Three misconceptions of ancient Egyptian spiritual system

Because of misinformation, the belief is that ancient Egyptians were polytheistic or believed in many gods.

A huge misconception is the ancient Egyptian Neters were worshiped as gods.

Another misconception is that different creator Gods came into prominence because one group or cult won out over the other. For example, the Neters of Ra, Atum, and Ptah are the main Gods of different cults in ancient Egypt.

“it has been thought originally that each nome (state) had been a small independent state withi its own Theological system. In the struggle between these states, victory of one over the other was thought to have resulted in the supremacy of the victorious Neter… Proof of this theory is that Atum, the Heliopolitan Neter, was consdidered the supreme Neter of the Ancient Empire. Of course there exists a fact contradictory to this intepretation; Ptah of Memphis is at the same time the the supreme Neter of creation.” Egyptologist R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz, Sacred Science p. 83-84


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