Why Ancient African spiritual systems didn’t have devils or evil explained

In African spirituality there were no devil’s or Satan. As spiritual science there was only energy that was naturally polarized as opposites within creation. There was no room for a make believe monsters in African spiritual systems.

Within the Ancient Kemetic spiritual tradition, the soul as an energetic being of light is the true you. The true you incarnated to learn, raise its level of consciousness, and transmute negative physical experience into its polar opposite of positive energy. By doing this body would become a vessel in which it learned to trust the eternal soul. The result of the symbiotic relationship would produce a person that is at peace and balanced.

The ancient Africans symbolically represented that idea of peace and balance, as the sun between two mountains. It meant that when individualized consciousness, symbolized as a double ma’at, reached an enlightened state of peaceful balance it had climbed the mountain where the spirit of God and flesh meets. The enlightened soul could then sit on the throne as lord and master of the human condition.

In that moment the the ancient Africans said that person becomes known as a Krst.


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In this context the ancient Africans didn’t develop ideas of evil entities so powerful that a humanized God couldn’t control them. It was about the Journey of a soul to turn negative energy into positive.

These are the facts we’ll explore in this video:

1.           Etymology or the study of the origin of words is important to connect the dots and dispel the Christian errors deceit

2.           Satan, as a word, originally was defined closer to the ancient African spiritual science meaning before it came to mean the devil and evil

3.           The original concept of, the fallen angel, Lucifer came from Kemetic science and was a positive expression of an abstract metaphysical concept. Only one early translation of the bible equated Lucifer with Satan

When you trace the journey of the soul through the African spiritual paradigm you find that Christianity flipped spiritual concepts that were inherently positive to one’s that provoked fear and anxiety in believers.

By tracing the Ancient metaphysical concepts of Horus, Jesus, and Lucifer through Etymological origins and the original ancient spiritual teachings from kemet you will find powerful and uplifting connections for humanity that can change the world for the better.

With these ancient African symbolic and metaphorical ideas of reaching and living life peaceful and balanced we will take a deep dive into African spirituality and debunk Christian errors filled with a powerful make believe horned monster known as the devil.

You have nothing to fear. You are a god or goddess and the entity known by the names of Satan, Lucifer, the devil, or el diablo do not exist! They are all misapplications of African spiritual science. Because you are a god or goddess there is nothing so powerful that you can’t control it. You literally have the ability to create your life. That’s what this ancient African knowledge is attempting to get across to those that study it and apply it.

Anyone can create consciously or allow the fear-based training programs from Christianity to control your life.  I know from experience that negative Christian programming is a constant battle even years after dismissing the religion.

Through the African spiritual science I will connect the dots to expose Christianity in a way that you have never heard before. This will be a deep dive into African spirituality. I will be very detailed so that you can understand the connections and disconnect from any ideas of being powerless.

Get your pen and paper ready to take some notes!

So let’s get to it.

The development of Christianity over the centuries became a misrepresentation of ancient African spiritual concepts.

It’s time for us to delve deeper into these ancient African mythology for the truth. It will be easy to see that Lucifer; Imhotep; and Jesus are all aspects of the Kemetic/Egyptian concept of the migration of the soul from spirit into body, then its experience of life, and its exit at the death from the physical body.

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Anthropomorphizing vs humanizing

Now before we move forward you have to understand the difference between a crucial aspect concept  of anthropomorphizing within African spiritual science and humanizing by the Greeks and Romans.

Anthropomorphizing simply means using human characteristics or something in nature to symbolize an abstract metaphysical idea.

Africans anthropomorphized metaphysical or spiritual concepts. Understand metaphysical and spiritual both simply express something not material or physical. When the Greeks and Romans copied the African neters or metaphysical functions of nature they humanized them. Humanizing is at the foundation of religious belief systems today. You will see this as I break down Heru moving forward.

In ancient African spiritual science, Heru or Horus as he is known by the Greek Gnostics, is an expression of a multidimensional natural metaphysical function personified as a mythological personage. All Kemetic mythology at its foundation is numerology. The mythology is a way to explain how the functions of nature work. Heru as a function of nature is the ability to be created and return or be renewed into infinity.

One way this abstract metaphysical idea was symbolized was as a child. Symbolically a child is new when born. For the human race any child born means that humans will keep multiplying and existing. The ancient Africans represented this fundamental function of the creative universe as a trinity of Man, woman, and child.

They are anthropomorphic representations of the idea that the seed will be implanted in a womb to produce an offspring. This trinity concept is universal to all of creation. It means energy in the universe will forever be renewed. In modern time we say the same thing with the law of energy conservation we learned in grade school. That law states, that energy can never be destroyed, it can only change forms. Thinking of it in a metaphysical context means that energy will be transformed. Negative energy can be transmuted or changed into positive, but no energy is ever destroyed or goes away.

Africans personified but never humanized these functions as the Greeks and Romans did. The mythology was a very elegant way for the Africans to transmit these complex ideas.

Because the Greeks and Romans humanized the African concepts is one reason we live with the idea of a God that is jealous, has favorites, will watch you masturbate, then send you to hell for enjoying it.

When anthropomorphizing the ancient Africans might say it’s “LIKE” God can see and know everything, to express the omniscience of consciousness. It’s using a human characteristic to give you an idea what the omnipotence of consciousness is like.

But in the Greek and Roman tradition, God is humanized with the idea that “He” is watching you and will punish you for doing wrong. In high school we studied Greek gods who were said to have children by humans producing half-human, half-god beings. Humanizing a God became the Christian tradition through the Greeks. Jesus was supposed to be God and man for example.

But the Ancient Africans did no such thing. Africans before religion, would say humanizing God is childlike thinking. There were no powerful forces of evil or devils in African spiritual systems. Only energy that existed as polarized opposites.

Just like the idea of scientific method in modern times, the spiritual science of Kemet and ancient Africa was based on observation and experimentation. Religion is based on belief and superstition. As the great Stevie wonder would say, “when you believe in things you don’t understand you suffer, Superstition ain’t the way.”

Now that you understand the difference between the African way of anthropomorphizing rather than humanizing let’s break down the ancient African spiritual science and illuminate the connections of Heru, Imhotep, Lucifer and Jesus.

Stay with me, it’s not as preposterous as it might sound once the ancient science is understood. I’m going to break it down in a simplified easy to understand way.

So let’s take a deeper dive and look at the ancient Kemetic principle of Heru. It’s a multidimensional concept on multiple levels and given names to denote different levels within the Kemetic framework.

Heru and Jesus connection

Here is how Heru or Horus as the principle of renewing or being constantly reborn is connected to the Christian Jesus etymologically with the name and functionally via nature and mhythology. In the beginning of the universe Iusa (pronounced yeh-oo-sah) is the ever-coming son of God produced by Atum when he masturbated (see video on Atum I did for more details).

The son of God was Iusa in the trinity of Atum and Iusaas at the beginning of creation. Etymologically, Jesus is a cognate of the word Iusa. The name Jesus didn’t exist before the 15th century. That’s when the letter /j/ was invented an embellishment of the letter /i/, like making an inverted nike swoosh. (see my video African Spirituality: Where did the name Jesus originate?)

The letter /i/ was pronounced back then with a yeh sound. The Egyptian word Iusa, meaning the ever coming son of God became Yeshua in Hebrew and Iuseous in Greek and later Jesus in English with the hard /j/ pronunciation. Again, iusa/yeshua/Iuseous, is the universal function of the potential of the universe to be born and return again and again. That was of course before Christianity corporealized the idea of Iusa or Jesus in the 4th century at the council of Nicaea.

Isn’t Jesus supposed to return according to Christians? By connecting the Ancient African science, now you know why he has had the longest running orgasm in the history of mankind. Because he’s been coming… back for almost 2,000 years! Ok, a bad pun, but you get what I mean.

Never the less, you uncover a Christian error through the African spiritual principle known as Iusa through it’s linguistic connection. Truth is that Jesus is not coming back because he was never here.

Christians don’t hate the player, hate the game being played. I can never understand why Christians want to watch my videos and try to convince me in the comments of how wrong I am.

I have researched tons more information, have more documentation, and yet I’m wrong. Go figure!

Let’s keep going so that we can make the rest of the connections of Satan and Lucifer.

The Two Reh

Let’s look at the function of the born, reborn, and renewal on the creation level in the African spiritual science. What I am about to teach you here will be new and never before heard.

So, we have to go back to the beginning of the Kemetic creation myth to connect some dots. We have to now consider how the ancient Africans taught was the state of the universe before the big bang. The ancient Egyptians called this state Nwn or the watery abyss and chaos in a state of infinity.

For the ancient Africans, the universe before creation was symbolically inside the watery “womb” of the creator. That’s a reference to the divine feminine aspect in case anyone was wondering. Inside the womb it was dark and timeless. In this state God did not know itself until the big bang occurred.  At that moment consciousness, known as universal Maat, came into being.

 At that instance of awakening and enlightenment from within God was able to look on its “face” and experience itself. The Unity of nwn opened or separated and the two “Reh” came into existence. They we called the two reh because they are polarized opposites.

To denote opposites Africans would use certain letters to represent a certain function and reverse the same letters to express its opposite function. In this case rh and hr became the representation of dark and light. This is where the epic mythological battle of heru and set began. They were both the two reh.

You must understand Set as its natural function to grasp the idea of how set can battle heru at the beginning of creation and be one of the two reh. This will also foreshadow a later connection. Set as a function of nature is opposition or separation. Remember, unity as the Nwn opened or separated. That is the same function of but named reh at creation. As a function of nature, reh negated, opened, or separated unity. Rh is the same exact function as set but more on an abstract universal level. Ancient Africans would change the names to give you a clue as to whether an idea was abstract and metaphysical or more specific to the physical.

As the two reh the abstract universal functions are about the opposites of light and dark at the beginning of creation. The dark r-h as the opposite of light would be in opposition to h-r or heru. On human level darkness was symbolically a metaphor for ignorance. When wisdom was gained light won over darkness. Heru was also the light that won over darkness in the beginning of the universe.

Notice the reversal of the letters rh and hr to show opposites. The letters became a symbol or metaphor to express polar opposites.

From the ancient Egyptian function and word S.T. came its Hebrew cognate Satan. Originally Satan didn’t mean evil or the devil. It simply meant adversary.

In other words, someone or something that was in OPPOSITION or adversarial to you. The opponent or adversary would keep you away from God. Again, Satan is etymologically connected to the Egyptian word S.T.

The Greeks had the same concept as Satan, they called it diabolos which means one who divides. We know from that the d-i prefix means two. So el diablo didn’t originally mean evil. Only a separator.

If we stick with the idea of universal function of opposition or separating then we can see the similarities in the original Hebrew and Greek words and their connection to the ancient African neter of Seth.

So how did Satan or the devil come to be represented with horns? Simple, because seth was the function of separation, the natural representation for the function of separation and opposition for Set became the horns of a cow. Yup, they were following the natural horns symbol used by the Africans to represent opposites so Satan grew horns.

Do you get the idea that our minds were being toyed with? The truth was being hidden right under our noses. But we were given different meanings to keep us from ever getting to the truth. Hmmm

So, heru as one of the two reh at the beginning of the universe is light that is in opposition to darkness. It’s only a matter of perspective to choose whether light is in opposition to darkness or darkness in opposition to light. Hence, they could be interchangeable as the two reh.

For the Africans it was understood that polarized energy was necessary for anything to be experienced. They didn’t define energy as good or evil. Just opposition. When a person believes there is evil it allows one to position themselves as a victim.

 But the ancient Africans understood that there are no victims. They would say that on your journey as an eternal soul you incarnated to learn and grow through human experience and raise your level of consciousness. The difficulties caused by others is an opportunity for you to learn how to transmute and change what you have defined as negative into something positive.

Now as a soul you Journey from unity through life experience and back to unity. This journey will take many incarnations in many forms and many opportunities to gain understanding and wisdom from any lesson you might not have learned in a particular lifetime.

What ever you don’t learn in this life you will get the opportunity to learn in another. You most likely will get the chance to hop on the other side of the line so to speak and get into the other persons shoes.  If you were the bad guy in this life you might get a chance to be the good guy in the next. If you are a good guy or gal you might get the chance to be the bad guy or gal. That’s one way reincarnation works. It not about good or evil. Its about learning through experience.

So now you can understand how Satan is connected to Set etymologically as a cognate, and through the principle of opposites symbolized by reh and Set in the mythology.

Now lets connect Imhotep.

Connecting Imhotep

Our English word soul originates from the latin word sol which means sun. We live on earth in our solar system orbiting the sun. The Latin word s-o-l and the English word s-o-u-l are homonyms. Again, a slight tweak to hide knowledge in plain sight? hmmm

Anyway, Symbolically the ancients were saying that within each human being is a spark of light that is representative of the enlightened wisdom of the universe or creator within.

Well this idea connects us back to heru and on the journey of the soul or being of light as a spark of God. Remember at the beginning of the universe is when the light came on for God, so to speak, and it became aware or conscious of itself.

PTH (PTaH) is how the ancient Egyptians represented the idea of light descending from heaven and being “trapped” in matter (the physical body). If the soul or light was trapped, what function of nature trapped the light? Set of course aka our good Christian buddy Satan.

As stated before, the Africans, would represent the opposite idea of the light leaving matter by reversing the letters in a “play on words” as in PTH becoming HTP or hotep.

HTP (HoTeP) is the ancient African idea of the soul being “released” from the body.  For the ancient Africans, the light or soul would go to a “peaceful” place when released from the physical body. Hence in modern times Imhotep meaning “in peace.”

Imhotep as the “prince of peace” is a nickname for Jesus as the Christ that originated in these teachings of ancient Kemet.

That’s one level.

Through etymology and the African science principles regarding the journey of the soul you connect the words Imhotep and Jesus back to heru as light. There is much more to this idea but I’m trying to keep this video streamlined as possible.

Now let’s move to the last connection and we will be complete. The idea of lucifer as the fallen angel of God and thrown out of heaven.

Lucifer the fallen angel

Lucifer the “fallen angel” became equated with Satan In the King James Version of the bible in 1611. It is the only version at the time that did so. This was not the case originally. The idea of Lucifer originated within the temple of Ptah in ancient Egypt where they taught about the spark of God descending from heaven and falling into matter. When you understand the ideas a functions of nature rather than a story they become pretty clear. Remember the English word soul and the Latin word sol are homonyms. Also, the idea of Iusa (Yay-oosah), Yeshua or Jesus was part of the teaching at the temple of Ptah.

Lucifer was the name for the manifestation of the light or a new soul descending from heaven into matter. Hence the biblical idea of Lucifer as the “fallen angel.” Heru/Horus as the Egyptian principle of “perpetual renewal” was given what amounted to a nickname Lucifer when it was a new soul descending into matter. Lucifer from Latin root means “bearer of light.” La Luz still means light in Spanish today. So in Ancient African spirituality, lucifer is a new soul being born into the physical body trapped by the opposing force of Set.

Understanding this idea and the origin of the symbolism you can quickly connect the idea in the bible scripture Luke 10:18, “Yes,” he told them, “I saw Satan fall from heaven like lightning!” Understand the bible is written in coded language to obscure the esoteric meaning. Christian Lucifer as Satan is connected to “falling from heaven and lightning.” As stated before, Lucifer is only connected to Satan in the King James Version of the bible. Truth hidden in plain sight again? hmmm

One of the reasons kemetic spiritual science will be so important for humanity moving forward is that it is the specific ancient spiritual system that will uncover the errors and deceit of Christianity and help humanity rise above the fear of negativity to reach the mount and sit on the throne as the king of glory.

Err sorry, that sounded like something a preacher would say huh? How many preachers are preaching that message with no idea of the truth underneath those words. Speaking about a savior coming back!


you are not alone!

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The ancient Kemetic natural function many of us know as Heru is represented by a newly grown plant sprout, or a new born lamb (as in lamb of God), a new vine (Netzer), or a new sunrise (Sun/Son of God) that happens day after day. Each of them has in common that whatever they were born from has the ability to renew itself over and over.

Through the Ancient African principle of being born and/or renewed into infinity I have connected how it is represented as different names and different aspects of the science being represented. I have also touched on and exposed Christian errors and deceit.

The different functions can represent creation of the universe or the migration of the soul. These principles will have names specific to those aspects.

Let’s quickly recap

Iusa or Jesus is the ancient African theoretical concept that the universe will exist and be renewed indefinitely

Heru is the original universal light that is opposed to darkness

Reh is opposition to light at the beginning of creation

Imhotep is the light or spark of God exiting the physical body

Lucifer is the light bearer or spark of light descending from heaven. Not the devil or Satan.

The bearer of light as the spark of God within will lift you to the mount and have you sit on your thrown wearing you shining crown of glory (enlightenment). That means you will reach the mount when your darkness is illuminated from within by the wisdom you gain from your life experiences. You are the KRST in potential. The new light shining from within.

That is why there were no devil’s or evil within African spirituality. It is only your opposition. You are a god or goddess with the power to overcome any opposition. That’s why Africans didn’t believe in an entity so powerful that God couldn’t control it. That’s because you have all the power over your opposition. However, you may have to go through some tough times to gain the wisdom to overcome that opposition. Allow the eternal self to guide you to the mount.

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