Understanding the Khemetic law of duality and why you have difficulties in life


You have lived many lives as many races. What you don’t learn in this life you get the chance to learn in another life.

Meme about repeating life lessonAs a Ka you learn through opposites. The Khemetic law of duality states that in order for any experience or phenomenon to occur in the universe there has to be opposition. In other words, when the ka(soul) wants to learn self-love it may choose a life where you get into relationships (repeatedly) with partners that are verbally and/or physically abusive to you. It’s through the opposite life experience (abuse) that you learn the true lesson of self-love.

I am using an extreme example of abuse for maximum understanding.

When you learn to stand up for yourself and appreciate who you are you will stop choosing partners that treat you like you are worthless.

You keep meeting and dating the same abusive people until true YOU (the Ka) experiences the love and respect you gain for yourself in human form. The experience feeds two levels of consciousness (Ma’at).

Ma’at as your personal; individual consciousness is one level, but there is a universal level of consciousness that is fed as well. Every experience major experience you have is recorded at both levels so that you learn but the experience is available for of levels of your oversoul (talk about the Oversoul in the bonuses for my e-course) and all of consciousness. You have heard this called the Akashic records.

If you don’t learn self-love in this life, you will incarnate in the next life with the same theme to try again. “Lesson in life will be repeated until they are learned.” This life, but next life you may create to experience self-love as a life theme.

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