The power of faith and prayer from the ancient African paradigm

Prayer was never meant to ask for God’s favor, it was to summon the power of the universe within

You’ve been taught that that faith is accepting the word of authority without question. In ancient Africa faith was knowing the power of the Neters and connecting to them through the natural laws of the universe.

It was summoning a power they knew that was within them
There was a subtle difference in believing you were separate and different from God and therefore have a need to worship him and ask for his favor than knowing all that you are is the human form of it having the ability to summon your power from within

The cameras and the Internet are symbolic of our abilities as spiritual beings to connect with each other without filters and pretense. Many whites have been able to close their eyes literally and figuratively their third eye that connects all of us

But now the symbols of the oppressive system of racism and its affects are coming to them live and in color

Many whites are having to deal with their white privilege in a way that that they never considered.

They are coming face to face with their own limitations in realizing that they are not the superior race that the systems created by their ancestors have been and are destructive to the human race.
The first and most unconscious reaction is to deny the gifts of white privilege and attack and those most affected

POC including Africans in America first belief to right this wrong is to get them to admit they are racist. It won’t work. No normally functioning human being wants to think of themselves as evil, bad, defective or taking part in a system that hurt others.

Just like a womanizer with the Playas code, “they will deny till they die’
The people that blindly follow trump are not the norm for Americans. As Africans in America it is easy for us abdicate our power to those that are representative of the system that is hurting us.

The truth is most whites don’t agree with trump and his followers.
The point being that we spend too much time trying to convince the whites that gravitate towards trump and live in fear of an inclusive America rather than connect with those that are of like mind

Why is that? Is it because deep down their is a feeling that the only way black people’s lives will get better is through the change of racists?


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