YOU can MASTER the ANCIENT EGYPTIAN SPIRITUAL SCIENCE AND teach others how to overcome negative religious mental programing 

For you that chooses to teach one and help them gain clarity to live their purpose and uplift humanity

Who will find the most value in this program:

  • You are beginning your journey as a teacher and quest of learning Khemetic science with a passion to help others but feel frustrated and confused with all the disconnected content and different voices "teaching" this knowledge
  • You are a person that has a passion to KNOW, LIVE, and APPLY spiritual wisdom in your daily life but have found teachings with little substance or the depth you need to grasp and develop YOUR inner wisdom
  • You are Christian with questions, doubts, and have a fear being left without anything to believe in
  • You are an Ex-Christian with questions and feeling angry that you were duped but have nowhere to turn for finding good reliable resources to answer your questions
  • You are open minded and enjoy thought provoking information to expand your consciousness
  • You can recognize the value of a teacher with wisdom to help you correct and tune your mentality just as you value a mechanic to correct and tune your car
  • If any or all of the above fit you then continue to read on, you've found what  you have been waiting for

Who will NOT find value in this program:

  • you are a person that does not value or care about connected frameworks and systems for deep learning and understanding
  • You are a person that is not yet confident enough to assess value as opposed to cost
  • You are ok with accepting, regurgitated, disconnected, information from bad teachers because you assume you are the problem for not understanding and not bad teaching
  • You are a person that only wants superficial facts and trivia so you can impress others with your "knowledge" therefore you attack and berate others that are not as "woke" as you are
  • You are a Christian that prefers living with anxiety, uncertainty, and the apparent safety of blind faith and religion over a true spiritual system that will empower you through the freedom of discovering the most intimate and powerful aspect of your being
  • You find comfort and safety in being told how and what to think
  • You are close minded and believe this knowledge is only for certain groups
  • If any or all of the above fit you then you have no need to read further

Did you know that the ancient Egyptian spiritual system is the origin of Christianity?

It's true! it's documented. But why is this important to know? Because by default when gaining the knowledge of Egyptian spiritual system you will expose a mental condition that keeps those that were ever a part of Christianity and its teachings to live life feeling guilty about being human, ashamed of doing what is natural, and living with fear of failure that keeps you trapped in a life you hope will change but feeling powerless to do so!

I am an ex-Christian recovering from Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome (more on what this syndrome is later). It's impossible to be indoctrinated by the religion of Christianity and not be psychologically scared in some way.

The only way that people continue to accept living with the conflicts and confusion of Christianity is because its normalized by so many living that same way with its Mental Legacy. Not only that, your own ability to critically think is condemned and brought under attack if you don't accept ideas with blind faith. That means suppressing your own rational thought process.

If you can't accept it through faith and suspending your rational mind, then the ultimate step is to recognize that something is faulty with you!

As a Christian you are not allowed to consider that the system is faulty. It is truly a system of mind control that is obviously with you while in it. But what most people don't realize is how it keeps affecting you for many many years if you don't recognize its mental legacy.

I am still unraveling the Religious Mental Legacy of  Christianity, I was taught that without God I am nothing and not worthy of any joy in life. It was always pounded into me that I needed to believe and accept Jesus. If I didn’t I would burn in hell for eternity. The contradictory message that most of us had to accept is that Jesus would save us but we are barely worth saving. If you were in a relationship would you accept someone giving you daily messages like that? Of course not!

This type of teaching is toxic! Christianity twisted the original teachings. I was taught no matter how good and upstanding a person I was I would burn in hell for not accepting Jesus as my savior. That really bothered me. I wondered about all the other religions that didn’t believe in Jesus. He became an impossible standard to reach.

I basically lived for years with anxiety and feeling like I was never good enough or worthy!

I was so fed up at one point, I decided to be an atheist. It was a total rebellion against all the anxiety and toxicity. But even during that time in the back of my mind I wondered if Christians were right? I would still have the gnawing feeling of anxiety for a long time. Until through much diligence and a lot of years of research I found the answers to the questions I was never supposed to ask.

Questions like:

 is Jesus really God?

Did Jesus ever really live?

Is there really an eternal hell that God would send me to with no possibility of redemption?

I finally backed into the religious answers. I say backed into them because by the time I did find them I wasn’t really looking or asking those question anymore. Just through logic and study I decided that the ideas I had been taught were just not rational. But I still hadn't realized the grip religion still had on me.

The journey to finding the answers and removing the Religious Mental Legacy started with the movie “The Secret.” The law of attraction was a fascinating concept! But, it was fascinating because it confirmed a number of ideas I intuitively felt and practiced.

But, me being a natural skeptic, it still seemed a little too simple. In the movie they said the ideas were ancient. After exiting Christianity, I no longer simply accepted what people in authority told me. That’s one of the reasons I started to question religion in the first place because I was taught to simply accept, without question, what people "in-the-know" said. I wasn't going to do the same thing with the gurus in the secret.

I was fascinated to find that 5,000 year old writings contained biblical scriptures almost word for word AND expressed the law of attraction!

In the movie the secret it was said that the concepts of the law of attraction were ancient. If the law of attraction was an ancient idea, then how ancient and from where? I wanted to get to the source teachings and learn the essence of these ideas for myself, so I could understand them at their essence rather than simply following rules that somebody else taught me.

The origins of The law of attraction is in ancient Africa

Because of my training as a school teacher I recognize ideas conceptually no matter how they may be worded. I had to do that in order to teach ideas in different ways to my students. In teacher language it was called differentiation

I had realized that the golden rule of, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" was conceptually stating the same thing as the law of attraction concept of "what you put out is what you get back." In other words, if you treat others good, then good will be returned to you. It wasn't just about human interaction, it also had a metaphysical component also.

I realized it biblically in Matthew 7:1-2 (NIV) which stated "Do not Judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." On the surface its about interactions with others. But through understanding the ancient African paradigm I recognized it as a universal law! But as a Christian I was only taught about the human interaction aspect. But they also were conceptually metaphysical ideas taught as the Law of Attraction.

Because I was so immersed in Toxic Christianity I really missed this universal application because I was thinking in terms of a human like God judging me and others. But the truth is that through my research into the Egyptian spiritual system I have found all kinds of hidden connections like these. I say hidden because if you are only taught through the lens of Toxic Christianity the universal application of these ideas are locked to you.

The Egyptian Book of The Dead is one of the oldest religious texts on the planet. It's contents is actually the subject of the four gospels. I knew that on some level the bible had deeper meaning than how I was taught it being a literal and historical document. The more I studied the mystery system the more it was revealed that many of the scriptures, stories, and Law of Attraction were concepts connected to ancient Egypt.

One of those scriptures was John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." While studying about The Egyptian Book of The Dead I ran across John 1:1 almost verbatim. In The Egyptian Book of The Dead, Ra stated: "I am Ra... I am the eternal... I am the Word... I created the Word."

Whoa! I had already figured out that the "Word" was a metaphor for vibration. How could that be? Think about it! In ancient times they wouldn't use the same words and phrases that we do today. But many concepts are still the same. On top of that is the idea of how the ancient Africans communicated in symbolic terms. Because I discovered the ancient African connections, I knew the bible was metaphorically speaking about vibration when it said the "Word" created. It’s really hammered home when you realize that the ancient Egyptian language was based on exact pronunciation of words based on their vibration.

The ancients knew that everything in the universe vibrated, just like we do. So how would they express that idea? Well, through study, I also know that the ancients used myth, metaphor, and symbols to express deeper concepts that words couldn't. So how would the ancient Africans express the idea that the universe is vibration?

This is how, what do the vocal cords have to do to even produce a word? They must vibrate!

So 5'000 years ago in the Egyptian book of the Dead they were stating that sound created the Universe! That was 3,000 years before the bible! Once I made that connection I was hooked! I realized they knew something about the Idea of the Law of Attraction, I had to find out what else these ancient Africans knew.

What I surmised was there were concepts that ran deeper than the words. As I studied, my teacher brain began to uncover so many ideas in the bible from the ancient Egyptian text that were hidden from me when only reading the bible as a historical document.

Further Study has revealed that the ancient Egyptians we very advanced in their knowledge of astronomy, earth science, biology, EVEN ASTROPHYSICS! Yaaas, I know it may seem incredible, but only because we operate from some biases in our modern-day thinking.

In his book, Serpent In The Sky, Egyptologist John Anthony West stated biases in western thought:

  • there is much data coming forth that our ideas of linear progression of civilization from simple to complex is not correct.
  • Our ideas that all ancient civilizations being primitive and ignorant compared to today is also incorrect.
  • Based on the data now being collected about ancient texts and our scientific advancements we are finding parallels to our modern science in ancient society.

It seems the more we uncover scientifically the more we find in ancient times they already knew.

For example, today we would state a law of attraction concept in this way, "thoughts become things." Scientifically this was proven via the double slit experiment in the 1920’s. Our perception is what creates our reality and our experience of it.

The same idea is stated scientifically as; “the observer collapsed the wave function of infinite probabilities.” Conceptually that means the daily experience of life is one that is realized from an infinite number of possibilities as part of the fabric of space-time. 

In ancient times the same scientific concept was stated, “as a man thinketh so is he...” In other words, what you think will be reflected back to you. Your thoughts will be projected as the things in your life. They stated it more succinctly. They even represented the ideas symbolically in their hieroglyphs and their myths. The glyph and myth of Osiris is a prime example of complex ideas expressed in simple but elegant ways.

Each of those statements have even deeper and more profound implications. Those implications go beyond our logical mind to a place that we simply "feel" that infinite implication that words can't often express.

That "feeling" is the place where spirituality lies within us all. These implications that are not able to be quantified via experience or rationally through language is what the religions and sacred scriptures are expressing in very succinct ways. But it is only the most basic layer of knowledge.

What I found was that the entire Egyptian civilization was run on a very basic concept that we accept scientifically today. They have left us clues to discover the deeper aspects within ourselves and humanity through the myths and symbolism.

The ancient Egyptians had the understanding that within mankind is the entire universe. That concept is where the bible says that we are "made in the image of God." But the Greek Gnostics and then the Christians got off track. Through Greek deviations, mankind became something different than its creator and through practice accepted by Toxic Christianity.

Toxic Christianity began to teach ideas that went astray from the original teachings. In the estimation of Toxic Christianity, the creator was good, but mankind was inherently defective and evil. Society has suffered because of those ideas for centuries. The original teachings didn't have anything close to that negative thought process.

You don't have to throw everything away that you learned as a Christian and start completely over!

The Ancient Egyptians knew that at it essence the universe was vibration and that we are a product of that essence. As a matter of fact they believed that mankind was the ultimate representation of the creator in nature. In actuality they would say that we are more than an image.

De Lubicz stating the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Egyptians would say that we are the creator in human form. In other words, the essence of the universe is vibration and we are an aspect of the universe.

What I ended up recognizing conceptually was that after taking the Toxic Christianity cover off of the bible that it can be a useful tool to confirm a lot of what the ancient Egyptians were teaching. That means that I don't have to throw everything away that I learned as a Christian and start over! 


The scary part for so many that start to question Christianity is what will I be left with if I leave Christianity?

But what you will find is the deeper you know this knowledge the more spiritually connected you become without the dogma. In other words, the truth is more powerful than the lie.

I know that last sentence may be a bit strong.  However, its backed up with thousands of years of data and experience before Christianity was ever conceived by the Roman Catholic Church.

Hidden Khemetic Knowledge in the bible


There are so many Biblical Connections to ancient Egypt that will remain hidden unless you know the underlying framework and how systematically the Egyptian Neters (erroneously called gods) fit and function together.

Just a few examples of bible connections to Egyptian Neters:

  • Virgin Mary and Joseph
  • Any other woman named Mary
  • John
  • Lazarus
  • Martha
  • Peter
  • Satan
  • Matthew
  • Jesus

There a many more references to actions and events in the bible that are mythological and allegorical references to the Neters that were passed down over thousands of years. Even in modern times we give meaning to inanimate objects through poetry and song. For example, Singer Bill Withers would state in one of his songs, "ain't no sunshine when she's gone, only darkness every day"; Stevie Wonder would say, "you are the sunshine of my life." These are metaphorical references equating the sun or lack of sun with emotional states. The ancient Africans would do the same thing with Neters.

Sometimes they would personify certain aspects of Neters. These ideas often times became personages and even miracles in the bible.

For example:

  • Jesus born in Bethlehem is actually the function of a Neter
  • Jesus washing the feet of his disciples
  • John Baptizing Jesus is the function of an Egyptian Neter
  • Lazarus being raised from the dead is Egyptian myth and the function of Neters
  • Mary being the first to see Jesus resurrected from the tomb is the function of a feminine Neter
  • Mary washing the feet of Jesus
  • Joseph the "earth" father of Jesus Is part of the framework of ancient Khemetic cosmology
  • Jesus walking on the water is actually a natural phenomenon or aspect of a Neter

The essence of all of them are aspects of Egyptian Neters poeticized, personified, made metaphors, and allegories.

The ability to fact check this information as stated before was hidden in the hieroglyphs and temple was in ancient Egypt. They will remain hidden for those that don't know the underlying framework.

Finding good sources for this information was so frustrating! 

Like many you may have been introduced to this knowledge through social media. It seemed that everyone was an authority based on the memes they were sharing. and best of all it was free! I didn't have to spend any money. I would often times ask questions but could get no satisfactory answers beyond what they shared on the memes.

It felt to much like my in-the-know Christians! When I was young and had questions they couldn't answer, I got, "God doesn't want you to know that." (LOL)

What I found was that the free knowledge was so often off base that what I saved in money cost me countless hours trying to unravel so much misinformation. I got bits and pieces of information that were useless for practical life application. It wasted my time and time is money. Not to mention the aggravation and frustration I endured having to work through all the confusion.

I watched youtube videos of "teachers" doing what simply amounted to reading from the book. But, I knew that only because I had read the book. It was a waste of time for me. I completely understand that when you don't know anything, something is better than nothing. I was hungry so I dived into everything. Unfortunately, I found most of it a waste of time.

Even many of the websites that were said to be teaching Egyptian/Khemetic knowledge just simply passed along what I found to be regurgitated misinformation like:

"Ra is a sun god." Not having any Idea how deep and useful the idea of Ra is for practical life application!

"Atum as a sun god," Not having any idea how Atum connects to the biblical Genesis and Adam and Eve. When you reveal the Ancient Egyptian science then what was being taught as Toxic Christianity concepts like "The Fall" are automatically exposed as false teaching in major error! How many people accept the idea that mankind is inherently evil? Only Christians that accept that toxicity will believe such a terrible idea and live believing that themselves, their family, and humanity is a defect!

The misinformation extended to the idea that Amen, Ptah, and Ra were the gods at the top of the food chain (paraphrasing) depending on who was in power. Never understanding how they are actually connected and a very nuanced explanation of the Godhead.

That Osiris was "god of the underworld." Not understanding Osiris is not a god but a "Neter" in the ancient Egyptian spiritual system. Understanding the difference between a god and a Neter will absolutely rip the cover off of the bible and blow up the Christian stories that became toxic and fear based, to reveal a deeper spiritual science beyond superstition. You will see the empowering difference between KRST and the debilitating concept of Jesus.

These misinformed ideas is what most people are passing around that was so frustrating in learning this knowledge.

The meme culture became a wall of confusion and frustration for me.

Have you been frustrated too?

Because I am a school teacher, I realized that the way most people shared this knowledge wasn't conducive to retaining the information, let alone use it for any type of practical life application.

I began to wonder if this knowledge had any kind of rhyme or reason?

Was there a system to it?

The The Egyptian Book of the dead was not helpful

Like so many people I eagerly read The Egyptian Book Of The Dead (BOTD) thinking that it would give me insight into the practical workings of the spiritual system. But I quickly realized that it was a compilation of fragments that didn't present a systematic view of Egyptian spirituality. Reading it satisfied some curiosity but was not very helpful for learning the framework.

No contemporary books laid out the whole Khemetic Spiritual system

What I found was there were no contemporary books or courses that really laid out the system as a whole. What we have today are many fragments of this system from as far back as 10, 000 years or more. Over that period of time ideas developed. The theology developed. As it developed new ideas would be incorporated.

Most people erroneously focused on the historic periods

Most people would focus on the dates and historic periods believing it was a key to understanding different aspects of the spiritual system. This is not true. The development of the system was consistent over many thousands of years. The ideas that the eras were so important is why so many teach that the "Neters" Amen, Ra, and Ptah were at the top of the "food chain" depending on which Pharaoh was in power. It's just flat out wrong!

There was a logical coherent system to follow that people couldn't grasp 

The Pharaohs didn't take on different names of deities because a cult became more powerful at the time. It was because they adhered to a logical and coherent system. Egyptologist filtered the knowledge through our modern biases of conquered people, of wars and political infighting, rather than how the ancient Africans used the knowledge.

The inability to connect Christianity and the Ancient Egyptian spiritual system is due to ignorance and regurgitated misinformation!

Oftentimes there seems to be many different "gods" but in reality, it is really a nuance within their system that makes so much sense once you understand the framework and foundation of it. Most of the memes on social media couldn't express why there were so many different names for the "Neters", let alone make sense of it. But it’s quite logical when you can learn the ancient Africans paradigm of thought.

So many of the websites would get lost in expressing attributes of the so called "gods" that were based on completely fabricated falsehoods because of the fragmented knowledge that has been passed down to us.

For example, Horus was known as the avenger is something I saw expressed on social media and a few different websites. It is false and has nothing to do with the actual Egyptian scientific principle that Horus represents. It's people that know the myth, but nothing about the science.

An example of incorrect Egyptian Neter teaching

They would speak of so many of the Egyptian pantheon as if they were superheroes! It's flat out wrong! but there is no way to know or fact-check the information if all the sites are saying the same thing. You begin to confirm misinformation and assume it's correct.

It’s not until you can learn the framework of the system that you realize those errors. What I found was most had no idea of the framework because they focused on the historic eras and couldn't understand the Egyptian system or put together any type of systematized way to learn the information.

Because they only saw a sun god or an avenger, they never knew that there is a framework for the myths and symbols that actually becomes intuitive and cause you to tap into your own inner wisdom. The ancient Egyptians designed them that way.

The Egyptians believed that true wisdom could only be revealed, not learned.

The Greek Gnostics inherited that concept from the ancient Egyptians and called it Gnosis. They personified the idea through their goddess Sophia (means wisdom). The ancient Egyptians called it Ma'at (Truth and Justice on one level).

But because of the fragmented knowledge passed down, you continually confirm misinformation you don't know is wrong. That's not your fault.

It's through the Gnostics that we connect Christianity to ancient Egypt

It is through the Greek Gnostics that we get the connection of ancient Egypt to Christianity. For the first three centuries of the common era the early Christian fathers were Gnostic. Many of the New Testament books of the bible, including the four gospels, originated from Gnostic writers. It wasn't until the early fourth century that they separated from Gnosticism forever!

However, what you will find is that because of the ancient connection to the Greek Gnostics, as I said before, you don't have to throw everything away that you have learned in Christianity. I know that may be difficult for some to accept because we can become so angry at Toxic Christianity. It was hard for me to accept for a long time. But it's true, you don't have to throw it all away.

Christianity can be helpful for you in understanding the Ancient Egyptian system in a couple of ways.

1. As a way to connect to what's already familiar to you because so many of the religious concepts originated in ancient Egypt but changed names through language translations

2. As a way to contrast what became false teaching of Toxic Christianity to what the original teachings were

number two may seem like an attack on Christianity, but it's not. As a teacher compare and contrast is a major tool to guide understanding.

For example, one aspect of Ra is the same exact concept that you can compare to something you already know as a Christian. Another is that Isis is the same concept that any school kid would know from science class. But you simply must learn the ideas conceptually and connect them to what you already know then they will make perfect sense to you.

Connecting your familiarity of Christianity is one of the ways that I will help you quickly master these Egyptian teachings like you have not been able to before.

Knowledge is power but only when you can apply it!

One of my other frustrations with many of the Khemetic sites, memes, and groups was that so many espoused so much hate and anger surrounding these teachings. It seems that so many of them read the books, gain knowledge but don’t really know how to apply it practically in their life. The foundation of these teachings is about balance in all areas of your life.

These teachings are beautiful and will benefit anyone that is truly seeking a spiritual path that is free of dogma and absolutes.

The essence of this knowledge is not practiced by anyone that attacks another human being for their beliefs!


This knowledge is based on science. Science is defined as "the pursuit and APPLICATION of knowledge and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence.

This knowledge is based on thousands of years of systematic methodology and evidence. The problem has been that people read and gain the knowledge, but the personal application of it is poor at best. A big part of that is because not many have put the system together in modern times, and modern language for others to understand and use it until what I am doing now.

This knowledge and even the knowledge in the bible, although buried and hidden, is based on science. It is about the ability to practice this science. Its about the ability to understand the methods and use them to gain evidence in your life that you can systematically use to uncover deeper aspects within you. Many people read about the knowledge but can't or won't practice it.

Attacking others is evidence, that they don't quite understand the science. Not many of the world religions have helped. It’s time that we all get back to the basics. Back to the origin and begin anew.

This knowledge is left for all of humanity and can only aid in bringing together all people of this world.

The bonuses included in this course will definitely help you with learning how to practically apply this knowledge in way you probably have never considered. It's next level metaphysics.

"Know thyself and you will know the gods"

This knowledge will be a lifeline for anyone that is trying to get over the indoctrination of Christianity. It was for me. And it will be a treasure trove of knowledge for anyone interested in the spiritual science of ancient Egypt and the Law of Attraction.

What most people don't understand is how intertwined and connected that Christianity and Khemetic science are. You cannot learn and understand the true Egyptian science without stumbling over and exposing the roots of Toxic Christianity.

If you can remove the biases and be open to the distinct possibility that Africa gave the world something more than slaves and resources I can show and give you knowledge that will be a foundation in helping you to live a life without anxiety and fear, have confidence, live with boldness, develop better relationships, advance your career, build communities and all because it will build you from the inside out.

The evidence is that in Egypt they were able to build the pyramids as a monument to the belief system. It is literally a monument that is clues to their science, but you have to look at them through their paradigm. The temples are literally monuments to the wonder of human kind as the highest form of the creator in nature.

They not only believed, but in everything they did practice that allowed you to believe strongly in yourself and your abilities to change and create the circumstances you desire in your life. Because you are the highest form created from the source, they taught that everything in the Universe is within you. That concept is the origin of the very well-known Egyptian proverb: "Know thyself and you will know the gods."

It's not just about gaining knowledge. It’s about the ability to practice a form of living that will change you and in turn change the world for the better.

Gaining and spreading knowledge is not enough!

Think about it this way, you have read many books, gained much knowledge, and probably spread much knowledge. But what has it changed in the last 50 years? If you are honest with yourself and look at economic self-sufficiency of our communities as a barometer of success, not much as changed for the African diaspora in the last 50 years.

This is not opinion, it is statistical proof

It doesn't mean knowledge is not needed, it's just not enough!

However, the ancient Africans, through this spiritual science were able to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known. As a symbol of their greatness, the pyramids still cannot be duplicated to this day!

It's time to recognize that gaining book knowledge over the last 50 years has not been enough! The Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome held its grip through all the knowledge. It's time to let go of ego consciousness and begin to operate from soul level consciousness. Book knowledge has not and cannot elevate you to soul Level consciousness.  The proof of this statement is in the economic stagnation and even regression of the African diaspora over the last 50 years!

 Religious Mental Legacy syndrome has to be eradicated!

And it starts with you!

Whether you are exploring leaving religion, just out of religion, or gone from religion for years, the Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome keeps a grip on you psychologically. 

What is Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome?

It is a very real condition of a person that suffers deeply rooted negative beliefs about self and life in general due to unwittingly holding on to religious programming that causes:

  • low self-worth
  • often depressed
  •  angry
  • belief valued above critical thought
  • Feeling like Enemies are always around you (mentality built from conditioning)
  • valuing conformity over individual self expression
  • feeling confused
  •  feelings of loneliness
  • Feeling like you never quite measure up ("falling Short")
  • no clear life direction or purpose
  • feelings of hopeless about the world,
  •  being punished for reason out of your control (i.e. race and sex)

This is only the tip of the iceberg. It depends on how deeply you are affected as to how many of the symptoms you suffer from in your life.

Religion and Spirituality are not the same!

Do you shy away from the idea of spirituality because you believe it's the same as religion? That's completely understandable! But that belief is a part of the Mental Legacy of Religion.  They are not the same. Religion had just enough spiritual experience to keep you hooked. But if you think about it, religion was about containing and constraining you. True spirituality will help you get in touch with your Soul Level Consciousness and cause you to expand!

Monuments to a power that went way beyond book knowledge!

Now That you are aware of some of the major psychological aspects of Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome can you see how your whole way of being is shaped by these ideas? Moving beyond these ideas is not a matter of time. In other words, you can still be in religion, just out of religion, or gone away from religion for 10 years and you would still be operating religiously! That's the syndrome!

The natural consequence of

Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome

One of the psychological aspects that stay with most of us after religion are low-self esteem built on the erroneous teachings that mankind is evil and corrupt. It's compounded by white supremacy and racism. One of these teachings from Christianity is the doctrine of  "The Fall." There are many tentacles as to how these beliefs manifest and touch you and society. One common way the belief that all men are evil is to have intolerance of others. Those that don't look like us or think like us cannot be trusted. They are evil and therefore not worthy to exist. They are the enemy.

However, when you accept that belief you have to include yourself in the idea that ALL OF MANKIND IS EVIL. You automatically look at YOURSELF as "broken and need to be fixed," "lost and need to be found,""unworthy and need to be saved," "sheep that need to be led," "weak and in need of another's strength," "all you have to do is believe and have faith," and with all sorts of defects. These teaching spawn ideas that cause you to not be accepting of your own beauty as a human spark of the creator.

You then become overly critical of yourself. It then leads to Judgement of others because there comes a need to degrade them. You point the finger at their shortcomings as worse than yours. You may have "fell short" but they are worse off than you. That's usually the basis of religious people being judgemental.

It extends to being overly critical and negative views of your people and your culture. Holding on to this religious program is the foundation of divisiveness among the African diaspora and most never consider where it came from or why it is. The program operates on automatic pilot. It undermines book knowledge. 

The doctrine of "The Fall" is based on erroneous and misunderstood teachings of ancient african spirituality that came through ancient Egypt. Once you truly study and practice the original teaching there comes a peace and acceptance of yourself that allows you to be accepting of others. You lose the need to be judgemental of others. Your self-esteem rises because you can appreciate who you are. You can love you.

The Religious Mental Legacy is still a major part of the psyche of the African Diaspora

Another consequence of Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome and low self-esteem is the fear of failure. 

A person with high self-esteem eagerly takes on new challenges because they believe they have the ability to handle the challenges and succeed. Failure along the way, for a person of high self-esteem, become stepping stones to build on as lessons. 

But for a person with low self-esteem, that believes that they are "broken," "unworthy," "lost," or "sheep" that can't even think for themselves then any failure becomes confirmation for their already low opinion of themselves. Not a learning opportunity. 

That means those individuals that don't think very highly about who they are and what they have to offer don't ask for the raise or the promotion on the job. They don't start the barbershop, or beauty salon,  construction business, grocery store, restaurants, cleaners, daycare centers, medical outreach centers, dental practice, or any of the businesses that are the bedrock of an economically self-sustaining community because deep down they fear they will fail. Yes, there are some of those that do, but they are to often the heroic exceptions.

Maybe they do start those businesses and, as usually happens with start ups, they run into trouble. They give up and fold the business because they feel that God may be punishing them because they "sinned" in some way. It is the Religious Mental Legacy that keeps a grip on the psyche. It Has to be removed!

In the culture and communities of the African diaspora world wide you see the manifestation of low self-esteem in the form of poverty, with so many countries and communities that are not economically self-sustaining. Millions of dollars don't even circulate in our communities. They are gone in a few hours. Whereas in other communities the dollars circulate seven to ten times before they leave. The self-hate and self-loathing was imported through systematic white supremacy and racism with religion as its tool. Spreading knowledge has not been enough!

The only way this will change is for a total overhaul of mentality. The African diaspora will have to build from the inside (our own minds and beliefs about who we are) before the outside can reflect the beauty and appreciation we have for ourselves. We must operate from Soul Level Consciousness.

However, If you fear failure, there will never be change. Too many of the African diaspora have accepted and incorporated into our psyche the seeds of self-destruction through religious beliefs that teach you are "broken,"  "lost," "unworthy," "depraved," and "sinful" from birth. It is a daily affirmation and a holdover that is a part of Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome.

Again, it's not about whether you still believe in the core religious doctrines. It's about how these doctrines have programmed you to think about yourself, about others, and about your own abilities to change your life. And you probably have never even thought that it still affects you!

How do I get past Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome?

  • It will take a mental overhaul and reorienting your way of thinking so that you begin to think differently and then behave differently
  • No longer equate religion to spirituality
  • Operate through spiritual science instead of religious superstition.

What is superstition?

"When you believe in things you don't understand you suffer, superstition ain't the way" - The Great Stevie Wonder

Why learn the Khemetic Spiritual system and not others?

That's a simple and completely logical answer. Because the Khemetic system is the foundation of the Christian religion. The Christian religion and its programming is at the foundation of beliefs that spawned the Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome that you still operate from.

When you truly know the Khemetic Spiritual System you can take the religious programming away and get to the essence of the spiritual aspects that will build you from the inside out.

You connect with your soul level consciousness and your own inner wisdom which was condemned through religious doctrines.

You will shift from ego consciousness to soul level consciousness that will cause you to remove the anxiety and fear as a part of your life that is so much a part of religious programing.

Once you explore outside the confines of religion this is what happens

When you first open up to the Khemetic Knowledge you will begin the seven psychological stages of grieving:

  1. Shock: Are you serious, this is where my religion began?
  2. Denial: No, this can't be true.
  3. Anger: I was lied too all these years!
  4. Bargaining: Something must be wrong with me, I know all this Khemetic knowledge can't be factual
  5. Depression: What will I do now that I don't have Jesus. I feel like I've lost my best friend
  6. Testing: Maybe it's not so bad, I can still have a spiritual connection even though I now know the truth
  7. Acceptance: Khemetic Spirituality is truly powerful, It builds me from the inside through love and positivity
Black couple fighting and depressed

Not all of your family and friends will want to know what you have learned

A woman wide awake in bed

Stage five of Depression is a natural and normal part of this journey

Most people that learn about the Khemetic System go through all seven stages. Unfortunately Their religious programming will cause them to revert to moving between anger and depression of the stages of grieving. It's because they get excited and assume that ALL of their friends and family want this information.

When they get rejected, because of their anger,  they go on the warpath. Your introduction to the Khemetic system may have been through those stuck at the anger level of grieving. They are "awake," but have yet to grow consciously.  Because of the religious programming family and friends then feel they have to shun you. You lose the support network which can be depressing. But when you grow through soul level consciousness you find peace that allows you to connect back to them in a loving and respectful way.

So how do you go about learning this incredible system that has stumped you to this day? 

You need a system whose foundation is simple to grasp and has practical life application rather than a promise that learning a few facts and dates will somehow uplift your confidence and belief in your ability to make changes in your life and your world.

What you need is a systematic approach to learning the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual System

Easy to understand and digest beyond quick memes and disconnected trivial information

the ability to use this knowledge in a practical way that brings clarity in all areas of your life!

What is this program about anyway?

One of the biggest problems you run into learning this knowledge is that when you first begin you can in no way know if the information you are getting is good or not. In the beginning, I would study certain information from certain people for weeks and months only to discover that what I learned was not correct. Then I had to unlearn that crap!

I would get so frustrated!

How can you know if what you are learning is correct and have the ability to fact-check the knowledge? Especially when you have no reference point?

That's where learning the actual framework and system that the ancient Egyptians/Khemetians taught comes in. This system is one of the most coherent and simple to grasp that you will come across. The Egyptian myths that became part of the bible are actually a second layer on top of a foundational layer that most people don't even know.


Once you understand the basis you understand what that foundational layer is you can begin to understand how that knowledge is built symbolically, metaphorically, the mythology and how it all fits together. It will also give you major clues to unraveling bible clues to deeper spiritual knowledge.

Right now, what most people know are bits and pieces of disconnected information. It's easy to get lost when you are taught the Egyptian pantheon like they are superheroes, for example.

There is no way anyone can truly grasp this system without knowing the foundation and how the pieces fit. For most people having the trivia that they can put on a meme is fine. But for those who want to liberate themselves and teach, it has to make sense. There is a need for understanding at a deeper level. That deeper understanding will allow you to move beyond what you are told so you can then expand into your own wisdom and understanding.

One of the reasons religions become so toxic is because they force people to think in absolutes and very rigid. Claiming individual experience different from others was condemned. However, because the universe is an amazing creation we get to enjoy all kinds of different and unique experiences. You are one of those unique experiences.

Why is this program so important?

  • Because you will quickly learn and grasp the basic framework of the Egyptian spiritual system in a way that makes it practical in your daily life and much easier to teach it to others than ever before
  • You will gain the ability to sniff out incorrect teachings of the Egyptian/Khemetic sciences from those that claim to know but really don't
  • Uncover connections to the bible scriptures that will allow you to rid your psyche of the Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome and uncover the nuggets of many metaphysical truths and wisdom in the bible
  • An updated language that will help you connect ancient concepts to modern day terminology so you can quickly grasp ideas that are familiar and will aid you in learning, applying, and teaching this system
  • You will expose Christian doctrines like "The Fall", "Original Sin", and extensions of these doctrine like the concept of "Total Depravity" that negatively impact your psyche and our entire society to shine a light on the misunderstood and erroneous teaching of Egyptian/Khemetic Science
  • You will gain knowledge of how the doctrines began to change by understanding how Christian theology developed. This will be very important so that you can know and teach others that Christianity did DEVELOP, it didn't come out of the box as it is today
  • Uncover where the Idea of the devil and evil originated from an error in understanding basic symbolic Egyptian/Khemetic language, this is important to understand because so many people have been taught to be afraid of an entity so powerful that even God can't control it. This is important because you can see that early Christian fathers struggled with understanding these concepts just like you, but you were taught to blindly follow their beliefs without question as Christians
  • You will learn and truly understand what a Neter is so that you can see through erroneous ways that others have taught these ideas that keep you trapped in the religious mentality. This is important to understand because many people leave religion but still live through the Religious Mental Legacy
  • This course is important because it will show you why sex was erroneously demonized because early Christian fathers inherited a psychologically warped view of living life from an erroneous idea of how the soul and body are connected, you can then begin to be free of guilt and shame surrounding your sexuality and your sex life
  • This course is important because you will gain the positive and optimistic ancient African view of salvation that is nothing like the Christian view of being saved from hell. The science of it will simply make more logical sense than the superstitious fear based religious view
  • This course is important because you must learn and understand an expanded view of these ancient African teachings like the Dwat and how it is connected to Osiris/Ausar AND how they are connected to your everyday life
  • Learn a deeper understanding of the lower Ka and Higher Ka and why it can help you develop a strong sense of self-confidence and direction in your life. Learn when and how you are connecting to either of them 
  • In the movie "The Secret" it stated that the principles of the law of attraction were ancient, through imagery the movie implied the ancient Greeks knew "the secret" or the law of attraction. The Greek Miracle was a result of their studies in ancient Egypt. The roots of the law of attraction IS the ancient Egyptian body of knowledge and wisdom
  • Though learning how the Neters function Immerse yourself in the more nuanced ideas on law of attraction that will make you an expert like no other, your life will be changed for the better forever! 


Ultimate guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System

Digital delivery for immediate access self-paced 

It is the ultimate guide because You have never experienced an Egyptian/Khemetic course like this anywhere on the planet!



I’m learning the foundational principles of the spirituality and science of the universe! No other course has addressed the connection between spirituality and science in such a meaningful method to help me truly understand. I am able to even better connect my understanding as a scientist to my spirituality. Don’t hesitate to buy this course! Your life will be so much better for it!


The ancient Khemetic Egyptian system promises to help you live a life that makes your heart light as a feather and balanced.

The weighing of the heart symbolically asks, did you live life light hearted, joyful, happy?


Five Amazing Benefits For those that also want to Teach This Spiritual Science When You Buy The Ultimate Guide To The Egyptian/Khemetic Spiritual Science


1. You will finally learn the framework in which the ancient Egyptians intended which will help you learn the system much quicker than anywhere else

  • A framework is a basic structure underlying a system. It is effective for you because you probably have never seen any type of structure. One of the main mistakes made with Egyptian/Khemetic Science is that people miss the basic framework and try to teach the system based on eras or a belief that different cults gained power at different times and inserted their god at the top of the food chain so to speak. This is just not true!
  • There was a coherent, logical, and, intuitive system that lasted for thousands of years. So much so that the Greeks thought the Egyptians were simply being stubborn for adhering to their system.

2. As a teacher myself I understand the power of analogies in helping you grasp the nuances of learning any new concepts.

  • This is where this program will leap above anyone that simply regurgitates information. Because they simply parrot the information, they read and are unable to simplify ideas or whittle down complex concepts into succinct discourse
  • Analogies connect what is unfamiliar to that which is similar to what you have experienced and know
  • Analogies will be invaluable to you as a teacher because once you grasp it you can then formulate your own analogies to teach your students

3. Compare and Contrast the original Egyptian/Khemetic System to the distorted teachings of Christianity

  • As a School teacher compare and contrast is one of the most basic tools for students learning anything. Without the ability to set one object or idea against another learning is impossible. This is another area in which someone that simply regurgitates Egyptian/Khemetic ideas will fail you miserably. They can't compare and contrast because they don't even understand what they are supposedly teaching. They simply read the script.
  • You will learn this material quicker and more in depth than you ever thought possible which will help you use it in your life and make you a better teacher of it, your students will be blown away!

4.  This is a well-documented and researched program, you will gain the ability to reach people through compassion and with facts that will satisfy their curiosity rather than antagonize them with personal attacks on their belief system

  • You can reach people and teach people based on YOUR KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE. You will have a foundation to build on to do your on research (DYOR).

5. Through your experience of this knowledge you will help ease the fears

  • One benefit of the memes is that it does pique curiosity. But there is a deep fear for many Christian that they will be left with nothing if they don't have Jesus. Because this knowledge will become part of your experience, you will have the ability to ease those fears through your compassion and deep understanding
  • One of the fallacies that many Christians have is that Christianity came out of the box complete as it is in modern times. Logically we know that's not true. You will be able to show them how illogical and erroneous ideas like "The Fall" and "Original Sin" developed. By default, taking the cover off these teachings will build a foundation of self-love and raise confidence and connect them to Soul Level Consciousness
Christianity is despiritualized

Despiritualization means your inner exprience is invalidated by "the faith"

This is what you will learn in the course


Course information

Module One

The Egyptian/Khemetic Framework

  • Learn the Seven foundational beliefs of the ancient Egyptians that include their foundational monotheistic beliefs about God and mankind, the soul and what is the "real" you, and the most important organ in our body that metaphysically connects us to the entire Universe 
  • Explore the basic framework of Khemetic science at the foundation of all the Neters like Osiris and Isis; Set and Nephthys; Neith, that will expose Bible personages like Jesus; Mary and Joseph; Lazarus and Martha 
  • Develop knowledge of the ancients more comprehensive and holistic term for law of attraction that will help you become a more positive and optimistic throughout your daily life 
  • Through the use of analogies, quickly grasp the modern science equivalent of the ancient Neters for quicker and better comprehension that will by default make the knowledge more practical and you will become a better teacher of this ancient knowledge
  • Learn the major mistake that so many Khemetic teachers and students make when they decode the hieroglyphic meanings in our modern westernized way of thinking that limits gaining wisdom and insight from ancient teachings
  • Discover the hierarchy of Neters and why naming them was so important in the African tradition
  • Reframe your way of thinking so you can capture the essence of how the ancient Egyptians believed true wisdom and truth could be gained so that you will automatically become more intuitive and in tune with the Universe
  • Learn how the ancient Africans thought differently than we do in the west with a "symbolist view" in order to deeply grasp the Khemetic concepts. This is very important to know for Khemetic teachers or you will stay stuck in religious and western thinking that will lock you out of deeper personal spiritual revelations
  • Take apart the ancient Egyptian concept of "know thyself," how it is connected to the Neters that will help build your self-esteem , truly love your own authenticity 
  • Formulate, from an ancient pre-colonized African centered paradigm the self-confidence to achieve your dreams and believe in your creator abilities  as opposed to the Christian idea of God that produces self-loathing, fear that holds you back, lack of pride in a form of negative self-talk like "I am nothing without God," "I am a wretch"
  • Understand why the erroneous why of teaching Osiris, Isis, Horus and other Neters as personalities completely locks you out of deeper connection and understanding of our universe and how you fit in it 
  • Discover the concepts the Egyptians called "The Three Worlds" That will put the Neters in a hierarchy that will teach you how infinite your power as god/goddess is 
  • Gain the deeper metaphysical meaning and reason the earth was called "Ta-Meri" by ancient Africans and how this concept is deeply connected to the law of attraction and your ability to change your circumstances
  • Reveal why understanding the origin and meaning of the root word "Meri" will give you a deeper connection to the universe through the feminine Neters Isis, Hathor, Nephtys, and others. by default will uncover how and why feminine Egyptian Neters show up as personages in the bible as the mother of Jesus, the sister of Lazarus etc which reveal deeper biblical connections that can confirm and empower you
  • Gain a more powerful spiritual science understanding of the Egyptian Dwat or "underworld", how it is connected to modern concepts you already know that will empower you with tools to manifest and create in your life. You won't get this Khemetic science anywhere else   
  • Recognize how dreams were connected to this ancient spiritual science and you will learn the grammar of dream language so that you can interpret dreams for yourself, without a dream dictionary, and use them as a tool for deeper self-analysis and development of your own wisdom
  • Realize the origin of the Trinity and what it means as a spiritual science principle of manifesting and creating within your life so that you may scientifically produce more abundance in all areas of your life, like: that love interest that you have always wanted, the dream job, make your business grow etc.
  • Discover how the Trinity shows up in many places in the bible to uncover hidden practical knowledge beyond simply worshiping an idea or personage, this is where you will then understand that the bible actually preserved some deep spiritual science principles
  • Learn how to heal toxic masculinity in men and why misunderstanding of a basic spiritual science principle is a reason "unenlightened" men pursue women for sexual gratification rather than deep meaningful relationships
  • Through an improved understanding of Khemetic Science learn a simple way to recognize potential cheaters. 
  • Explore why the same lack of understanding the basic spiritual science principle causes men, in any demographic, to die at an earlier age than women and why married men live longer. It's all CONNECTED at the level of metaphysical science principles taught by the ancient Egyptians! This is where the fallacy of Neters as superheroes will stunt your understanding as practical life application and leave you stuck in religious thinking of a God that will swoop down like superman to save you.

That's Just Module One!

Module one is the most comprehensive and in-depth module because it will lay the foundation for not only this course but for your study of the Egyptian/Khemetic spiritual science FOR EVER!

You gain a lot of knowledge. But the emphasis of this course is practical application of this knowledge which will by default uncover, Christianity and make you a better teacher through experience of the knowledge. 

Accumulating knowledge is the form of trivia and facts is great! But if you can't apply it, then that knowledge is useless for expanding and evolving you and others consciously!


Module Two

The Archetypal Neter Amen, The Ogdoad and the Nun

  • Learn what Amen is as a Neter that will empower you beyond just ending a prayer                                                            
  • Learn how Amen is connected to an obscure group of Neters called the Ogdoad                                                               
  • Learn the conceptual meaning of the Ogdoad and how it relates to our modern science concepts                                
  • Gain a better understanding of how they are all connect to the concept of the Nun and the watery abyss of Chaos from which order emerged as our Universe
  • Empower your entire life by understanding the origin of the resurrection and how it was first connected to the Nun

Module Thee

The Archetypal Neter Ra

  • This is a majorly important module for anyone that truly wants to understand the essence of the Egyptian/Khemetic spiritual Science and what we now call the law of attraction
  • Learn the empowering concept of how to get to heaven without dying and what that really meant for the ancients     
  • This is where you learn what prayer is and how to apply it beyond Christian indoctrination, In this module learn the deeper more empowering idea of prayer beyond superstition that when applied will cause you to live life more grounded happy, and optimistic
  • Through understanding Ra, you will break the cycle of erroneous Christian Idea of Serving God that was a prescription for Christian "burn out." By default, of learning this principle you will gain a since of direction and finding your purpose in life. When you apply it you will NEVER again live conflicted and confused about how you should live your life. You will have clarity!
  • Teachers you will want to take your time when going through this unit. It is the foundation of the law of attraction and empowering others to understand that they are creators
  • Learn why Ra is much more than the error of teaching it as a sun god                                                                                                                                   
  • Learn why the Egyptians added Ra to the names of so many Neters                                                                                      
  • Learn why the sun became associated symbolically with Ra and African symbolism                                                                                  
  • Learn to connect what you already know in Christianity to better understand the concept of Ra                                                   
  • In this module you will be given a simple but powerful technique, "The Transmutation Method", that will be a guide to helping you recognize what steps to take on the journey towards realizing your purpose
  • Learn how the ancient Africans used the letters in the name of Ra and other Neters that give you clues to understanding its practical application
  • Learn what is truly the "Word" of God that will shock you beyond measure but more importantly use the idea for practical application and empower you in your daily life!
  • Do you know that Christians are taught you have to die to get to heaven, but the bible says something totally different? Learn where the ancients AND the bible said heaven is located that will help you live an amazing life!

Module Four

Atum and the Grand Ennead

  • Learn what Atum is in the pantheon of the Egyptian Neters, when you understand his function as a Neter and his name as a cognate you will recognize how he shows up in bible scriptures and practical life application
  • Learn how Atum as a basic element and function of the Universe is paramount to understanding how anything is created and manifested in the universe. Without this function you cannot manifest anything in your life, EVER! This is true spiritual science, in contrast to religious superstition
  • Learn the More ancient African concept of the Trinity that will help you beter understand scientifically how to manifest more abundance in your life, or the love of your life, the new job, bill money, etc
  • Learn the original function of the Neter that spawned what became the Erroneous Christian Ideas of the devil and Satan
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Neter Osiris based on a little known secret that gives you insight into his function in the Dwat or "Underworld" and your daily life
  • Learn to recognize Horus as a Neter and how the principle shows up in different levels of the Egyptian "Three worlds", You will no longer be confused by Horus/Heru, it will become obvious and give you insight into empowering concepts surrounding KRST
  • Learn how the Neters Nephtys, Anubis and Osiris function as a pair in nature to better understand the spiritual science aspect of them and then uncover them in the bible
  • Learn and understand the Neter Isis by a simple analogy that you learned as a child in grade school the will give you a simple and profound understanding of what she relates to in modern times
  • Learn how the Neters Shu, Tefnut, Geb, and Nut function as Archetypal Elements that will also help you understand Trinities better and take the cover off of bible symbolism like the cross and even more bible personages
  • Learn the Egyptian science behind why Shu is called air but also the void to be more enlightened about spiritual science                                                                                  
  • Learn the underlying science behind the reason Shu and Tefnut are called "twins"                                                               
  • Learn the true symbolic meaning of the Alchemical elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth and how they are represented by the Egyptian Neters

Module Five

The Terrestrial Neters Ptah, Seth and Christian Miseducation and Misinformation

  • In this module you will get and understanding of the Neter Ptah and how he and the Neter Seth became a ball of confusion for Early Christian Fathers, Misunderstanding of Ptah and Seth as Neters is the source of Christian ideas like the The Fall, The Fallen angel, Satan, Lucifer etc. 
  • Learn how the Neter Seth and misinformed, psychologically damaged Greek Gnostics and Christian Fathers outlawed sex accept for the loophole of marriage, it will set a foundation to free you from guilt and shame surrounding sex
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Feminine Neter Neith and why her function is the basis of the most important Christian symbol and a revered saint that is in fact Egyptian/Khemetic science on the level of quantum physics
  • To many "conscious" people spout off that the cross means death. But that's only because they regurgitate someone else's erroneous ideas. Learn a deeper Egyptian science meaning behind the cross. It was sacred before Christianity. Without it, you would not exist

What Satisfied Customers have to say


Incredibly moving spiritual journey to reconnect more deeply with African Spirituality! This course is a giant step towards breaking the stronghold of false teachings on the psyche and spirituality of many who are seeking a way out.




Grasping the basic knowledge of the Neters to not only understand but overstand the knowing! This is my first course. Once you buy it KNOW that it was worth the wait!



Very enlightening and empowering. Thank you for doing the hard work... I will likely need to study it again but grateful to have this content and know the Truth. I understand that I am one with God and my vibration is everything. This has changed how I view myself. I have given up my Christian guilt and the anger and self-condemnation that goes with that. I am free to love myself completely and know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I would most definitely recommend this course! For those that are ready to be awakened.


With the ultimate guide to Egyptian Spiritual Science you will:

  • 1
    Elevate to a level of soul consciousness: This course will teach you easy and simple steps to connect mind, body, and soul to transform your life!
  • 2
    Create a space within for healing:  When you are constantly operating through the Religious Mental Legacy Syndrome dealing with anxiety, fear, guilt, and shame your physical body and mind is under attack. Through this course you learn to heal your fears and negativity
  • 3
    Gain profound understanding of the spirit body connection: A by product of reorienting to Soul Level Consciousness and healing is a greater connection to your higher Ka. You learn to trust and appreciate your body unlike you were taught through religious programing 
Ultimate guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System

Digitally delivered for immediate access self-paced

Become the bold confident Person you always wanted to be

serious young african businessman standing in city

Be Bold and confident

If you have read up until this point, you are clearly drawn to this knowledge. Trust that instinct. It is your heart, mind and soul seeking the tools to redefine themselves.

Some people never truly “live” their lives. Their days are filled with a series of “should's,” and they never feel the blissful, magical charge that comes from being truly happy and congruent with your soul.

This is a tragedy, because you have everything you need within you to live a life of amazing joy, meaning, and abundance.


These bonuses are a strategic implementation of the knowledge that you have gotten from the course. Understand the Egyptian/Khemetic system is systematizing many abstract concepts and putting it into mythology, Numerology, Astrology, etc.

These same abstract Ideas are what many religions and spiritual systems are attempting to express in their way.

Think of the bonuses below as a zoomed-out view of the Khemetic system that will give you practical application of the knowledge. In other words the Khemetic system gives you a way to access the metaphysical aspects in a particular way and even breaks them down to the most minute detail. But you don't always need the minute details. By analogy, when you drive a car, you don't have to know how the engine works to start the car and drive.

However, if something goes wrong then knowing the details can help you when repairing what went wrong.

The Egyptian/Khemetic system is the details. In practice, you need to know the broader view to apply the knowledge. These bonuses will give you more tools to apply the knowledge and details you have learned.

Bonus number one:

My worldwide top selling book that helps you dive deeper into ideas beyond the law of attraction and that the ancients were forbidden to write down titled:

Law of Attraction is only the tip of the Iceberg: Advanced Metaphysical Concepts for Illuminated Living

Inside you will get more details on the Transmutation Method, you will:

Become increasingly optimistic, and positive about life

Dramatically improve your self-esteem and gain unlimited confidence

Develop your intuition and Psychic abilities

Quickly and easily tap into the unlimited part of your brain that will allow you to truly unlock your unlimited potential

Awaken your intuition and use it in your everyday life to develop a heightened perception that can guide you towards your goals and dreams quicker than you ever thought possible!

Learn the simple and most effective technique on the planet to understand and KNOW what direction you should take in life

Shatter negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs forever!

Get practical real life examples that explain concepts throughout the book

Stop panic attacks in their tracks and learn to take life on in a calm balanced manner

Learn when, how and why your soul communicates with you every day to recognize guidance from within

Learn practical and effective methods to cope with stress and anxiety

Transform into a calmer and more relaxed person, get a new lease on life

You will attract more wealth... better relationships... improved health... skyrocket your career... and become happier than ever before!

In fact, by using my simple, step by step system, you will soon discover how to re-program your brain to bring everything you have always wanted into your life!

Once you complete the Transmutation Method, You will also discover that all areas of your life will begin to flow much more easily for you…

…AND, the more you connect your mind, body and soul in these simple and specific ways, the more amazing things will happen for you… and much more often… it just keeps getting better and better the more you do it!

Book Table of Contents:

Chapter One: My story

Chapter Two: Introduction

Chapter Three: Shedding the shackles of fear and the yoke of guilt

Chapter Four: The Transmutation Method 

Chapter Five: Empowering yourself by connecting the body and soul

Chapter Six: You have power beyond belief

Chapter Seven: Life is the reflection of your beliefs

Chapter Eight: You have the power to choose your culture, race, and sex

Chapter Nine: Defining yourself by the experience

Chapter Ten: So how do I change reality?

Chapter Eleven: Get into an incredible flow to create the life you desire

Chapter Twelve: Consciousness is like a television

Chapter Thirteen: Reason and logic is a tool not a crutch

Chapter Fourteen: How reason and logic work

Chapter Fifteen: Intuition the internal guidance system

Chapter Sixteen: The physical mind and the higher mind should work together not be at odds

Chapter Seventeen: Emotions (energy in motion)

Chapter Eighteen: Calming the killer within

Chapter Nineteen: Create from a place of empowerment not negativity and fear

Chapter Twenty: Do's and Don'ts

Chapter Twenty-One: Take Action

Chapter Twenty-Two: Imagination peering into the mind of God


Bonus number two:

Another worldwide top selling book that helps you dive deeper into ideas beyond the law of attraction and that the ancients were forbidden to write down titled:

The Anatomy Of Manifesting What You Want Every Time: The Forgotten Science Of Prayer Beyond Myth And Superstition

This ebook is for the person new in metaphysics and spiritual development. In science, there is an expression of presenting "elegant" theories and hypotheses. Meaning the idea may be simple to present, but the underlying meaning is complex and multi-layered. Esoteric elegance is the essence of this ebook.

We all have certain gifts and abilities. The ideas written here are simple for me to present and explain, the ability to understand the complex and communicate them in a simple to understand format is a gift I was born with and honed as school teacher over many years. The ideas are not written as the ultimate understanding and meaning metaphysical ideas for you. They are a gateway that will open new avenues into a deeper meaning and direction meant for you explore.

Do you enjoy metaphysics, quantum physics, and spiritual development?

Have you moved to a place in your development that you recognize the untapped power within but stuck without direction? 

Are you finding that much of the metaphysical a spiritual growth material is the same old thing repackaged and regurgitated?

If you are interested in gaining a higher level of knowledge and understanding of metaphysics and quantum physics ideas to help you grow and develop in your everyday life this is the book for you. Don’t get fooled by the use of the word prayer. 

Many of the ideas presented are advanced beyond much of what you have probably read. It is more than a mental exercise and theoretical musings. The information is based in practical application of metaphysical principals for use in everyday life. I use a few religious ideas as a common basis from which many of us are familiar with as a starting point. It is the reason I use the word "prayer." But know the ideas are much deeper and far more powerful than religion has taught.

Why has positive thinking not worked the way you hoped?

Get a simple yet powerful understanding that will change the way you think forever! 

Learn simple but extremely powerful concepts and techniques that will change your life for the better.

Understand the essence of everything in the Universe and how recognizing this truth can help you manifest and create the life you desire.

Get a much deeper understanding of language, what it is on a deeper metaphysical level and how it has trapped you into a reality you have been unable to escape.

Learn how to recognize your vibrational level and change in an instant.

Even though I use the word "prayer" that has a religious connotation, It is much deeper and goes beyond religion. It is "metaphysical" or beyond the physical in how it operates in our lives. Here is a secret, prayer is not about what you do or even what you say. Understanding this concept will change your life and unleash power you may have never thought you had!

If you are familiar with metaphysics, "The Secret" and other new age ideas you will get a much better understanding of why the Law of Attraction may not have worked as you would like. There is nothing wrong with the Law of Attraction. You just have to go beyond the surface information and understanding most people talk about. 

This book coupled with the knowledge you gain in the course will be immensely profound and useful in your life

Wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you could manifest what you wanted in your life whenever you desired?

Wouldn’t it be motivating to know manifesting has a simple to follow formula?

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that you no longer need to guess if you are doing things the “right” way and bring what you want into your everyday life?

Wouldn't it be great to live the 5th dimensional existence of unconditional love and self-acceptance at all times?

What if you could know the key to figuring out how all aspects of your life are integrated physically and metaphysically? In other words, how do you develop a good relationship, how do you keep a good healthy body? How do you attract wealth and abundance into your life? How do you maintain a positive mental attitude? There is one key that underlies any and all these aspects of living day to day.

Book table of contents

Chapter One; My story

Chapter Two: What is the essence of the Universe

Chapter Three: Understanding life as a subset of a larger game

Chapter Four: Drilling down to the essence of prayer

Chapter Five: Understanding the gender principle

Chapter Six: Language is a translation

Chapter Seven: Everything we do is spiritual

Chapter Eight: A new enlightened definition of prayer

Chapter Nine: The Metaphysical directions on prayer and manifesting you were never taught

Chapter Ten: The science behind prayer

Chapter Eleven: In summary


Bonus Number Three:

Another worldwide top selling book that helps you dive deeper into ideas beyond the law of attraction and that the ancients were forbidden to write down titled:

The Mechanics of Dreams and Their Magic Beyond Interpretation

Do you have an interest in dreams but frustrated with how weird and cryptic they can be? They are an immense source of information that we have discounted in modern times. As with all my books, the information in them goes beyond the basics that you would normally get.  The dream world will be a playground for the metaphysical adept. Don't miss out!

  • Learn the simple but profound reason dreams can be so confusing.
  • Just like all languages have a grammar and syntax so do dreams, learn the grammar of dreams that will allow you to interpret them without a dream dictionary
  • Discover where dreams are coming from and who is communicating with you
  • Learn a simple and effective way to tell how dreams can connect you to information that helps you in your daily lives

    It is time for you to go beyond the dream dictionary culture

Chapter One: Dreamers in history and the present

Chapter Two: The vantage point from up High

Chapter Three: What is a dream?

Chapter Four: Why are dreams so cryptic and confusing?

Chapter Five: Emotions in dreams are the key to understanding them

Chapter Six: The organizing principle of dreams and the grander reality

Chapter Seven: Basic rules for interpreting dreams

Bonus Number Four:

Private Facebook group

A private group where you can get with others that are learning this Khemetic Knowledge. I will be involved in the group to answer questions you may have about this course and its content. It will be a valuable resourse for you to bounce ideas of each other and grow together.

See what else my customers have to say:

Beautifully Written

"Beautifully written and dully noted as this needs to be in every Christian church. It's clear, it's illustrative and it brings to the light the hidden meanings of the biblical characters that represent higher consciousness especially the personified Jesus."



Thank you! I was planning to take the class so I am ecstatic...  I'm only on the second unit and I am blown away from what I am learning. This was so worth it! You really have a gift for teaching keep up the good work people need this knowledge! 



Very enlightening and empowering. Thank you for doing the hard work... I will likely need to study it again but grateful to have this content and know the Truth. I understand that I am one with God and my vibration is everything. This has changed how I view myself. I have given up my Christian guilt and the anger and self-condemnation that goes with that. I am free to love myself completely and know I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I would most definitely recommend this course! For those that are ready to be awakened.



"I’m finding that there are many schools of thought out here but yours is always the one that speaks to me the clearest. I appreciate it."



"For those that TRULY.. want to know more.... check out my brother Reginald Khu-Akaru 's, E-course on Khemeric Centered Living... where he breaks down the spiritual science and symbology of our Ancestors... in a very simple and concise way.... so simple that a 6year old can understand it. An the course is priced extremely reasonable... and its definitely worth it, for those who want to know more.... so for those who truly want grow and expand in knowledge an understanding... DEFINITELY check out this course... you will love it.. trust me "



I'm a huge fan of your videos're a genius bro I had a huge confusion about the male and female principal and thanks to you I understood that male and female are just symbols to represent a principal, thank you!



I sent you an e-mail this morning. Brother this course opened my eyes and freed me from the shackles Christianity. I now know life is a gift and not a curse. I create my own destiny and not an entity outside of me. This is liberation of the highest order. I have so much to live for and enjoy life. I'm so hungry to discover myself and what I can do. Yes A lot of people do not know their purpose on earth. This course is a first step towards that realization.


South Africa

All of this for an introductory price of
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Ultimate guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System

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By the end of this course you will no longer make arguments for your limitations! You will begin an enlightened journey of shedding your Religious Mental Legacy

Elevate your experience and Advance Your Knowledge for Teaching Egyptian/Khemetic Science and Gain Tools to Living soul level consciousness for only $79

Ultimate guide to the Egyptian Spiritual System

Corporate and Church Accounts Available As Well

"Wisdom is the inner contmeplation of knowledge" - Manly P. Hall

"Knowledge is easily gained, but wisdom is always obtained at a cost"

"Knowlege alone is not enough" - Amos Wilson

P.S.: If you read this far this course is meant for you. Do it. You are ready!

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