Scientific proof that you are a god/goddess! [video]

Scientific proof that you are a god/goddess, NOT a joke

As Christians we were told to “believe” on faith. That idea became a major problem for me. Because of having to, accept by faith, what turned out to be lies I became a huge skeptic of the mystical teachings. I needed PROOF. This short video is scientific proof that the mystics were right when the said, “reality is an illusion,” “…as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,” “the father knows what you need before you ask,” “Ask and it is given.”

Even though it is animated it explains an idea that many scientist did not want to accept. It proves that our reality is created by us. “perception is reality.” In other words, until we think or believe a certain way everything exists as a possibility. “All things are possible for those that believe.”

Not believe in Jesus, but your beliefs about reality. That’s what this experiment confirms. The ancients knew this but said it in a different way for a different time. This experiment proves some major mystical shit! If you are one of those that like “proof” this is it. The experiment was first done almost 100 years ago!

I try not to get into conspiracy stuff because that rabbit hole goes deep. But just about anyone that deals with advertising and marketing understands that they can create a reality that will move you to do what they want. They just have to make you think and believe a certain way.

If you have not seen the movie “What the bleep do we know?” you should. It explains many mystical ideas that science is confirming today. Of course in their mind, they “DISCOVERED” it.

You are so much more powerful than you realize! You are literally a god/goddess! You literally are the creator of your reality!