The lower self-confidence the lower the ability to determine value

The lower self-confidence the lower the ability to determine value.
Those who know the cost of everything but the value of nothing.
When you think about its value is something that is totally subjective. A person that does not have the ability to evaluate the worth of something for themselves has a difficult time in areas that don’t have set prices.

These types of people if they have ever considered it, find investing is say real estate a very difficult proposition.

A set price means that everyone else is paying the same thing. Therefore you know the cost of it relative to what everyone else is paying. For a person with low self-esteem, price brings them comfort. How would you feel about yourself if you ended up paying more for something than everyone else? Probably not too good.

That person would feel cheated in some way.

Because they are unable to determine the value of something for themselves they feel good that everyone else is paying the same price.


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As long as everyone else gets the same price they feel safe in their assessment because everyone else got the same deal. They won’t feel cheated or like that made a mistake if they didn’t pay the same price.

But consider this mindset as one that is prevalent to people that lack self-esteem. They don’t have the confidence to determine the value for themselves. They need the outside validation that the crowd offers.

This mindset is important to understand because it is a tip of the iceberg sample of a person’s inner workings. It shows up in other areas of life. for example, a person that has this price mentality isn’t comfortable with investing in something like stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency, and other endeavors that take independent evaluation that sometimes may go against the crowd.

For a person with low self-esteem, there is safety in fitting in with everyone. Being different may mean that others will not like you for some reason. Them liking you or not becomes the basis of which self is evaluated. A thumbs up from others means you are good. A thumbs down means that you need to prove yourself to them.

A low self-esteem person seeks approval

With investing, going along with the crowd can be the difference in making a lot of money or losing it. As an investor, you have to evaluate investments and get in on them early before the crowd realizes its a good investment. That means you would have to analyze and evaluate on your own without the approval of others in the form of a set price.

This type of mentality can be seen in the dating world. I have often times heard women say that if a man is single, then there must be something wrong with him. That means if he is not with someone else, then he can’t be valuable. If no one else wants him then why should she want him?

That’s a woman that has a price mentality. Unless someone else validates the man for her by being with him then she can’t assess the qualities of the man for herself. She doesn’t have the confidence that she can be right about a man regardless of if he is with another woman or not.

The point being that confidence in yourself is a major key to taking a calculated risk. Risks like starting a business and being confident enough to weather the storms and the up and downs of a startup when it may seem that no one agrees with the value of what you offer as a product or service.

If no one is buying does that mean something is wrong with your product or have you not expressed the benefits to them in a way that they understand the value of what you have? If you are not confident in what you offer then a lack of purchases says your product is sub-par, when in reality it may be your offer.

Those with low self-esteem struggle with independent thinking. As a said, it carries over into many areas of life. With learning Khemetic wisdom you will gain the ability to build your self-confidence from the inside out. whereas with Christianity, you were taught ideas of being unworthy and worthless in the eyes of God.

You must learn why you are a god/goddess which is valuable and worthy of all.

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