Top 10 Terrifying Religious Emotions That Destroy Personal And Spiritual Esteem

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You went through years of indoctrination and religious programming that lowered your self-esteem, so it should make sense you will need to unlearn that programming in order to raise your personal and spiritual self-esteem.

What is spiritual Self-Esteem?

What I mean by that is this: Spiritual Self-Esteem is more than just a psychological issue. It is the core foundation of who you are as a spiritual being having a human experience.  It is a spiritual process of empowerment that is based on you having the confidence to listen to YOUR spirits calls and pushes on the path of finding your purpose and calling.

Book six pillars of self-esteem

Lack of personal spiritual self-esteem is a Crisis

Lack of spiritual self-esteem is a crisis that Christian indoctrination has caused. I don't mean that as an attack on Christianity.  But the fact is that erroneous ideas like Original Sin, Total Depravity, damnation to hell for not believing, are attacks on the human psyche that strip you of spiritual and personal self-esteem.  They are toxic teachings that at first demand compliance from the believer but ultimately causes the destruction of esteem to you individually and to humanity collectively.

Spiritual self-esteem is a term I use to help you understand what the basic foundation of my work is about. Spiritual Self-esteem is not a psychological issue, it is a spiritual process of empowerment. It is the goal of a spiritual life. It is about learning to trust your inner guidance. You may have been taught the spirituality and religion are the same. Therefore, you may have the view that living spiritual involves many restrictions. In this way, spirituality is the exact opposite of religion.

Spirituality is about expansion, not restriction. Think about it this way with a big existential question. Was there anyone or anything that put restrictions on what God could not create or could not do.

You cannot open a gateway to your higher consciousness and accepts its guidance if you don’t have the courage and trust to listen.

You cannot tune into you own intuitive calls if you have to run to others for permission. Religious conditioning destroys that individualized trust and forces you to give up experience that is unique to you. It was by design.

Why was Christianity developed in a way that is adversarial to one having high esteem for self?

Why was the Christian religion designed to make you distrust your own inner guidance and to make you spiritually "weak?" It’s a simple answer really. A person that has high esteem for themselves will ask questions of the people and institutions they are a part of.

They will demand accountability of those institutions and its leaders. Often times that type of person will ask one simple question that will make power hungry individual shake when the person in power wants compliance and subordinated individuals to think a certain way or act a certain way. That question is WHY? Those type of persons are dangerous to any institution that feels it needs to have compliance in order to maintain control.

It is well documented the in the early stages of Christianity its leaders preferred people that would take what they said on faith and never question them. They said those were the best and most loyal Christians.

Book cover quote historic Christianity

Historic Christianity was based upon faith without that knowledge {knowledge of the origin of the bible mythology}, and those who knew the least were actually considered and designated the better believers

Gerald Massey

Christian fathers saw anyone that followere their own guidance as a threat to papal authority

Book quote Gnostic Gospels

They also called anyone that followed their own inner guidance a heretic and should not be trusted because ultimately they were a danger to the authority of the Catholic Church since Communication with God was accessible only through the Catholic Church. because no one in modern times or at the advent of Christianity had access to Jesus.

book quote gnostic gospel

That meant that anyone who claimed to have gained wisdom directly from God was not a part of the Church structure and a threat.

This meant that over the centuries Christianity made edicts a rules that Christians had to follow that essentially despiritualized the religion. What I mean by despiritualization is that tuning into your own inner soul level guidance was basically forbidden. If you didn’t adhere to the prescribed guidelines your relationship to God and your salvation were in peril.

The following emotions are just a few of them that are born out doctrinal development over centuries and the subsequent conditioning of believers and even non-believers that were part of a dominant Christian society.

Having confidence and high self-esteem in your own inner guidance is a must for spiritual development and personal development, but a threat to the structure and hierarchy of religion.

So here are the top 10 most terrifying emotions and reason people feel them for Christians leaving religion behind:

  • 1. Panic attacks: Because now you are “in the world” with no support and in fear of damnation and going to hell.
  • 2. Anger and Bitterness: for feeling duped and once people reject and shun you, hurt and then anger can set in.  
  • 3. Discomfort with Sexuality: this is especially true for women because society has taught that virgins are highly value. You feel shame for doing something wrong and guilt for getting caught up and letting it happen, this one can linger well past leaving Christianity
  • 4. rupture of family and social network: See number reason number 2, you had a one stop shop for meeting all your major needs – other believers (social), a coherent world view, serving God as your life’s direction, structured activities like bible study, and emotional satisfaction
  • 5. Loneliness: Again see numbers 2 and 4, this is tied to losing your social network, friends, and family because Christianity teaches you to shun non-believers.
  • 6. Depression: For many reasons It is traumatic and a complete upheaval of their world
  • 7. Feelings of grief and loss over losing Jesus: Many people report that they feel like they have lost a friend in Jesus, this can be one of the reasons for depression
  • 8. Shame and Guilt: Shame is when you feel responsible for doing something wrong, like allowing yourself to be swayed by other ideas that go against Christian doctrines. Guilt is when you feel remorseful for doing something wrong and deserving of blame. These are number two and three of the most used and abused emotions that religion uses to control people. Fear is number one
  • 9. confusion and internal conflict: this occurs because you will have a question in the back of your mind for a long time until you gather enough information, that question is, What if they are right? They are not, and when you begin learning the science that these ideas originated from many of the doctrines will become illogical and idiotic
  • 10. Low self-worth: This is another one that sticks with you well after leaving Christianity if you remain unaware of it because Christianity teaches that in relation to God you are absolutely nothing but a wretch. This is a direct opposite of the original teachings that says you are a god/goddess. Where Christianity beats you down with fear, guilt, and shame the true teachings lifted you up with joy, inspiration, and exultation. You will find that the spiritual truths are so much more powerful, consistent, and clear compared to religion.

How does Christianity rob you of Self-esteem?

This is the thing that too many struggle to grasp when it comes to religion and spirituality. Religion basically removes the need for you to think for yourself. You just learn the rules, follow, and have “faith” that what you have been taught is the truth and all you need to know. But the problem is that it costs you a basic component that you must have as a spirit creating itself in flesh. That component is esteem. Esteem means to have high regard for something or someone.

A basic component of any confident person is having high esteem for self. Religion has taught us that pride is not only a sin, but one of the seven deadly sins. Most of us in western societies struggle with complementing ourselves or saying something good about who we are as a person. The foundation of that inner conflict is based in the mores of our society and religious conditioning.

Self-esteem is not just psychological

Self-esteem is not a psychological issue; it is a spiritual process of empowerment. It is the goal of a spiritual life. You cannot open gateways to the higher self and the higher spiritual realms if you don’t have the guts to listen and allow yourself to be guided by it through the unknown.

You cannot develop the ability to trust your own guidance if you have to ask for permission from the church, the pastor, or any other individuals or entities outside yourself. Religion creates doubt and confusion. It puts you in the position of self-loathing and contempt for you as a physical being that is "weak" and in need of another's strength to lift you up.

When you lack self-esteem it affects all areas of your life!

Book quote from six pillars of self-esteem

A basic component of religion robbing self-esteem is that they don’t have the ability to build solid relationships. Religion paints anyone outside of their belief system as an adversary. Adversaries become enemies. Enemies become combatants, and combatants can be extinguished in the name of "my God." This is not always in a literal sense. Because you can kill relationships and not have the ability to learn to cope with people that may have a different opinion about life or a different lifestyle.

When we have negative expectations about our relationships barriers to successful loving relationships are automatically set up. We develop toxic ways in dealing with relationships. As Christians often times we can feel rightcheous in a situation and believe the other person should change. Not only that, but we can pray that Jesus helps change THEM. 

You can only gain wisdom experientially

As a spiritual being you must experience life and all aspects of it so that you grow through wisdom. The ancient Khemites taught that experience is the only path to wisdom. Wisdom is the inner contemplation of knowledge. The Greeks called is Gnosis or Sophia. The ancient Kemites called it Ma'at. That knowledge comes through your personal experience and the revelations that experience brings. One cannot gain the belief in self and raise self-esteem without experiencing the trials and tribulations of life.

You will not gain courage by reading a book about it. The ancient Egyptians taught that true wisdom only comes via revelation.

Book Quote Egyptian Miracle

That’s why the idea of simply spreading book knowledge and facts are not enough. Just reading scripture is not enough. One must have the courage to step into the unknown and be guided by the higher self. The unknown can be scary before you learn to trust and have “spiritual faith” (not religious faith). To a person with low self-esteem it may as well be an impenetrable wall or fortress because they will not have the courage to test it out.

That is what true spirituality is about. It is the ability to recognize your own inner connection to the Universe and having the courage to walk into your unique experience. Religion wants to dictate your experience, name your experience, quantify your experience and if those rules don’t fit your way of being then you are defined as broken, unworthy, a sinner, and with the inability to follow God.

YOU become the problem, not the ill-fitting box they constructed. Religion literally creates low self-esteem by attacking the authentic and unique expression of the creator that you are.

For early church fathers, anyone that claimed Gnosis or knowing (their own inner wisdom) believed they were more wise than the bishops of the church. So that idea could not be tolerated.

Book quote gnostic gospels

As a spiritual being you are more powerful than you were ever taught!

You are a powerful creator. But you have to be able to trust your unique path and walk your path in the way that lights up your soul through joy and inspiration.

All ten of the difficulties will automatically put you at odds with gaining the self-esteem and trust needed to walk your path. They are tools of religion that will keep you in a low vibrational state and disconnected from your higher self.

Book quote from Historic Christianity

The above quote from Gerald Massey is not meant to be an insult to Christians. But, Christianity was first meant to be used as a basic level of spiritual science that could be used to help guide others into the more advanced concepts. But even in antiquity people that criticized the Christian fathers said basically the same thing as Gerald Massey. That was that Christianity kept people limited spiritually.

Christianity was never supposed to be the ultimate level of spiritual ascendance.

It is the Khemetic system that Christianity branched off from. Only through it will you have to ability to fact-check Christianity and learn what true spirituality was meant to be. The principles, myths, and formulas are about understanding energy and how it shapes our lives and our reality. The principles are about the essence of the universe. Whereas the events taught as history in the bible were for a specific people and era the universal principles are timeless.

Free yourself. Fact-Check that old belief system. Developing that confidence and self-esteem will help you raise your consciousness, your vibration, and evolve into a creator god/goddess. As a spiritual being you are the seed for anything that is possible in the Universe.

Ultimate guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System

That's what my course the ultimate guide to the Egyptian spiritual system will give you. A foundation for accessing your full potential. It will unravel the foundation your old Christian beliefs were built on. It will help you to unlearn Christian doctrines that attack the essence of your soul like “original sin” and “total depravity” and replace them with beliefs that will allow you to expand in the direction of your choosing.

You will gain knowledge of how the doctrines changed and why. You will need this background knowledge in order to make the logical transition from what often times are illogical religious doctrines.

You don’t have to live with the fear and anxiety. Only through study and education will you grow beyond the psychological conditioning.

The next move it up to you now. You can keep trying to piece it all together from different sources or do it here with one stop that is documented and researched so you can quickly and efficiently fact-check for yourself learn and expand. You don’t have to stay stuck in the religious box built for you by unwitting and selfish men hell bent on gaining power and control over the masses.

We live in a wondrous Universe that is waiting for creators to explore and create! But you can’t do it if you are fearful and lack self-esteem.

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