’m not asking you to interpret this idea. You probably have the knowledge of the interpretation of truth, righteousness and justice. That is practicing Maa. But, maat as a concept goes much deeper!

The symbolic representation of the neters was designed to bring something out of you, not to feed a prescribed message to you.

If you have been taught erroneously that masculine and feminine equate to male and female or man and woman then you are essentially locked out of the beautiful and powerful wisdom that our ancestors left for us.

Maat being a feminine expression is a key for you.

Having the knowledge of Maa and what it means in relation to Maat should start you on a journey.

The neter that is Maat should start you to ask questions like

Why is maat feminine, not a woman?

What is the meaning of the wings?

What does the feather on her head symbolize?

This is still at the knowledge level

It’s time to go deeper

By giving you the word maa, the root of Maat you get an idea of what it means as a masculine expression. Our ancestors designed these words, symbols, and myths. They were not arbitrary.

In order for you to obtain the knowledge, you have to understand the built-in clues, in the symbolism, to aid you to invoke wisdom, not a simple interpretation.

Our ancestors noted levels of learning, opinion [lowest level, this is where religious belief and faith reside], sense [intuition], knowledge [rational facts, traditions, etc.], and wisdom as the highest level of learning.

There is a difference in knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge is the foundation of wisdom but you have to go within to gain wisdom from your knowledge through life experiences.

Wisdom is defined as the inner contemplation of knowledge. That is the practice of maat! [wisdom combines sense and knowledge levels]

Maa the masculine expression means to examine or perceive with the physical eyes. That is what you do when accumulating facts. But, how do I know this?  Because I know that masculine is a functional equivalent of the ancient Kemetic symbolic language. Not a man.

Our ancestors are saying to you that figuring out your subjective, inner knowledge is TRUTH! Your truth!

How do I know that Maat is a practice and means so much more than truth, justice, and righteousness?

Because I know the clue of it being a feminine functional equivalent.

Our ancient African ancestors were masters at using natural symbols. They designed them like that for a reason.

If you know the definition of maat but have no clue about how it is practiced then you have knowledge, you have facts, but not the wisdom to apply the knowledge.

I don’t mean that as a slight to you. Because I know, that just like me, you were probably raised in religion where you were taught to learn scripture and lean not on your own understanding.

That’s bullshit!

Our ancestors left you knowledge to gain wisdom from your own understanding. It is your truth!

Masculine and feminine are functional Equivalents within Kemetic symbolism, not male, female or man, woman.

Why do you think the neters are always in pairs of masculine and feminine?

Because it is a clue to help you gain a deeper understanding and wisdom. Not just accumulate facts, dates, and trivia.

You don’t know what a functional equivalent is? Then it’s time for you to get deeper!

Knowledge alone can’t do that for you! Knowledge might uplift you, but wisdom empowers you!

If all you do is learn dates, facts, and interpretations, you are practicing Maa, not Maat!





Can you practically apply Kemetic knowledge?

Kemetic knowledge from our ancestors was based on principles that never changed, not rules (like Christianity).  One of the basic Kemetic principles was/is that our outer experience is generated from within.

This is a deeply philosophical existential idea. In other words, humankind has pondered how did God and the universe come into existence?  How did the creator create? Based on the philosophical answer to this question it has been surmised since antiquity that we are essentially mirrors of the creator.

Egyptian teaching passed down through the Greek Hermetic traditions states the all as this:

The Kybalion
What is the all?

Basically, the philosophical idea states nothing can exist outside of the All. If ANYTHING existed outside of the All then it is not the ALL. Everything that exists is created from within the All. The “mind” of the All is where all creation begins and ends. This “Mind” of the all is metaphorically speaking of course. Point being the All is ALL and everything in existence is the All in a different form.

Kemetic knowledge says the universe is a reflection of the essence of the All.

Kemetic Knowledge
God is

Since humans mirror the All then your YOUniverse is created from your mind. According to Kemetic knowledge and wisdom, your reality or YOUniverse is created from within you. Just as the All created, as an aspect of the all you create the same way.  Life is a reflection of your essence.


New skills and mindset will be needed

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According to Kemetic Knowledge, the outer experience is symbolic of our inner experience. The same inner experience can be symbolized in different ways depending on the person. Different people are different aspects of the All. Each individual is the All in a different form. Each individual can, therefore, be thought of as a symbol representing the All.

Each experience is symbolic of the All. It’s simply the all in a different form. It’s an experience instead of a person or a thing. An internal emotion is an experience. But it IS the All in a different form. Underneath any emotion is the principle that it represents as a form of the All.

For example, a man that “feels” he is unattractive due to his financial status and a women that “feels” she is unattractive because of her weight are symbols of the same underlying principle of “feeling” unattractive. But, what is the underlying principle? The answer is one word. The word is the essence of all things in existence. Be it a thought or an animal. The underlying principle is vibration. It is how they feel about who they are. Human emotions are the representation of universal vibration within the physical body.

Our ancestors invoked the power of the neters to empower them to create an experience.

Kemetic Neters
Neters are mathematical principles

It will teach you the basics of the Kemetic Sciences. You will get a basic understanding of the practical use of metaphysical principles.

You have been to many web sites that you gain knowledge and information from. But, Knowledge and wisdom are two different levels of learning.  As a Christian, I could memorize many Scriptures. However, the ability to recite the scripture did very little in terms of knowing how it could be practically applied in my life.

The truth is, without knowing it, anyone that has ever been Christian was attempting to practice Khemetic wisdom. But was doing so superstitiously without the foundation of the actual knowledge from the ancients. Christianity and the bible are based on a fringe aspect of ancient Khemetic spiritual science.

Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge. Wisdom is what you use to navigate through life. Wisdom is gained through personal experience. It is how the soul learns. The Greeks called this inner contemplation Sophia. They got the idea from the ancient Egyptians concept of Maat.

Both Sophia and Maat are represented symbolically as feminine. It is a clue to how anyone, be they male or female acquires wisdom. The Kemetic symbolism will help you gain insight from your own well of wisdom.

In my e-course, you will be given a foundation to help you gain insight. Our ancestors communicated ideas in a way that invoked insight rather than give you something to interpret.

An interpretation means there is a fixed agreed upon meaning that you are to accept.

Our ancestors did not communicate ideas in this way. They communicated with myths and symbols in a way that inspired your individualized insight. It made the knowledge unique and personalized for you. In other words, wisdom was gained.

Remembering a bunch of facts can be satisfying for those of us that love to learn. But, when it comes to nourishing your soul there must be a level of inspiration involved that just gaining facts can never produce within.

At Khemetic centered living it is about giving you the tools to live authentically and unapologetically you.

Namaste (the divine in me, recognizes the divine in you)

Reginald Khu-Ahkaru