What is spiritual faith?

Spiritual faith and religious faith are not the same things. One of the biggest crocks of crap we were taught as Christians was their idea of faith. I have seen religious faith defined as knowing the truth without the burden of logic or proof. As a Christian, we are taught faith as accepting an absurd belief.¬†That’s not faith, its mind control.

Book cover Gnostic and Historic Christinanity
In other words, the more you accepted the unbelievable, blind faith honored God (click cover to purchse book)

In the ancient Khemetic science Spiritual faith is taking for granted or having a certainty that a desired outcome WILL occur even when there is no physical evidence to prove that it will. This is a powerful manifesting tool!

Religious faith was the BELIEF in things unseen.  There is a huge and powerful difference in religious faith and spiritual faith.

Religious faith as a belief is a rational process. You just believe it, accept it, and you are done. But in reality, religious faith is false because true spiritual faith is much deeper and powerful. It is not a rational thing. It comes from experience and KNOWING. It is an expectation that you have from within yourself. It’s a subjective “feeling.”

Consider this question:
Do you have more faith in negative outcomes?

Faith works in the affirmative or the negative. One of my personal struggles is having faith in the positive in certain areas of my life. I am constantly checking my thoughts and what I daydream about.

I know I have been programmed with that negative perspective, but because I am now aware of it it becomes my choice to continue it. I’m getting better. But, I am still working through the idea of positive spiritual faith.

Spiritual faithPositive spiritual faith is not always a natural state of mind for many of us today. Think about how many negative ideas we are bombarded with every single day through just television commercials. They constantly promote feelings of lack, make us question our health, and wishing we could be someone else or at least in their enviable position.

It all puts us in the mindset of fretting over things seemingly out of our control.

Do you fret over bills? Having enough money? Finding that right Job?

If you do then you have more faith in the negative. Change that programming. One of the biggest ideas to overcome after religion is the idea that God will punish you or put you in peril because he got mad at you or something.

The Universe is geared towards you having whatever you want. Assume it! Take it for granted!

Spiritual Faith is real, and it is powerful! It is beyond believing. It is knowing and with positive expectation that your desire will occur.


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