Where is heaven located? How to get there without dying!

Table of Contents

The deeper spiritual science not taught in church
Thoughts (Thoth) have power
Astrology? Really? Why is this important?
Dimensions are not necessarily physical places
Where is heaven located?
Live as a child and heaven is yours
The heart as a symbol for our emotions

Where is heaven located? You will be shocked to find that where you were taught heaven is in church is different from what the bible says. There is much-documented proof that Christianity evolved from ancient Egyptian spiritual science. The Heaven you were taught in chruch was used as a control mechanism. According to the church you can only get to heaven after you die as a reward for living “right” according to the church. However, the original teachings about heaven were to empower you here on earth. The ancient African teachings connected mind, body, and soul.

The real heaven will be more intuitive and spiritually connected to you than the idea you were taught in church. It will also become more practical than what you were originally taught and it will make more sense to you.

  • In this article, you will learn the science of heaven beyond superstition
  • You will connect bible scripture to confirm the science of heaven in a way that will become obvious once you learn the to decipher the codes
  • You will see that the ancient idea of heaven is a different paradigm than the way we were taught as Christians
  • You will be challenged to think outside of the Christian box that keeps you locked in a state of fear, shame, and guilt

The deeper spiritual science not taught in church

In order to answer the question, “where is heaven located?” you must understand the origin of the science and philosophy before it became a religion. This will be one of the challenging aspects if you still think from a Christian and western paradigm as heaven being a place.

Sound or as we say today, “vibration” is the organizing principle of the universe [Learn more about the Kemetic science here]. In ancient Egypt, the application of vibration/sound was the essence of everything they did. They built a civilization on the principle of vibration or sound being the organizing principle of all things.

In “the Egyptian book of the dead” or the book of coming forth by day to the natives, Ra states; “I am Ra… I am the eternal… I am the Word… I created the Word.”

Egyptian Ra I am the word
The Word is a metaphor for vibration

In the ancient African worldview, everything that existed was a metaphor or analogy of the creator. In other words, there is only one creator and everything in the universe is not only from the same source but is the source in another form.

Word as a metaphor
“Word” as a metaphor

The “Word” is simply a metaphor for sound or vibration. What does a vocal cord do to make sound? Answer: Vibrate. Ancient Africans are saying that sound is what organizes creation.

Anthropomorphic vs Humanization

African spirituality
The Greek mentality was gods having children with “mortals” (Click cover to purchase)

They used natural symbols as an analogy or an approximation of an abstract metaphysical concept. Today we call it anthropomorphizing.  For example, the Africans would take a concept like consciousness being everything and say “God SEES all.” It doesn’t mean God has eyes like a human. But the idea that consciousness is AWARE of everything is being expressed. A God that HAS EYES would be humanizing the idea. The ancient Africans would say that is childlike thinking. That shows you the mentality of the Greeks that learned these ideas from Egypt and spread them to the world. They humanized God and their gods.


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One of the reasons Khemetic spiritual science can be so confusing is oftentimes metaphors and symbols meant to express abstract ideas are taken literally. The ancient Africans were master teachers using symbols and myth to express very sophisticated and complex concepts in the most elegant ways. In the worldview of ancient Khemet/Egypt “harmony” is the organizing principle of anything that exists.

Vibration is how the universe organizes itself on every level “Click book cover to purchase)

This same idea of  sound or the “Word” being at the origin of the universe was also stated in the Bible in John 1:1; “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” It was taken from the teachings of the ancient Africans in Egypt [learn more about the origins of Christianity here]. Even modern science says the universe started with a “Big Bang.”

Where is heaven located?
The heavens

Within the ancient Kemetic paradigm, the reason you exist is that your body materialized into matter from spirit with a certain harmony. At the entrance of your spirit into matter, you became a harmonious reflection of the melody or harmony of the planets and stars [the heavens] in the moment of your birth.

Today we call the study of this concept and ancient science, Astrology. In ancient Kemet, it was a part of their daily philosophy. The ancient Kemetians knew the stars and planets had an electromagnetic vibration that subtlety changes as they moved around the heavens.

Astrology? Really? Why is this important?

For the skeptics (I was one) of the Ancient “science” of astrology, recognize that NASA recently “discovered” the idea that the stars and planets make sounds. Click here

This is important to understand because every cell and organ in your body is an amalgamation of the organizing principle of the universe; sound. Each organ is a unity of cells that harmonize with a certain “tone.” They each have their own “melody” that is “tuned” for optimum functioning and health. Illness occurs when a part of your system is “out of tune” or not in harmony. This may sound weird to someone that is newly out of Christianity or Christians, but it’s common knowledge for many outside of Christianity.

Your thoughts have a major impact on your vibration. All thoughts, as does anything in the universe, have a frequency.

This was known by the ancient Khemetians/Egyptians. They knew that you are stamped with the mirror of heaven’s vibration at your birth. The totem, that we know as a zodiac sign, represents certain properties of vibration. The totem idea goes much, much deeper in ancient Egypt.

Most people know their sun sign. The reason everyone of a particular sign doesn’t have the same personality is that the stars and planets are in constant motion.

The slightest movement of the stars and planets changes the melody or vibration/sound you are infused with at the exact moment of your birth. The change in frequency can be extremely subtle.

Thoughts (Thoth) have power

Your thoughts give you the power to change and create different vibrations or melodies within you. In the ancient African framework, Tehuti (Thoth) and Seshat are the neters summoned with human thought (Thoth). Thoth is where the term “thought” originated.

Your thoughts, conscious (Tehuti) and subconscious (Seshat), are the key to creating your life. You bring forth your experience from within you. Life is the mirror projected from your inner vibration.

When you want to create a certain experience in your life it starts with the way you think. This was stated biblically using a different terminology. Proverbs 23:7, ”

Ancient African spritual science
Ancient African beliefs about reality

As a man thinketh in his heart so is he…”

In other words, your experience of reality is an extension of your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Everyone on the planet lives within a certain perspective,  a worldview, or way of thinking. Each perspective carries with it a certain vibration that manifests a certain reality.

A deeper more enlightened understanding of this idea; a worldview; or perspective is they are what many refer to as “dimensions.” erroneously most think of shifting dimensions as physical shifts from one place to another. Like a new earth somewhere “over there.”  Your physical body is tuned to physicality. A narrow band of frequency. Your consciousness has a vaster universal reach. This is connected to a deeper understanding of heaven beyond church doctrines. Your CONSCIOUSNESS shifts, not the physical body.

Dimensions are not necessarily physical places

The dimensions are simply terms that describe certain frequencies within a larger framework of consciousness. Depending on your mood you switch back and forth between dimensions in an instant. When you are sleep and free from the physical mind you access many different dimensions that are not physical.

3D consciousness is when we hold within your consciousness the STATE OF MIND such as fear and lack. You view the world from this perspective. You “notice” or perceive the negative aspects quicker than positives. In other words, generally a pessimistic point of view.

4D consciousness is A STATE OF MIND, when we get a “knowing” that all is well and no matter what, things will turn out ok.  Knowing the universe conspires in your favor. The knowing is not connected to the human mind. It is a “feeling” or subtle frequency you recognize on a deeper level within you. In 4D consciousness, you CHOOSE to find the positives in the world. You CHOOSE to find the silver lining in the cloud. You’re generally optimistic.

5D consciousness is STATE OF MIND and a feeling of unconditional love for self and recognizing the connectedness of all things, including self to The All (God if you will). You recognize that you aren’t perfect, but love and appreciate all that you are. You recognize that you are BECOMING and your journey is unique that doesn’t have to live to anyone else’s expectations. As a Christian, you are “locked out” of 5D consciousness because you constantly are compared to an impossible standard of perfection.

As a Christian, one can love God but have disdain and loathing for self.  A relationship to the Christian idea of God is analogous to a mentally abusive relationship. [Learn more here]

They are all STATES OF MIND. They are all YOUR INNER perspective and filter you choose to view the world with.


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Where is heaven located?